Calorie 1 piece of marshmallow - white

You want to lose weight, so you have to give up sweet - is it not torture? But it turns out, you can with a clear conscience, allow yourself some sweets and diet. Do not believe it? Then we will tell you about how much calorie is white marshmallow (1 pc.) And why this delicacy does not threaten the figure.

Sweetness not prohibited by nutritionists

How much is calorie marshmallow white (1 pc.)

Marshmallow is not an Eastern sweetness at all: French culinary specialists invented it. Once they decided to put whipped squirrels in a pastille. It is clear that at the same time they were not worried about calories at all, but about what taste the airy dessert would have. The result exceeded all expectations: the sweetness literally melted in the mouth, and therefore got its name in honor of the breeze.

To understand the calorie marshmallow, just look at what is part of it. The basis of this delicacy is fruit (berry) puree. In order to turn it into a marshmallow, sugar is added to it (here you have calories!), Proteins and some gel-forming ingredient (gelatin, agar-agar, pectin). You may notice that the fat in this recipe is not provided. And if instead of sugar, put fructose, then the marshmallow will turn into a low-calorie product.

As far as calorie treat?

How many calories in marshmallow, if there is no fat in it at all? To give an exact answer to this question, you need to know the weight of one such product. Usually it does not exceed 30-50 g. In different varieties there is a different number of calories. The energy value of marshmallow (per 100 g) is expressed by the following figures:

  • white and pink with gelatin - 326 kcal; with seaweed - 290 kcal, with pectin - 304 kcal;
  • in chocolate - 396-450 kcal;
  • vanilla (if agar-agar is used) - 280 kcal;
  • Charmel - 375 kcal;
  • white on the sweetener - 180 kcal;
  • in white chocolate or with fillings - 500 kcal.

If condensed milk, marmalade, and biscuits are present in the marshmallow, then its calorific value becomes much "heavier", which makes it unsuitable for diets.

One marshmallow - Is it a lot of calories?

With grams everything is clear, but still - how many calories will one marshmallow supply you?

In a big honor for sweet teeth classic "royal" product. It does not contain harmful dyes, which is very important for losing weight. The calorie content of white marshmallow (1 pc.) Ranges from 100 to 163 kcal, if it is prepared with gelatin, or does not exceed 145 kcal, if agar-agar is used as a thickener.

One marshmallow - is it a lot of calories?

Unusually beautiful and tasty fruit marshmallows, consisting of two halves of different colors. To give it a soft pink tone, the manufacturers of the product use artificial colors or berry puree (raspberry, strawberry, cherry). Caloric content of white-pink marshmallow (1 pc.) On the basis of natural additives is 102 kcal. More caloric and unhealthy is his "brother" with synthetic dyes: it has 140 kcal.

Marshmallow yellowish or greenish hue is made from natural applesauce. It contains 304 kcal per 100 g or 100-150 kcal per item.

The pastry chefs try to make the delicacy even tastier by all means. What they care about how many calories will be added to the dessert! They came up with the "dressing" marshmallows in chocolate icing. This combination made the sweetness even more attractive to taste buds, but had a very bad effect on its dietary characteristics. This is easy to see if you compare the calorie content of marshmallow in chocolate (1 pc.) And the usual. "Clothes" increased calories by more than 60 kcal. In one chocolate marshmallow they formed as many as 225! Naturally, this product is absolutely not suitable for those who are trying to get rid of extra kilos.

A real masterpiece in a rich marshmallow assortment - the variety "Sharmel". This confectionery product has a complex composition, besides it is covered with chocolate icing. In 100 grams of such a delicacy, nutritionists counted 375 kcal, which means that after eating one marshmallow, you will get about 150-180 kcal.

In desserts, marshmallow cream is often present. It is light and tasty, and its caloric content is significantly inferior to oil or custard: 100 g of such filling is 476 kcal.

For comparison: 100 g of sugar - 390 kcal, honey - 320 kcal, chocolate - 560 kcal, marmalade - 306 kcal, pastes - 320 kcal. A candy "Prunes in chocolate" (on the package which adorns the inscription "low-calorie") contain 340 calories. Thus, marshmallows are far from the first place among other sweet delicacies. In addition, it contains simple carbohydrates (which is important for those who struggle with weight).

Good ones news for slimming and sweet teeth

marshmallow is the best for dieteering

If you are on a diet, you can afford to eat 1-2 marshmallows per day (do it better in the morning). This will compensate for the lack of glucose, but will not make your weight grow. Of all the sweets, marshmallow is the best for dieteering, and here's why:

• it contains no fat; • reduces cholesterol in the blood; • supplies the body with energy; • increases mental capacity; • contains agar-agar - a substance that positively affects metabolic processes and supplies iodine to the body • rich in iron, protein and phosphorus .

Regular consumption of marshmallow has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair and nails.

But, like any other sweet foods, marshmallows can harm the shape and health. High sugar content can lead to the development of obesity (especially if you lean on the product in chocolate). In multi-colored delicacies, chemical dyes are used, which can cause allergies or provoke violations in the work of the digestive tract.

So that marshmallows do not aggravate and do not create weight problems, it is recommended to buy varieties with agar as a thickener. Their caloric content is the lowest - only 100-140 kcal in 1 piece. Even better to make homemade marshmallows. Then he definitely will not harm, but will give a lot of pleasure and a minimum of calories!

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