Calorie cooked rice

Currently, there are quite a number of very different diets based on rice. That is why many girls are interested in the question of how many calories are in boiled rice. In fact, in the first place, it is not necessary to take into accounthow many calories in rice, and how quickly these calories are able to digest in the stomach.

Calorie intake rate and rice

The fastest digestion and assimilation of rice occurs between eleven o'clock in the morning and two in the afternoon. At this time, you can afford to increase the portion a little. Then this portion will not harm the figure.

Calorie rice depends on its variety.For example:

  1. Boiled white rice - 110-115 kcal;
  2. Brown cooked rice - 120-125 kcal;
  3. Black unpeeled boiled rice - 100-105 kcal;
  4. Coarse-grained boiled rice - 100-105 kcal;
  5. Long grain steamed rice - 140 kcal.

As you can see, the calories are really different, but not much. Thus, boiled rice, on average, contains about 110-115 kcal.

However, a set of extra pounds, as you know, is influenced not only by the number of calories in the product. Even more influenced by the content and the amount of carbohydrates in this product. So the least amount of carbohydrates in unpeeled boiled rice.

What determines the calorie content of boiled rice?

The calorie content of boiled rice depends not only on its variety, but also on some other conditions.

  • The region in which the rice grew.
  • Weather conditions during the growth of rice.
  • Care and processing of rice during its cultivation.

Calorie cooked rice with additives

Rice in its pure form, absolutely without anything, we eat extremely rarely. In most cases, rice is a side dish of fish and meat dishes, as well as one of the ingredients of salads.

  • If a boiled rice cooked with meat, then in this dish will be much more calories.
  • If a boiled rice cooked with vegetables, In this dish will contain fewer calories than in the "empty" rice.
  • If the culinary processing of rice uses fats - butter or vegetable oil, thereby increasing the caloric content of the rice as a whole.

Rice diets and weight loss with cooked rice

The best diets containing rice,- These are monodiets. That is, throughout the diet it is forbidden to eat anything other than rice. If you decide to choose for yourself such a diet, in the morning boil a small portion of rice. And then, divide this portion into several parts. You will need to eat one part at a time. Thus, for the whole day you will eat, in equal parts, all the rice that you cooked in the morning.

No need to get too carried away with rice diets, especially mono diets. Lacking the necessary substances, the body will chew very badly. The maximum possible duration of rice monodiets - two weeks. But do not forget that the use of rice can cause constipation. Therefore, do not forget to consume large amounts of liquid, more than you use at normal times.

If you want something sweet, but one that does not harm the figure, you can cook the most delicious rice casserole. It has very few calories, and it cooks only 8 minutes!

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