Callanetics at home


Callanetics is called relaxing gymnastics, which helps relieve static stress. It is becoming more and more popular among women. The main principle of this gymnastics is the need to adopt the desired posture and hold it for a certain period of time. Despite her benefits, check with your doctor before doing callanetics, especially if there were injuries in the past, or if you are over 50 years old. In most cases, it has no contraindications, but for maximum effect, you must follow the rules for its implementation.

Callanetics at home

Callanetics, unlike other sports activities, helps to develop not only certain muscle groups, but all at once. Its main task is the work of deep muscles and control of your body. All callanetics exercises necessarily include soothing breathing exercises based on various types of oriental gymnastics.

Callanetics at home

Before you start doing callanetics, it is advisable to start an ordinary exercise in the morning for 2 weeks, consisting of side bends, squats and stretching. It is necessary to gradually complicate the exercise, including in it the exercises "bridge" and "birch". With it, the muscles are better prepared for callanetics.

For classes prepare light sneakers, sneakers and sports uniforms. If you want, replace sneakers with socks or ballet shoes, and even better - go barefoot. It is very important to follow all recommendations when performing exercises. After the first classes there is a slight pain, but over time it will pass.

Rules for making callanetics

  • To practice callanetics, prepare a gymnastic mat, be persistent, have patience and good mood.
  • After visiting the doctor, purchase a book or a disc with exercises, so you can more easily memorize the necessary set of exercises. Do not rush to perform the required number of exercises at once. Try to fulfill the amount that does not cause you discomfort and fatigue. Increase load gradually.
  • Do callanetics every day, otherwise the whole effect of the exercises will disappear. To make it easier, you can do only some of the exercises. But the selected exercises should be varied, it will allow to train all muscle groups.

Rules for making callanetics

  • Before the start of classes, it is necessary to warm up to warm up the muscles, then they will become more pliable.
  • During the practice of callanetics, breathe evenly and quietly, trying not to hold your breath. Stretch muscles slowly and smoothly., but with a little effort until you feel a slight tension.
  • Try to keep the adopted posture as long as you can stand it.
  • When doing callanetics, it is advisable to stick to a balanced diet.Eat regularly. Food must meet the energy needs of the body and consist of the necessary set of minerals, proteins, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates.

Callanetics: exercise at home

For first set of exercises The starting position is the same - put your legs shoulder-width apart, retract your belly, and keep your back straight. Accepted posture save for 60-100 seconds, feeling the tension in the muscles.

  1. Cross your arms in front of you as if you would like to hug you, and feel the tension in your pectoral muscles.
  2. Straighten your arms, move your arms slightly up and back, bend your elbows a little, so that your palms tend towards each other. Stretch like a bow string.
  3. Tilt forward deeply, touch the floor with your straight palms. Slowly turn the body towards the straight leg. The body should cling tightly to it. Clasp your ankle. Repeat the same, turning to the other leg.
  4. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, bend over and clasp your knees, elbows apart.
  5. Bend forward and gently clasp your knees with your hands, with your nose buried in them.

Callanetics: exercise at home

Forsecond set of exercises the starting position is standing, legs are shoulder-width apart, the toes are slightly turned to the sides.

  1. Place your left hand on the stomach, a little closer to the outside of the thigh. Pull your right hand up. Bend to the side, keeping your hand parallel to the floor. Then stretch, keeping this posture. Tilt the other way.
  2. Repeat exercise No. 1, slightly shaking the left hand with the right arm bent in the elbow, left and right, relaxing and straining the muscles. Repeat the same thing, leaning in the other direction, but with your left hand.
  3. Bend to the side, lower the left hand freely along the legs, trying to reach the heel. Try to lean down. Lean to the left, lowering his right hand.
  4. Make the body 15 circular motions, without moving the lower part of the body. Turn in one, then in the other direction. Make 15 pelvic rotations, keeping the torso still.
  5. Repeat the exercise again.
  6. Put your hands on your hips, straighten your shoulders, retract your stomach, strain your gluteal muscles. Turn the head slowly, raising the chin, while looking up. Stand in that position for 12 seconds and turn the other way. Do the exercise again.
  7. Turn head to 90 degrees0C, feeling the muscles tense. Shoulders should not move. Make 2 times in each direction, keeping the position for 12 s, lower the chin down and turn the head to the right and left 2 times, lingering in this position for 10 s.

All exercises should be done smoothly and slowly.

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Callanetics and its benefits at home

Callanetics is able to improve health, normalize metabolism, reduce weight, reduce waist size and keep the body in good shape. This gymnastics helps muscles develop evenly and burn more calories than jogging. Callanetics helps to form a figure with flawless forms. During classes, the chest will rise, the belly will tighten, the posture will improve, and the shape of the buttocks will improve.If you want to become the owner of a flawless figure, callanetics is what you need.

For more information on how to lose weight with callanetics, read the article Callanetics for weight loss: video tutorials. And also, perhaps, it is for you to take callanetics on the video from Olga Zavitaeva.

Good mood and great figure to you!

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