Callanetics with olga zavitaeva. video

Olga ZavitaevaIt offers daily observance of an effective exercise system - stretching, which includes special breathing techniques for deep stretching of various muscles. Before the start of stretch marks, she recommends rhythmic warm-up with music, directing beginners in the correct performance of basic movements. At the same time, the importance of constant workouts to achieve visible results of changes in physical fitness is noted. Due to the availability of a wide range of people, stretching is used by people of different ages. Zero physical training, with a small degree of flexibility, cannot be the main cause of failure from the start of the exercise. On the contrary, there will be more aspirations, the result will be more joyful.

Callanetics for weight loss. Video lessons

If you wish, you can begin to perform only certain exercises, and only then go smoothly to the full complex of training. The result of classes will have a positive impact not only on improving physical fitness, but also on well-being, strengthening human health. Have a nice and effective acquaintance with callanetics!

Callanetics with Olga Zavitaeva. Video

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