Breast swelling

Swelling of the mammary glands before menstruation is common. What other reasons can be that the chest begins to hurt and swell in women and the fair sex younger?

Breast swelling is a phenomenon familiar to every woman who does not attach much importance. However, it can be far from harmless, to become the first sign of an oncological disease. Therefore, if a woman is observing the swelling of the mammary glands, the reasons must be determined.

Causes of breast swelling in newborns and little girls

Causes of breast swelling in newborns and little girls

Many young mothers noticed swelling of the nipples in their newborn babies. The reasons for this doctors call hormonal failure in the mother and the child, which is caused by the appearance of the baby. The young mother's body needs to prepare for lactation, and the new life - for the conditions of existence outside the womb. Swelling can occur within a day or two after birth, and usually disappears within a week. During this period it is strictly prohibited:

  • massage the area around the nipples of the newborn;
  • in case of discharge of whitish fluid, squeeze it out;
  • apply compresses or lotions on the chest area.

Any intervention can cause the ingress and development of infection in the body crumbs. If the swelling does not pass after a week or the temperature rises, you need to contact a neonatologist.

In girls from one year to the beginning of puberty, the mammary glands may also periodically swell. This is due to the formation of the hormonal background of the future woman, as well as the fact that the girls are more dependent on the hormones of the mother and are under stress at the time of weaning. Therefore, there is no cause for concern if the mammary glands are poured and:

  • this is not accompanied by a rise in temperature;
  • skin of areola does not darken;
  • there is no discharge from the nipples;
  • no discharge from the urinary tract;
  • There is no advance in the growth of the skeleton of a girl.

If swelling is accompanied by any of the above symptoms, the consultation of the pediatric endocrinologist is obligatory, as this may be a sign of the onset of serious hormonal disruptions.

Why periodically swelling breasts in women?

Why periodically swelling breasts in women?

As a rule, when her chest starts to hurt, the woman realizes that soon her period will begin. Normally, the mammary glands are poured and become, on average, larger in size during the maturation phase of the egg. If breast swelling occurs regardless of ovulation, then this can occur:

  • due to oral contraceptives;
  • in the first days of pregnancy;
  • the presence of excess fluid in the body;
  • mastopathy;
  • due to mechanical damage;
  • as a reaction to taking certain medications;
  • in the initial stages of cancer.

Let us dwell on these reasons in more detail. A number of hormonal contraceptives, in addition to performing their main task, introduces an imbalance in the endocrine system of the body. Therefore, it is very important to pass all the necessary tests and select the most appropriate before taking the drug.

In the first days of pregnancy, the body experiences stress, so the chest and lower abdomen are sore. Usually in the second trimester, these symptoms go away by themselves. But if the swelling increases and is accompanied by painful sensations, then consultation of the doctor who is observing the pregnancy is obligatory. It should be borne in mind that these manifestations may be signs of a frozen or ectopic pregnancy.

Sometimes there is no swelling of the mammary glands before menstruation, but after the prescription of certain drugs, the breast is filled and sore. This is due to the fact that the excretion of fluid from the body is too slow. Also, the body can be extremely reluctant to part with the liquid due to excessive consumption of products containing caffeine.

More than 60% of women under 45 years old observe swelling of the mammary gland due to mastopathy. This disease develops on the background of hormonal disruption in the body caused by stress, taking certain medications. With mastopathy, the chest is poured on any day of the cycle, it hardens and hurts. In case of occurrence of these signs, an urgent need to consult a doctor.

Often the breast swells due to mechanical damage, in particular, squeezing tight underwear. In this case, it is recommended for some time not to wear a bra, replace it with a free T-shirt.

Swelling of the mammary glands, the causes of which are associated with cancer, requires immediate hospitalization. It is rather difficult to identify them: the symptoms are similar to those for other causes of discomfort in the mammary glands: it is poured, the chest hardens, and painful sensations appear. But, since oncological diseases affect all body systems, frequent dizziness, nausea, body ache, weakness appear. The combination of these symptoms requires early medical examination.

What should and should not be done if the chest is full?

What should and should not be done if the chest is full?

If a woman regularly poured breasts, then this suggests that the monthly cycle occurs on schedule, the follicle with the egg matures normally. To reduce inconvenience, doctors advise:

  • buy a bra a size larger to wear during ovulation;
  • Do not wear tight clothes that cause a squeeze of the breast;
  • limit the intake of fluid that can stagnate in the body and cause even greater swelling.

But if the mammary glands swell periodically and this is accompanied by drawing pains or fever, you should consult with your doctor. And the main thing - not to take any action that can not only enhance the swelling, but also cause unpredictable consequences. You can not:

  • apply warming compresses to the chest, as heat can cause the development of a dormant infection;
  • warm up the chest or wear slimming bras: this can lead to the formation of nodules in the breast;
  • take any drugs without first consulting a doctor.

Women should be very attentive to their health. Unfortunately, breast cancer is not uncommon in our time. Therefore, the monthly need most inspect the mammary glands. And if you notice that seals have appeared or the shape has changed, immediately contact your gynecologist or breast specialist. After all, even the most serious diseases can be cured at an early stage of development.

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