Weak immunity prevents our body from time to cope with diseases. Modern medicine offers many medicines that can strengthen the immune system. For example, Bronhomunal - modern immunomodulatory drug, available for both children and adults.

Medicine Bronkhomunal: properties and contraindications

  • Bronhomunal composition and effects on the body reminds vaccine. The drug contains particles of bacteria that most often cause respiratory diseases. The action of the Bronchomunal is that it enhances the body's immune response and promotes the formation of antibodies to pathogens of various infections.

Bronhomunal for children: reviews

  • Applythis medicine for the treatment and prevention of colds of the ear, throat, nose, respiratory infections. Bronchomunal is especially indicated for people who suffer from frequent and prolonged diseases.
  • Bronhomunalavailable in capsule form, filled with powder, in various dosages: for children (Bronkhomunal P) and for adults. The drug is not recommended for treatment of children up to six months.
  • When applying Bronhomunala side effects extremely rarely identified. In some cases, they were recorded in connection with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract or skin allergic reactions. Contraindications may be individual intolerance to the drug.
  • During pregnancy or breastfeedingBronhomunal should be taken only if the specialist doctor determines that the benefits to the mother outweigh the possible risks to the health of the fetus or baby.

Positive reviews about Bronhomunale

  • Marina: I am constantly sick from my childhood with colds - weak immunity. I never believed that drugs can really strengthen it. I read a lot about Bronhomunale on the Web, but when I was prescribed by a doctor, for some reason I did not accept it. I remembered this medicine during a regular sore throat, and later took a course of three months. After that, completely forgot about the usual cold!

Bronhomunal: positive reviews

  • Olga:Bronhomunal we wrote pulmonologist. My baby once again started having problems with his lungs. Drank the course for three months, which was easily tolerated. Cheer now less. The only thing - the doctor explained that it is best to take the drug Bronhomunal in a healthy state, to prevent disease. We now take it once a year in the summer, so that by the winter cold the immunity has already reacted, was ready to meet with infections.
  • Valentina:My son is 3 years old, we are ill almost every month. The doctor wrote us Bronhomunal. But I have a big problem with regards to medications: it’s almost impossible for a child to give any medication - he doesn’t want to swallow the pill, spits it out. The doctor explained to me that the capsules of the Bronkhomunala can be opened and mixed with juice, water or milk. The drink does not change at all, my son drinks everything to the drop. As a result, we get sick now much less often, and diseases are much easier to carry!
  • Inga: I have been drinking off my child Bronhomunal for more than three years. He helped us cope with persistent sore throats when ordinary medicines acted weakly. Especially bribes that Bronhomunal - not an antibiotic. It stimulates the immune system to fight viruses and infections, and does not kill them (and with them, healthy bacteria!).
  • Svetlana: Our child has been sick very often. For seven months constantly, almost every six months, we were in the hospital: either a sore throat, or a cold, or we catch bronchitis. Somewhere in three years old, the doctor prescribed us Bronkomunal P. We drank the course and almost forgot about the disease. Now my child is 11 years old. Recently caught a cold - a strong cough. I decided it was time to contact Bronhomunalu again. Just be sure to go to the doctor to appoint the correct regimen. As reception single does not help - it is checked.

Bronhomunal for children

Negative reviews of Bronhomunale

  • Galina: The doctor prescribed Bronhomunal child. We began to take, but after the first course the baby had snot. I wrote it off for the common cold. But during the second course of the drug - again snot river! Now I don’t even know if it is worth starting the third course! Perhaps this is such a side reaction.
  • Anna: I Bronhomunal praised friend. I decided to try it, gave it to the child and took it myself. But the results did not notice the special. Yes, and the price of this medicine is not small, it seemed to me that it was not worth it.
  • Tatyana:My memories of taking Bronhomunala are not very pleasant. Last year, the doctor prescribed this drug to her youngest daughter, as we were very sick. But the doctor did not warn that Bronchomunal can not be taken when you make a vaccine. At school, her daughter was also vaccinated against the flu at the same time, and she became very seriously ill. Perhaps, in my case, the incompetence of the doctor, and not the drug itself, is to blame. But I am now afraid to use this tool.

Bronkhomunal: contraindications

  • Anita: We began to drink Bronkhomunal as prescribed by a doctor. First, the child had a little cold, then a cough, and when they drank the last pill, they had terrible diarrhea. Shortly before, my daughter complained to me that she had a tummy ache, but I did not attach any importance, because the instructions for the drug said that with minor manifestations, you can continue taking the medicine. The hospital said it was an infection, but it seems to me that the side effect of Bronhomunala. In any case, I will no longer experiment with this drug.

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Bronchomunal is effective in infectious diseases of the respiratory tract. Remember that this drug can be taken only on prescription. Do not self-medicate!