Breathing exercises

Most women pay great attention to their appearance, their beauty. Beauty cannot exist without health. If you are sick, you need a lot of effort to look good. But still nature takes its toll. Only a healthy person can be beautiful. One of the ways to be healthy is to do breathing exercises. It is not as hard as running or dancing, but it is also good for the body.

According to experts, most popular respiratory techniques have Indian or Chinese roots. Currently, they are known about a hundred species. Respiratory gymnastics is good for treating pulmonary diseases, also for concentrating attention and maintaining a good physiological form. The main thing - to be able to choose the right exercises.

Useful breathing exercises with stress, anxiety and emotional stress. You can take a couple of deep breaths, and you instantly calm down. Since when the body is saturated with oxygen, the brain acquires the ability to think logically, and you can control unwanted emotions.

Breathing techniques

There are many popular breathing techniques today. Consider some of them.

Buteyko method

This technique teaches shallow breathing. Because because of deep breathing, the body is oversaturated with oxygen and lacks carbon dioxide. Because of this, there is a spasm of blood vessels and this leads to various diseases.

Yogi Method

In Indian yoga, breathing is called pranayama, because it allows you to control prana - the vital energy. According to yogis, the state of the respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems, as well as general well-being and mood, depend on this prana.

Breathing in this system is rare, deep, silent, through the nose.

Qigong method

This is an ancient Chinese healing technique. This gymnastics teaches proper control of breathing, relaxation, calm. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. As is known, it is from bad nerves that all our diseases come from. This technique also helps with asthma, anemia, increased pressure, gastrointestinal diseases, bronchial diseases.

Breathing on Strelnikova

This method was developed for the treatment of diseases associated with loss of voice. But practice has shown that this gymnastics also helps with cardiovascular diseases, as well as some others. The essence of the method lies in the so-called paradoxical breathing. A short noisy inhalation with the nose is done when the chest is compressed. All parts of the body are involved in the exercises, the immunity is noticeably increased, which is important in the treatment of any diseases.

Practice breathing exercises

For breathing exercises it is better to attend special classes. No need to engage in amateur and perform them on a book or article from a magazine. The thing is that breathing techniques are quite complicated. You may misunderstand any exercise or fail to do it yourself. And if you memorize it incorrectly, then it will not bring any benefit to you (it can also bring harm).

In respiratory gymnastics, however, and contraindications. In elderly people, the functional reserve of the body is usually depleted, and exercises according to some breathing techniques may not be enough for them.

Remember also that there is no cure for all diseases at the same time. For each specific disease respiratory gymnastics is selected individually. Therefore, if you want to do it, then still sign up for classes in a group or individually. Be sure to contact only qualified professionals.

Breathe deeply and be healthy and beautiful!

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