Bruise from bruises

For many, it is no longer a secret that the majority of medicinal plants and traditional medicine are represented in industrial production and are on the shelves of pharmacies in various vials and tubes. These funds are used in industry for a reason. For centuries, many of them have built their reputation as the best way to cure a particular ailment. Bodyaga (Badyaga) is no exception. We often notice this drug on pharmacy shelves. For many decades now bodyagi used to treat bruises.

What is a bodyaga?

Bodyaga is an intestinal animal sponge, in places of growth which are rivers and lakes. Bodyaga can have completely different colors. For example, it may be yellow, green, brown, brown-green, yellow-brown, yellow-green. In length bodyaga can reach up to 40 cm. This sponge is a slimy mass that has an unpleasant odor.

Bodyaga from bruises. What is bodyaga?

Many believe that bodyaga is a plant, algae, but it is not. Bodyaga - animal organism, which can reproduce both sexually and with the help of gemmul - hibernating kidneys. Like any animal, bodyaga has a kind of skeleton. It is a silicon needle, which gives the body a sponge it needs elasticity and cruelty. It is silicon and is used in medicine. Silicone needles, supporting the skeleton of the bodyagi, will also turn into a crushed mass when the powdered sponge is rubbed into the powder. It is these needles that cause redness and slight irritation of the skin during use. This explains why the main function of bodyagi is to increase blood flow. Such property of bodyagi contributes to the resorption of hematomas and the removal of attacks of rheumatism.

Means that are sold in a pharmacy, containing a bodyagu, successfully used to treat bruises, hematomas, rheumatism, bruises.

How to use the bruise from bruises?

In essence, a bruise is an internal hematoma. Thus, the optimal treatment of a bruise is its resorption. There is no other way to get rid of this external defect, and most likely it cannot be. For the resorption of bruises, you can use various tools, among which the most popular is bodyaga. There are many ways to use bodyagi powder.

  • Take the bodyagi powder, mix it with hydrogen peroxide or water. Stir until slurry forms. The resulting substance gently impose, slightly rubbing, on the place of formation of a bruise. Leave the mass in the affected area until completely dry, and then rinse with water. You may be disturbed by the characteristic action of bodyagi, that is, the appearance of reddening of the skin and a slight tingling. However, this is the normal condition of the skin when using this tool. You can repeat this procedure every day until the bruise disappears completely.
  • From the bodyagi can be prepared and compress. To do this, you have to mix the powder with olive oil (you can use any other vegetable oil). Apply the resulting mass to the site of damage. Then form a compress, wrapping around the place on which the oily mass is applied, first with cling film and then with gauze or bandage. Thus, you get a compress. A similar procedure is recommended before bedtime. It is possible that after 1-2 applications of such a compress, you can get rid of the bruise.
  • The tool can be purchased at any pharmacy. This is about ointment or gel for bruises, which include bodyaga. Ointment or gel is quite quickly acting means in the fight against bruises. It has a cooling effect and allows you to quickly get rid of bruises and hematomas.

How to use the bruise from bruises?

Besides, bodyaga can help from bruises under the eyes. Gel is better suited for this. Apply this gel should be at night under the eyes. As a rule, in the morning you will not find bruises. Do not forget that the appearance of bruises under the eyes may be a sign of serious problems in the body.

Contraindications when using bodyagi

Bodyaga is an extremely effective remedy that helps in the fight against bruises.However, there are times when it should not be used. Such cases include the occurrence of not a simple bruise, but a wound or bleeding. In this case, the bodyagi powder, once in the wound, can cause suppuration. Also, bodyguard should not be used in the presence of inflammation, since the action of the powder can only aggravate the inflammatory process.

If you have sensitive skin, you should also not use the ointment, as it has rather strong healing properties and may provoke allergic reactions. For such a product is too tender and childish skin.

In the absence of undesirable effects and contraindications, you can safely use bodyguard to fight bruises. Remember that reddening of the skin and slight tingling are not symptoms of allergic reactions, but signs of the action of bodyagi. Perhaps, there is no better remedy for bruising, therefore, if possible, use a bodyguard to get rid of these visible defects.

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