Bruises on the body for no reason

Many people know that bruises (hematomas) on the body appear only after a bruise or a blow. And when a bruise unexpectedly appears, not everyone thinks that the cause of the appearance may not be at all in shock. If a bruise on the body occurs unexpectedly, an urgent need to consult a doctor, because bruises may cause serious illnesses.

Why bruises on the body appear without a reason?

  • The appearance of bruises without a cause may signal the occurrence of such diseases as varicose veins, impaired blood circulation, and lack of platelets.

Bruises on the body for no reason

  • In hemorrhagic vasculitis, bruises can appear all over the body., since the body's immune cells regard blood vessels as something foreign, as a result, the immune system tries to fight them with antibodies that act on the vessels, thinning their walls and making them brittle. Vascular hemorrhage causes blood to enter the subcutaneous tissue and bruises the body. Vasculitis occurs in diseases of the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, or brain.
  • About the appearance of varicose veinssignals the appearance of bruises on the legs. Varicosity must be taken seriously. For treatment, you will need to increase the load on the legs, as most often, varicose veins appear where the legs are at rest.
  • Sick liver can also cause bruising. The liver is responsible for the synthesis of the elements necessary for the natural blood clotting, and if the organ is diseased, then the liver can no longer function fully.
  • Bruises can occur due to hormonal failure orlong-term use of drugs. Painkillers, sedatives, anti-inflammatories can cause bruising on the body. This is due to the fact that the composition of these drugs include components that significantly reduce blood clotting, which leads to the formation of bruises.

Bruises on the body for no reason

  • The appearance of bruises on the body can signal the appearance of oncological blood diseases.
  • There is an opinion that bruises on the body can appear due to a lack of vitamins of group C, K and R. Due to their inadequate content, the fragility of blood vessels arises and, as a result, bruises on the body appear.

Bruises on the body without a reason: what to do?

  • It will be very problematic to diagnose yourself at home, so if you suddenly notice a bruise for no reason, we advise you to consult a doctor as soon as possible. At the hospital, you will be prescribed all the necessary tests and, if necessary, will prescribe further treatment.
  • For the diagnosis of bruising most often perform a clinical blood test and coagulogram. The doctor is engaged in treatment by a hematologist, for a primary diagnosis it will be enough to turn to a therapist.
  • If the problem is caused by the usual lack of vitamins, then fish oil, sea kale, eggs, citrus fruits and greens will help to return them in sufficient amounts to the body. Also in pharmacies, you can buy a special complex of vitamins containing ascorbic acid, bioflavonoids, rutin and hesperidin.

Bruises on the body for no reason

  • If it happened that the cause of bruises on the body are more serious diseases, do not despair. It will be required under the supervision of specialists to undergo a course of treatment.

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The sooner you diagnose a causeless bruising and consult a doctor, the more likely the positive outcome of treatmentin the shortest possible time. You can not leave this problem without attention.

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