Cabbage leaf with cough honey in a child and adult


A cold is a nuisance that everyone faces. With proper treatment, it passes for several days, but leaves some traces of itself, for example, a cough, for a long time. To eliminate it, you can buy a lot of drugs, and you can use the old and proven cough remedy - a compress or a decoction of cabbage leaves with honey.

Effective wonder tool

Cabbage with honey

Obsessive dry cough can spoil life for long weeks, causing seizures not only during the day, but at night. The main task of the convalescent is to make him productive, that is, to contribute to the release of sputum that collects in the respiratory tract. In addition, the medicine should relieve inflammation in the throat and bronchi, caused by spasms, and also enrich the body with vitamins and minerals to recuperate after an illness.

With these tasks cabbage with honey perfectly copes. Cough will not be left a trace with regular reception of a decoction and use of a compress. The effectiveness of a folk remedy is ensured by the merits of the components. Thus, the medicinal properties of the cabbage leaf are based on the content:

  • antioxidants, removing toxins from a weakened cold of the body;
  • vitamins A, E, C and group B, which have a beneficial effect on overall health.

As for honey, it was not for nothing that it was used during the periods of wars when dressing wounds. "Liquid gold", as our ancestors called this product, has a wide spectrum of action,

in particular, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory. In addition, honey contains many vitamins (including C, necessary for the protection of immunity), minerals and fatty acids, ensuring the proper functioning of all body systems.

Wise ancient healers, even without knowing the names of all these components, realized that by combining honey and cabbage, you can get a miraculous drug. Over time, for the treatment of cough began to apply compresses and drink broths.

How to prepare and apply a compress?

Another significant advantage of the national cough medicine is that it is easy to prepare. As it is known, in order to provoke coughing up, it is necessary to increase blood flow to the respiratory organs. And for this great honey-cabbage compress.

Compress with cabbage leaf and honey


  1. 4-6 cabbage leaves, cut from the middle of the head, lowered into boiling water.
  2. Tomim on the fire until the cabbage is softened, but it does not lose elasticity.
  3. Remove the sheets and lay them on a wide flat plate.
  4. Give a little cool.
  5. Preparing honey. If it is thick, then melt it in a water bath.
  6. We smear the sheets on one side with a thin layer of "liquid gold".


  1. Put the cabbage leaf honey side on the chest, avoiding the heart area. With a strong cough, we impose sheets on the back between the shoulder blades.
  2. We roll up the compress with a cling film, put on a tight T-shirt and, wrapped in a blanket, go to bed.

If the cough is not running, then after 2-3 days of using honey-spread cabbage leaves for the night, it noticeably decreases. In more serious cases, it may take up to a week of treatment, and you will have to apply 2 times a day.

Cabbage and honey cough broth

Splitting and excreting phlegm helps broth based on kaputy and honey.

Cabbage and honey decoction


  1. Cut off the extreme leaves - they will not be needed. The rest, to the stalk, cut into 3-4 parts.
  2. Put cabbage into boiling water and cook until soft (about 10-15 minutes).
  3. Pour broth and add honey to taste.

Drinking "folk medicine" should be 2 times a day for ½ cup for 7-10 days.

Funds for children

Cough drops for children

Cabbage and honey compress is not less effective for the treatment of cough in a child. Only for ease of use, the vegetable can be finely chopped and, mixed with honey, put on the bandage in the form of a slurry. There are no special differences from the regimen of use in adults, except for one: children under 3 years old should not be left overnight - 2-3 hours will be quite enough. Also, the cabbage leaf with honey cough for a child can be given in the form of a decoction. Of course, in smaller doses - ¼ cup 2 times a day.


And for adults and children there is only one contraindication - an allergy to honey. In case of intolerance of this product, it is possible to strengthen only the cabbage broth and apply clean leaves to strengthen the immunity, but the effect will not be the same. If you have not come across before with preparations based on honey, you need to arrange a test for a possible allergic reaction. To do this, a little product is applied to the inner bend of the elbow, and if after 1-1.5 hours no reddening appears, then the drug can be prepared.


Usually, doctors are skeptical of folk remedies, considering their effectiveness to be far-fetched, a kind of placebo. But compresses and decoctions on the basis of cabbage and honey, most physicians evaluate approvingly. Patients who have used these tools, note the fact that the drug is effective, and the cost of it is minimal. But especially a lot of positive feedback about the cough from the cabbage leaf with honey from the parents. Moms and dads say that after the first use the baby’s breathing becomes easier, and the cough becomes productive.

Cabbage leaf with honey perfectly helps to cough - this has been proven for centuries of traditional medicine experience. The main thing is to prepare the vegetable correctly and make an allergic test for honey. And after 1-2 days, you will notice real improvements: the cough will start to go away, and the body will be saturated with useful substances that will help you recover faster after an illness.