Burning in the stomach


Probably, every person came across such an unpleasant phenomenon as the feeling of a strong burning sensation in the stomach that appears after eating. It is important to remember that such a symptom cannot appear on its own. The main reason for its formation is related to the fact that the organs of digestion constantly have too high a load, as a result of which a change occurs in the acid balance, the production of gastric juice is disturbed.

When a person experiences a burning sensation in the stomach, he first of all asks the question: what is it? Why did the discomfort appear? In fact, there are many reasons that can cause heartburn (burning in the stomach).

Burning in the stomach: causes

Burning in the stomach: causes and methods of treatment

The most common causes of a strong burning sensation in the stomach are the following:

  • Improper nutrition. Particular attention should be paid to this point, since almost all violations in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract are provoked by improper and unbalanced nutrition. The human stomach can digest a lot and with the appearance of certain disorders, it also continues to do its work. However, an unpleasant burning sensation is already beginning to bother, and other symptoms may appear.
  • In this situation, you need to be examined by a doctor, switch to a sparing diet, try to eliminate too cold and very hot dishes from your diet, and avoid stress. Meals should be reusable, but in small portions. It is imperative to undergo a procedure of endoscopy of the stomach, with the help of which it will be possible to exclude or confirm the presence of a serious disease.
  • The development of a stomach ulcer is also accompanied by an unpleasant and rather strong burning sensation. Burning and pain are the main signs of onset and other serious disorders. For example, in case of formation of acute stenosis of the duodenum, food ceases to go into the intestine, therefore, blockage occurs. The stomach reacts to this phenomenon with increased pain, nausea may appear periodically, and the belching becomes clear and loud.
  • In some cases, a symptom such as burning may indicate that certain disturbances have occurred in the functioning of the pancreas, or too much bile has entered the stomach cavity.
  • Strong and constant stress can also cause such an unpleasant symptom. In this case, there is a risk that the stomach will stop completely, since it loses its ability to process food on the nervous system. There is a sharp and rapid decline in its main functions, which as a result provokes a complete lack of appetite. A person not only begins to lose weight sharply, but certain changes occur throughout the body. In this case, requires qualified medical assistance.
  • The appearance of a burning sensation in the stomach can be a reaction to taking certain medications, especially if the permitted dosage is exceeded. It is important to remember that the entire digestive system is sensitive to antibiotics. That is why doctors prescribe them in parallel with drugs that can reduce their negative effects, both on the intestines and on the stomach. A similar reaction may occur and to receive painkillers or hormones.
  • The stomach is acutely responsive to virtually any drug. That is why, during long-term treatment, it is necessary to periodically visit a gastroenterologist, which makes it possible to determine in time the onset of characteristic changes in the stomach or duodenum.

Why does this symptom occur after eating?

Often an unpleasant burning sensation in the area of ​​the stomach occurs due to the frequent abuse of salty, spicy, fatty and spicy foods, a variety of carbonated and alcoholic beverages. As a result of such nutritional disorders, damage occurs to the susceptible mucous membrane of the stomach, therefore, heartburn begins to disturb the person.

Chronic gastritis is also among the common causes of burning in the stomach. As a result of the development of this disease, serious damage occurs to the mucous membranes of the stomach. Due to the impact of acidic gastric juice on it, there is not only a burning sensation, but also unpleasant soreness, which may be disturbed after eating.

Throwing (reflux) of pancreatic juice or bile into the stomach can also provoke the appearance of this unpleasant feeling. Most often, this condition develops as a result of a recent surgical intervention, and of course, in the case of certain diseases (pyloric insufficiency, chronic duodenitis, etc.).

Inflammation of the esophageal mucosa is an egophagitis, the formation of which can occur as a result of the gastric contents being thrown into the esophagus, which is most clearly manifested against the background of the development of insufficiency of the lower food sphincter.

Pregnancy may also provoke a burning sensation in the stomach, since during the period of carrying a child, certain hormonal changes begin to occur in the female body, progesterone levels increase, the pressure from the uterus on the stomach increases, etc.

A diaphragmatic hernia, as a result of the development of which a certain part of the stomach protrudes through a relatively small hole in the diaphragm in the chest cavity, can also cause this symptom.

Feature of the treatment

An unpleasant burning sensation in the stomach is the first sign that certain changes in the gastrointestinal tract have begun. In this case, the help of a doctor is required.

Burning in the stomach: causes and methods of treatment

Sometimes time-tested folk remedies help to remove an unpleasant symptom:

  • Need to drink 1 tbsp. warm water, in which baking soda is diluted. Drink this solution should be in small sips;
  • Some salt is dissolved in water (the water must be warm) and the resulting solution is drunk;
  • Help to remove an unpleasant symptom can 1 tbsp. slightly heated mineral water or milk. Burnt magnesia can also be taken;
  • If this unpleasant phenomenon worries for a long time, in the morning you should eat some horse sorrel, which helps relieve heartburn attack;
  • You can take a little rhizome of calamus and chew it for a while, then swallow it;
  • Dry, crushed, carefully sifted buckwheat is also an excellent remedy. The resulting powder should be taken 3 times a day on a small pinch;
  • Special charcoal powdered charcoal, which is taken before the beginning of the meal and washed down with a small amount of boiled water, can help;
  • A simple and quite effective remedy is freshly squeezed potato juice. It should be taken about 20 minutes before meals 4 times a day. After a few weeks of such treatment, it will be possible to forget forever about the burning sensation in the stomach;
  • Excellent help infusion obtained from the leaves of Hypericum, chamomile inflorescences, plantain leaves. It is taken at 1.5 tsp. 3 times a day.

If you follow simple tips and monitor your diet, you can forget about the unpleasant burning sensation in your stomach and prevent the development of serious diseases. But if this symptom has already appeared, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Temporarily relieve discomfort help folk remedies or drugs for heartburn.