Calorie apples


There are many stories connected with this remarkable fruit, and in different areas - literature, history, religion, mythology, folklore. If you believe the archaeologists, then our ancestors grew apples still 6500 years BC. And ever since, the apple has always been the center of attention. It was either a cause of contention, or, on the contrary, helped to resolve difficult life situations. The childhood of almost any person was associated with an apple, and with an unripe one. Remember how many times you and your friends had eaten green unwashed fruits, and your parents threatened you with dysentery. As for the habit of eating apples, it is never too late and very useful to introduce one into your diet.

Low calorie and dietary properties

Mysteries do not open if we say that apples are almost calorie-free, because on the third consist of water. The calorie content of a fresh average apple weighing 100 grams is 45 kcal.. Everyone probably just remembered about the diet. Yes apples dietary product, and also very useful.

Vitamins A, B, C, essential trace elements, pectin - this is an incomplete list of the benefits of this fruit. Pectin, by the way, makes the glycemic index of the fetus lower, which means that when eating an apple, the blood sugar level will rise slowly. But the main plus of the apple is dietary fiber, cellulose. Now there are various food supplements containing fiber that must be ordered from pharmacists. It is better to buy, or if possible, pick apples, they will provide you with fiber for a long time. Use apples better raw, peeled, so that your body gets more vitamins.

The benefits of apples for the body

Fresh apples do not allow the formation of uric acid, and increase the decomposition of formic. That is why patients with rheumatism, gout, atherosclerosis, eczema are recommended to use them. A plus skin, hair, eyesight will always be fine too.

Low blood pressure, hardening of blood vessels - this is all cured by simple apples, they powerfully cleanse the blood.

If you decide to eat apples for the purpose of treatment or prophylaxis, you should know that different types and varieties of apples affect the treatment process in different ways. So sour - sweet apples should be consumed in case of hypoxic gastritis, spastic colitis, disturbance of bile duct movement.

On fasting days, apples are also good, with overweight doctors recommend to absorb up to 1.5 kilograms of apples per day. Still such unloading is applicable at hypostases and hypertensive diseases. And the content of iron and other important elements in apples helps in the treatment of anemia, hypovitaminosis.

Soothe the nerves and relieve stress can be using apple tea. To do this, rinse 5 apples, slice with the peel, cover with 1 liter of water and boil for 10 minutes. Then add honey or sugar and drink to your health.

Expensive cream or apple?

You can help yourself with an apple not only from the inside, but also from the outside. The composition of so many face masks includes this fruit with all the vitamins. If you have oily skin and enlarged pores, do this: to grated apple, add clay or bran and face for 15 minutes.

But in order to acquire delicate skin, you can do the following 2 times a week. mask: 150 grams of peeled apples mix one yolk, one tablespoon of honey and apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of ascorbic acid and 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Apply for 30 minutes.

What are we all about face? Let's help legs. Mask for tired feet -your attention. The pulp of apples must be diluted with mint decoction, put on the feet for 20 minutes, immediately feel that the legs and rested and were filled with vitamins.

And of course, one cannot fail to mention the rejuvenating effect of apples, remember Russian fairy tales. Regular consumption of this fruit will ensure your normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and this, as mentioned above, has a beneficial effect on the skin and shape.

Interesting information about apples

The benefits of apples are also in their skin quercetin, which fights free radicals, protecting cells from destruction and preventing the development of some forms of cancer.

Men are always jokes or sharpened on the issues of proper nutrition, which are most often supported by women. This is part of the gender game we play. But one thing to play with each other, and another thing with their health. And in fact, if you remember the story, the apple helped more than one man (excluding Adam). Do you remember the scientist Isaac Newton and his law? This fruit helps not only great minds to make discoveries, it is accessible to everyone, ready to work for your health and just waiting for you to buy it.

A low calorie apple helps to eat and lose weight. At the same time feel easy, in a great mood. Hearty, useful and pleasant!

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