Calculation of calories for weight loss per day

Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity dream of model parameters of the figure. With envy or admiration, we look at girlfriends who have a refined figure. There is no magic here, and you only need to calculate calories for weight loss. Everything is simple, and no exhausting diets.

Lose weight without harm to health

How to lose weight, counting calories

Every person, without exception, spends a certain amount of energy per day. The necessary energy we draw in food. On average, an adult, leading a moderately active lifestyle, burns about 2000 calories in 24 hours. Surprisingly, we are wasting energy reserves even in our sleep.

The principle of losing weight is based on the calculation of calorie foods. Thanks to simple mathematical calculations, you can, if necessary, lose extra pounds, and then keep the weight in order. In this case, you will not need to expose the body to constant stress from monotonous diets.

Calculating the norm of calories for weight loss is performed according to a certain form. To this we will return later, but now let's talk about the main aspects of healthy weight loss. If you reduce the amount of calories consumed, but at the same time you will waste energy more than it enters your body, body fat will become active. As you can see, nothing complicated.

As you know, for the full functioning of our body requires the supply of protein, carbohydrate and fatty foods. If you want to independently calculate the number of calories consumed, then you just need to know the level of their content in those or other trace elements. So, in 1 g of protein foods contains approximately 4.1 Kcal, in carbohydrate foods - 4.3 Kcal, in fatty foods - 9.4 Kcal.

In order to correctly calculate the energy value of products, it is necessary to take into account several aspects, in particular:

  • weight category;
  • growth;
  • level of motor activity;
  • daily amount of energy waste.

Calculation by the rules: determine the amount of physical activity

Calorie CalculationCalculating calories with active loads

As you understand, people who expose their bodies to physical exertion all day long require much more calories to replenish their energy reserves, and vice versa. The activity coefficient is necessary for the subsequent correct and most accurate calculation of the daily rate of calories consumed. So let's consider the approximate coefficients depending on the type of activity:

  • The minimum amount of physical activity, including work in the office, is equivalent to a factor of 1.2.
  • A small physical daily activity, for example, walking or traveling by public transport with periodic exercises in the gym, is a factor of 1.37.
  • When systematically playing sports at least 3 times a week, the activity coefficient tends to 1.55.
  • With daily sports and additional physical activity, the amount of activity is 1.72.
  • Athletes who spend most of their time in the gym have a 1.9 ratio. This value can be used by people who pay attention to sports. The maximum load is considered to be at classes in the sports section twice a day with one day off.

Tricks for those who want to lose weight

Daily diet for losing weight

Before we consider the formula for calculating the number of daily calories, let's look at tips that will help you balance your daily diet and get rid of extra pounds without much difficulty. First, you should pay attention to the number of meals and serving size. If you want to lose weight, the level of energy consumption should be more than the number of calories consumed per day.

Second, pay attention to the functioning of the digestive tract. Pathological constipation not only adversely affects the well-being, but also prevent weight loss. Thirdly, take care of increasing energy consumption. Move more, engage in your favorite sport, by the way, sex, according to scientists, also contributes to the rapid loss of calories. Fourth, evenly distribute portions and remember that most of the calories consumed are in the first half of the day.

To lose weight rapidly and at the same time not to harm your health, the daily diet should be replenished with the following foods:

  • fruit and vegetable platter;
  • filtered water and natural freshly squeezed juices;
  • protein food;
  • fortified micro and macro elements;
  • fish oil;
  • calcium in the form of pharmacological agents.

In order for the calculation of calories to be correct and, in general, this diet will give the desired result, follow a few simple recommendations:

  • use kitchen scales to determine the size of the serving;
  • weigh every morning and record even minor weight loss results;
  • do sports;
  • refuse the use of alcoholic beverages;
  • consider the calorie content of each piece of food eaten.

Perfect Weight Formula

How to lose weight, counting calories

The number of calories for weight loss per day should be calculated taking into account gender, age and weight category. The formulas proposed by scientists suggest an initial body weight without obesity. Please note that these formulas do not take into account the mass of muscle tissue, so for athletes the number of calories consumed will be initially underestimated. If a person is obese, then as a result of calculations he will receive an overestimated coefficient. Please do not forget about it.

Calculating the daily norm of calories for the purpose of losing weight for members of opposite sex is somewhat different. So, girls can use the following formula:

  • 655 + (coefficient 1.8 x per height, indicated in centimeters) + (9.6 x per body weight in kilograms) - (4.7 x per age category).

When calculating, we indicate the number of full years. For example, you are 28 years old. Your body weight is 54 kilograms, and height - 163 cm. The calculation of the maximum permissible number of daily calories will look like this:

  • 655 + (1.8 x 163) + (9.6 x 54) - (4.7 x 28) = 1335.2 kilocalories per day.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity should use a similar formula with the replacement of some coefficients. So that a man can determine the maximum amount of daily calorie intake, he can use the following calculation:

  • 66 + (coefficient 5 x per height, indicated in centimeters) + (13.7 x per body weight in kilograms) - (6.8 x per age category).

The manual for losing weight: a table of calorie foods

In many tutorials, and on the Web, you can use virtual calculators to calculate the maximum amount of daily calories. A proven method is the table for calculating calories for weight loss. This directory contains the main types of food with the most accurate number of calories. Please note that the caloric value is calculated for products weighing 100 g. If your portion weighs less, then, accordingly, you must multiply the caloric value by its mass.

We offer you a classic table that will help you determine the caloric ratio of the most popular foods.

Name of food

Coefficient of calories (Kcal / 0.1 kg)












Salad leaves










Cherry berries




Kiwi fruit




Granulated sugar


Pastry baking



from 206 to 266

(depending on the species)

Beef fillet


Turkey meat


Rabbit fillet


Boiled chicken meat



from 265 to 350

(depending on the method of preparation)


from 31 to 61

(depending on the mass fraction of fat)




267 to 380

(depending on the variety)

Skim cheese




Sunflower seeds


Walnut Kernels




Crab meat,

pollock fillet


Chicken Egg (1 pc.)


Oat groats










As you know, many foods carry the so-called empty calories. From their use is best to give up at the time of the diet. If you want to calculate your calories as accurately as possible and lose weight without harm to your health, consult a qualified nutritionist.

Do not forget that nothing is impossible. Adjust your daily diet, go in for sports, correctly calculate the number of calories consumed and as a result enjoy your slimming figure. Be beautiful and healthy!

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