Buckwheat honey


The beneficial properties of honey are known from time immemorial. Man always honored bees, and beekeeping was considered an almost sacred action. Honey is distinguished by the plants from which it was made. The most valuable variety of the most popular in our climate zone is considered to be buckwheat.

Buckwheat honey: the benefits and harm

Buckwheat honey: useful properties

Buckwheat honey is obtained from bees that collect nectar in the fields of buckwheat. The product contains an unprecedented amount of enzymes and antibiotics of natural origin. The aroma of buckwheat honey is intense, spicy in some cases, having a slight bitterness.

What is useful buckwheat honey? Useful properties of the product are largely determined by its chemical composition. In it, as in many varieties, there is sucrose, fructose and glucose. The healing properties of buckwheat honey are achieved due to the high content of zinc, boron, iodine, iron, phosphorus, copper, cobalt, nickel and other trace elements in it. Vitamins C, B1, B2 and PP are also present in this variety.

Due to its high acidity, buckwheat honey is a good antiseptic. The composition of the product allows it to be stored for a long time, while maintaining its useful qualities. The antiseptic properties of the variety are highly active against various types of E. coli staphylococcus. Hydrogen peroxide, which is gradually formed in honey, has a detrimental effect on many bacteria.

Buckwheat honey has a high iron content, therefore, is indispensable for anemia (secondary and primary). It should be included in the diet of all women of fertile age. The product has anti-inflammatory, tonic, tonic and soothing properties. It is often used for diabetes, obesity, reduced immunity. Buckwheat honey fights well with insomnia, stress and nervous tension.

This variety is a light diuretic. It is indicated for patients with hypertension and renal diseases. Unlike other drugs, honey does not irritate the urinary system, supports the work of the heart. The use of buckwheat honey stabilizes the metabolism and allows you to pamper yourself sweet without harm to health.

Buckwheat honey: useful properties

Buckwheat honey is recommended to eat in the evening when you are not planning serious physical activity and are not going to take a walk. If you have a cold or flu, the product will help to beat the disease faster, restore the body's defenses and increase immunity. The beneficial properties of honey are also widely used in cosmetology. With it, you can perfectly clean the skin, relieve inflammation and quickly heal wounds and abrasions.

Buckwheat honey strengthens blood vessels and improves blood composition. Useful properties of the product have long been proven for people with peptic ulcer. In order to prevent and treat, you can take an empty stomach 1 tbsp. warm water, and after 15 minutes, eat a dessert spoonful of buckwheat honey. Due to its properties, this product will help to cope with the effects of radiation exposure, remove radionuclides, restore cells of tissues and organs.


  • Despite the huge number of healing properties, buckwheat honey has contraindications. It can not be used by people prone to allergies, the product can cause itching, headache, hives, runny nose, intestinal and stomach disorders.
  • In case of diabetes mellitus honey intake should be strictly dosed, under the supervision of a physician. Also, before introducing this product into the diet, a doctor should be consulted for children with a diagnosis of exudative diathesis and scrofula. In the absence of contraindications, buckwheat honey is shown to people with any health condition, within reasonable limits.

Features of use

Buckwheat honey: useful properties

Like any other variety, buckwheat honey should be consumed correctly. Adults should eat no more than 150 g, and children - up to 50 g. It is not recommended to dissolve the product in boiling water, otherwise, it creates a dangerous carcinogen that will affect the development of malignant tumors.

You can not take buckwheat honey with high body temperature, as he is able to provoke its increase, and the person will feel even worse.

Buckwheat honey is a useful product that has proven itself since ancient times. It is often used in cosmetology and pharmacology. Due to its unique properties, buckwheat honey helps to fight many diseases. Before using it, make sure that you are not allergic, use the product, observing the basic rules. In this case, he will benefit a person of any age and health!