Burst vessel in the eye

Often people pay attention to reddened eyes. The cause of the red eye can be various reasons. But, as a rule, it is a burst vessel in the eye. The vessels burst for various reasons. - It can be a sleepless night, overwork and various eye diseases.

Recently, this is quite a frequent phenomenon, since we spend most of our life at the computer and on the TV, and this is an additional strain on our eyes. Usually, a burst vessel in the eye does not pose a serious hazard to the eye, but it says that the body has any hidden problems.

Burst vessel in the eye: causes

Burst vessels in the eye: causes

  1. Pressure spikes are one of the most common causes. If you have a sharp increase in pressure, call an ambulance to avoid complications.
  2. High fever can also trigger ocular hemorrhage.
  3. A burst vessel in the eye may indicate a serious illness such as diabetes.
  4. Vitamin deficiency or any pathology.
  5. Keratitis or conjunctivitis can cause eye hemorrhage. If you have noticed one of these diseases, immediately consult a doctor.
  6. A strong blow to the eye can cause bleeding in the eye.
  7. Sudden changes in the weather, especially if you are a weather sensitive person, and temperature drops can cause a surge in blood pressure, and this, in turn, will cause weakness of the vessel walls and cause hemorrhages in the eye. A weak vessel simply will not withstand strong blood circulation, and therefore will burst.
  8. Weight lifting can cause eye hemorrhage.
  9. Bursting the vessel in the eye may result from excessive alcohol consumption, a hot sauna, or a bath.
  10. Overwork in front of computer or tv. In this case, you need a good enough rest from the equipment and the eye will recover again.
  11. Excessive dryness of the eye can also trigger eye hemorrhage.
  12. Rare blinking due to a bad habit to carefully inspect objects. In this case, the tear film becomes minimal, therefore, the vessels do not stand up and burst.
  13. Unfavorable ecology can cause dry eyes, and, consequently, vessels can burst.
  14. Avitaminosis. Therefore, in late autumn and early spring, eat as much as possible of products containing ascorbic acid and rutin.

Thus, if you have a vessel ruptured in the eye due to factors such as drinking alcohol, a long time at a computer, or overheating in a sauna, a special treatment doesn’t require treatment of a broken vessel in the eye. This is not dangerous! A burst vessel will “resolve” in the same way as a regular bruise. Just remember, in any case, do not rub your eyes, so as not to increase irritation. But, if the vessel burst for any other reason, immediately contact an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, because hemorrhage can occur in any other organ and cause serious complications.

Burst vessel in the eye: treatment

If you notice that a vessel has burst in your eye, consult an optometrist, to exclude pathology. But you can prevent this unpleasant factor, following the simple rules.

  • More often in the open air, but do not forget to protect your eyes from the sun, wind and dust. These components deplete the mucous membrane of the eye.
  • To improve ocular blood circulation, wash your eyes with cold water.
  • Eat right. To keep the eye vessels healthy and strong and not to burst “out of detail”, eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible that have a dark green color (lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, avocado, green apples, etc.). In these products, a large amount of vitamins that strengthen the eye capillaries.

Burst vessel in the eye: what to do?

  • Take a multivitamin with a vitamin C and vitamin P content, and also eat plenty of bell pepper.
  • If you have red eyes as a result of fatigue, you can drip eye drops Episois or Vizin. These drops relieve fatigue and redness in the eyes.
  • Minimize alcohol and coffee drinks. Caffeine increases blood pressure, therefore, provokes the bursting of blood vessels in the eye. So, if you have weak eye vessels, give up these addictions.

Remember that symptomatic treatment of burst capillaries in the eye is not an option. If this problem bothers you all the time, consult a doctor and do not ignore the "pleas for help" of the body. Take care of your eyesight, and you will not be disturbed by broken vessels in the eyes.

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