Calorie and good adygei cheese

If you adhere to a healthy diet, treat yourself to tasty, healthy and low-calorie Adygei cheese. Mostly cheeses are not suitable for the diet because of its fat content, but this variety is made from whey, so it fits easily into the menu for weight loss.

Gentle soft Adygei cheese hails from Mediterranean countries, the locals owe their longevity to it. Initially, this cheese may seem bland, but its taste is completely different in combination with wine and greens. Despite the external similarity with cheese, feta, mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, the production technology of the Adygei cheese includes pasteurization at high temperature.

Adygei cheese at home

In the Caucasus, he was originally prepared from sheep's milk. But it is rather difficult to get it, therefore on an industrial scale and at home Adygei cheese is made from high-quality cow's milk. The second component of the recipe is starter - abomasum or Bulgarian stick. The cost of soft cheese is less than that of hard varieties, but this is explained only by the simplicity of the technological process.

Calorie and good Adygei cheese


  1. Milk - 4 L
  2. Sour milk or kefir - 1 liter


  • Serum is made from yogurt or kefir, to do this, boil the product until curd mass is formed, fold the curd, and pour the whey into a liter jar and leave to sour for a couple of days at room temperature. For reliability, it is proposed to pour another cup of kefir into the whey.
  • After the souring period has expired, heat fresh milk in a saucepan to 95 degrees. You can catch this moment when the foam starts to rise. Begin to pour the leavening whey into the milk. This is the main point in cooking. Infusion of rennet need to slowly stretch the action for half an hour.
  • Boil the milk on low heat, stirring for 15 minutes until the flakes form, and the whey becomes greenish. This will mean that all the milk protein has given off.
  • Fold the cottage cheese into a colander and form the head of the cheese with light taps. According to technology Adygei cheese is formed in wicker baskets.
  • Allow the head to cool and salt on both sides. Salt disinfects the product and allows you to save its best properties.
  • Ready cheese elastic outside and soft inside. This product has a limited shelf life, quickly absorbs odors, so store it in a glass closed container in the refrigerator for no more than 2 weeks.
  • The perfect ingredient for salads, appetizers, vegetarian dishes. You can make soups, delicious cheese cakes and casseroles from it. Combine it with pasta and fruit. If you do not adhere to a diet and can afford extra calories, then try to fry Adygei cheese on both sides in butter.

Adygea cheese: contraindications

But the Adyghei cheese has contraindications and side effects. Refrain from consuming if you are allergic to dairy products. Amino acids and tryptophan, which are a part, can provoke a headache.

Adyghe cheese sandwiches

If you do not know what to make from soft cheese, then let you inspire a recipe for quick, economical, tasty, and most importantly diet sandwiches.

Calorie and good Adygei cheese


  1. Whole grain bread - 100 g
  2. Adyghe cheese - 100 g
  3. Parsley - 20 g
  4. Garlic - 1 head
  5. Salt to taste.


Chop the greens, put the cheese, garlic and parsley into the blender. Grind to a smooth mass. Spread cheese paste on bread.

Low calorie and high nutritional value allows you to include the Adygei cheese in the diet. At the same time a healthy menu with him will not be boring, this fact alone is an excellent motivation for losing weight. Plus, this cheese is easily prepared at home!

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