Cabbage juice


Cabbage is loved by almost everyone. For years and even centuries, it is an indispensable component in the diet of many people. It is considered the most common product on the table. It can be eaten fresh, salted, stewed, and even baked. Cabbage is a part of many dishes, the most famous of which is considered red borscht. But besides this, from it you can make juice, the beneficial properties of which have long been of interest to scientists.

Cabbage juice in a concentrated form contains all the beneficial substances that make up the cabbage. All vegetable juices differ in healing properties and uniqueness, but cabbage juice takes a special place among them. Of all the vegetable juices, it is considered the most useful, as it combines nutritional value and low calorie content. Given the great interest in a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, I would like to talk about the benefits and harms of cabbage juice.

Useful properties of cabbage juice

  • As part of the cabbage juice contains many useful minerals and vitamins, many of which are contained in a proportion that allows them to fully absorb the body.
  • Cabbage juice is not only an excellent curative, but also a preventive remedy for a variety of diseases.
  • It contains large amounts of vitamins of group B, PP, K and C. It contains trace elements such as iodine, sodium, iron, calcium, silicon, phosphorus, fluorine, potassium, sulfur, magnesium.
  • Cabbage juice contains a unique substance called vitamin U. It is it that provides cabbage juice with the ability to quickly heal ulcers and normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Useful properties of cabbage juice

  • Cabbage juice is able to fairly quickly strengthen the immune system, helping to cope with seasonal colds.
  • He is able to help the body without side effects to cope with gout, scurvy, anemia.
  • Cabbage juice is detrimental for many microbes, for example, for staphylococcus or tuberculous bacilli.
  • Outside, compresses from it are used for sucking bruises and churns.
  • Cabbage juice is very rich in potassium, it helps to remove the over-stimulation of the nervous system and help strengthen it.
  • As part of the cabbage juice contains a lot of chlorine, sulfur, a fairly large amount of iodine. This combination of these trace elements helps to improve the condition of nails, skin and hair.

The use of cabbage juice

Cabbage juice helps in the treatment of peptic ulcer. It is prescribed for constipation and is advised to take people with various ulcerative diseases. Frequent use of cabbage juice helps to reduce blood pressure, cope with excess cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaques. This property makes cabbage juice indispensable as a prophylactic agent in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

It helps to quickly get rid of excess weight, preventing the conversion of carbohydrates into body fat. With the help of cabbage juice, you can remove churns, restore water-salt balance to normal, cope with insomnia and neurosis. Most often cabbage juice is recommended for the treatment of duodenal ulcer, colitis of the large intestine and gastritis with low acidity. With strong radiation exposure, cabbage juice becomes an excellent preventive and therapeutic agent that helps to cope with the growth of cancerous tumors and prevent their appearance, accelerating the excretion of radionuclides from the body and slowing down the effects of free radicals.

Hurt cabbage juice

With great benefit, cabbage juice is still harmful in some cases. It is not recommended to use in case of exacerbation of pancreatic disease.

Cabbage juice: the benefits and harm

When gastritis and ulcers should not add hot spices to the juice. If you want to give cabbage juice to children, then add 1 tsp to it. honey to interrupt its sharp taste. Despite the benefit of cabbage juice, they should not be abused, everything is good in moderation.

How to cook cabbage juice?

  • To help cabbage juice, it must be properly prepared. It is undesirable to salt it, as it reduces the healing properties of the juice and can bring harm instead of benefit. It is recommended to cook juice from fresh cabbage, preferably homemade.
  • Choosing a cabbage, pay attention that there are no black dots on the head. Such markings are a sign of a surplus of nitrates, so there can be no benefit from the juice of such cabbage.
  • To make the juice, wash the cabbage and cut it into small pieces, then pass through a meat grinder. Prepare the juice exactly as much as you drink in a day.
  • Cabbage juice should be stored at a temperature not higher than 30With one day. Therefore, the most correct way is to prepare it right before you are going to drink. Drink it 0.5 cups a day for 30 minutes before meals, a little warm.
  • Good results can be achieved if you drink at least 3 glasses a day a day.
  • To add nutrients to the cabbage juice, you can add pomegranate, carrot, beetroot or lemon juice. If you decide to drink cabbage juice with others, then try to increase the amount you drink to 1.5 liters per day. This will help to achieve quite noticeable and serious results in improving your overall health. This amount of cabbage juice helps to fill the body with energy and vigor, to quickly cope with fatigue and even lose weight noticeably.

Fresh cabbage is undoubtedly useful, but its juice is the fastest way to get all the nutrients and trace elements that make up it and are necessary for the body to work properly. In the cabbage juice all the vitamins and trace elements are in an easily digestible form, thanks to which they are quickly and completely absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is so important for an absolutely healthy person to indulge himself with useful cabbage juice from time to time.

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