Calorie date


Many people, having heard the word calorie, do not always understand its meaning correctly. It turns out that this is the amount of energy that is released from food in the human body during digestion. And depending on how much you spend this energy - you can talk about the benefits or harm of calories specifically for you.

If you are spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, actively go in for sports, lead an energetic lifestyle - you can not worry about the calorie content of food.

Another thing, if you lead a "sofa" life. Then it is simply necessary to think about calories.

Calorie dates are not so small - about 274 calories per 100 grams. But if you are a sweet tooth, then give up everything in favor of dates.

Since ancient times, the inhabitants of Arab countries believed that dates are able to maintain health and ensure a long life:

  • help in the work of the heart (high content of potassium),
  • kidney and liver support,
  • normalization of acid balance
  • development of beneficial intestinal microflora.

In addition, dates are used as a reducing agent after a long illness.

Many modern scientists are saying more and more that the long-term use of dates reduces the risk of cancer.

Do you know that dates are useful for pregnant women and nursing mothers? Surely not. It turns out that they contain rare substances that strengthen the walls of the uterus, and as a result, childbirth passes more easily, postpartum bleeding stops much faster. Dates also enrich the milk of the nursing mother. Children whose mothers regularly consumed dates grew healthier.

In the homeland of dates, the Arabs eat them with bread, fish, butter. It perfectly nourishes, improves performance, and activates the brain.

To whom dates are contraindicated?

If you have kidney stones, chronic diseases of the stomach or intestines - try to use them boiled (for example, compote). From processing, they will not lose the beneficial properties - and you will get the opportunity to enjoy these fruits without harm to health.

And the last: Do not forget wash dates thoroughly - a collection of pathogens is possible on a sticky surface.

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Enjoy the taste of dates and be healthy.