Buckwheat porridge


Buckwheat - cereals, part of the diet of adults and children. It is versatile and is an excellent side dish and main dish on the table. Today, it is recognized as perhaps the most beneficial to health, nutritionists recommend including it in the diet food. But buckwheat porridge can bring not only benefit, but also harm - if used improperly. Therefore, everything is good in moderation.

What is the popularity, benefits and harm of buckwheat porridge?

The popularity of buckwheat, for the most part, due to the recommendations of nutritionists, who advise to include it in your diet to those who watch their figure and lead an active lifestyle. Complex carbohydrates in the croup are absorbed by our body for a long time, which preserves the feeling of satiety for a long time.

The benefits of buckwheat porridge

The benefits and harm of buckwheat

Buckwheat - a storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. She is the undisputed champion in iron, amino acids and valuable vitamin C. Buckwheat is rich in B, PP and P vitamins, phosphorus, iodine, calcium and zinc. It brings great benefits to the human body:

  • The systematic use of buckwheat contributes to the active development of red blood cells in our body. It improves blood composition, increases hemoglobin level and improves the condition of anemia patients.
  • buckwheat porridge helps normalize blood pressure;
  • croup has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair, nails and teeth, strengthens bone tissue.
  • croup suppresses the production of cortisol (stress hormone) in large quantities, so it is recommended to use it in depressive states, overstrain.
  • cereal is rich in nutritious vegetable protein and is therefore recommended in vegetarian dishes.
  • it prevents muscle weakness and fatigue.
  • buckwheat well removes slags from the body and very gently cleanses the liver.
  • The use of buckwheat porridge is recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • buckwheat improves overall health of patients with diabetes.
  • it fights well with extra pounds, speeding up metabolic processes in the body;
  • croup improves the elasticity of blood vessels.

Buckwheat porridge brings many benefits to human health, but what then is the possible harm?

When is buckwheat evil?

What is harmful buckwheat porridge?

By itself, buckwheat harm to human health can not. But its consumption in large quantities can trigger hypervitaminosis, accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, apathy and nervousness. Therefore, it can be used for mono-diet no more than 1 week.

Buckwheat kernels are a strong absorbent. If the croup is stored incorrectly (for example, an open package has been adjacent to household chemicals for a long time), it absorbs a lot of potentially hazardous items. Be sure to consider this factor when storing buckwheat.

Individual intolerance to buckwheat is also a contraindication to its use, but such cases are extremely rare.

A few years ago it was believed that buckwheat porridge with milk brings only benefits, but according to the latest data from scientists, such a combination of products is also a harm to our organisms. For the digestion of milk and cereals, enzymes of two different types are required. In addition, the iron in the cereal prevents the normal absorption of milk. Therefore, it is most reasonable to use "water" buckwheat, having flavored it with butter or having cooked it with vegetables.

Nutritional value of buckwheat

Nutritional value of buckwheat

Now you know what benefit and harm buckwheat porridge can bring to our body - consider its caloric value and relevance for dietary nutrition.

Many people mistakenly consider meals from cereals as a high-calorie product. This is not entirely correct. For example, the calorie content of buckwheat is 330 kcal, and porridge made from it contains only 101 kcal. In the process of cooking cereal its caloric content is reduced by almost 3 times.

There is an express diet for weight loss based on buckwheat. It is designed for 7 days and is based only on the use of one buckwheat porridge during this time. It allows you to lose about 5 extra pounds. But nutritionists strongly do not recommend using this method of losing weight often, because eating buckwheat porridge in this scheme for more than a week will do more harm than good. In addition, the new weight must also be kept, which is possible only with proper and complete diet.

In some countries, buckwheat is considered a very valuable medicinal product and is sold exclusively in pharmacies. Fearlessly include it in your family's food basket. The useful components contained in buckwheat porridge will help maintain your vitality at the proper level. Eat right and diverse - it will add you strength and efficiency.