Bobotik or espumizan - which is better for a newborn


When a child causes something pain, tears and anxiety, the real mother presses him to her, thereby giving her warmth and protection. However, there are situations when not only moral care is required, but also a well-chosen medical drug. All moms know the difficult period of colic, when you need to give any medication to the baby. Often the question arises: what is better, bobotics or espumizan for newborns?

Objective comparison of drugs in composition, dosage and mechanism of action

Bobotik is a young drug, compared with espumizanom

Bobotik is a young drug, compared with espumizan, but the main substance in these two drugs is identical - simethicone. The difference can be identified only in quantity, since espumizan contains 222.2 mg of this substance, and a bobotik - 8. For this reason, the first medicine is given to the baby with drops, and the second - with spoons.

Espumizan should be given for 1 tsp. 3-5 times a day after meals, or together with the last portion. If desired, the mother can add the drug to the infant formula.

As for bobotics, it should be prescribed during the meal, as well as after feeding 8 drops, preferably 4 times a day. This drug is also allowed to mix with boiled water or infant formula, and for mothers who are breastfeeding, you can wet the nipple with medicine and thus give the drug to the baby.

Quite importantly, bobotics for newborns and espumizan do not contain sugar.

Since simethicone is in both cases, the mechanism of action of drugs will not differ

Since simethicone is in both cases, the mechanism of action of drugs will not differ. The child is crying because he feels discomfort - pain. It, in turn, is associated with gas formation, which puts pressure on the intestines and leads to irritation of the nerve endings. Both drugs break large bubbles into the smallest ones, this is what makes the baby's condition easier. The drug acts only in the intestines, are absolutely safe, if you follow the rules of dosage.

Is there a difference in contraindications, price and age at which you can take these medicines?

The difference between bobotica and espumizan can be observed at age

The difference between bobotica and espumizan can be observed at the age at which the drug can be used. So, espumizan allowed the child from the very first day of birth. But the bobotik is available only from 28 days.

Contraindications for these drugs are identical:

  • Intestinal obstruction;
  • Individual intolerance.

As for the pricing policy, the pumping for newborns costs a couple of times more than a bobotik. So, its price, depending on the region and the pharmacy, ranges from 250 to 700 rubles. A bottle of bobotics will cost you only 150-430 rubles.

Reviews of bobotik specialists and parents

Doctors recommend bobotica for a variety of reasons.

Doctors recommend bobotik for a number of reasons:

  • This medicine helps to relieve pain, so the child will calmly develop;
  • The economic benefits, along with the same composition as that of expensive counterparts;
  • The drug is available in the company, which deals with children's medicines. And also has a convenient bottle that does not allow to exceed the dose;
  • Bobotik does not contain sugar, is not absorbed into the body;
  • Can be bought without a prescription.

The parents' opinions on bobotics are quite different, but positive ones prevail. Many of them note the effectiveness of the drug, good sleep in a child after taking it. Also, moms like the fact that the bottle lasts a long time, it is convenient to use, and the drug itself is pleasant to the taste, which makes it possible to give them a baby to drink without much difficulty.

However, there are other opinions, for example, parents note that their baby is prone to allergies, so it is not good at taking dyes that are in bobotics.

Feedback on espumizane: what do doctors and parents say?

Doctors speak very well about this medicine, they consider it reliable

Doctors speak very well of this medicine, they consider it reliable, harmless and having a small number of contraindications. Quite importantly and the fact that the drug is not absorbed into the body of the child, and therefore does not cause addiction. However, doctors note that mothers should carefully observe the dosage of the drug.

Reviews of parents can be found different, but many say that Espumizan helped their child: he stopped being anxious and irritable, sleeps well and no longer suffers from pain.

The only negative comments about the reception of espumizan can be found due to an allergic reaction in the offspring, so you should carefully read the instructions carefully before use.

Which is better: bobotik or espumizan? As you can see, these drugs are very similar in their effect and effect, but there is a difference in the methods for determining the dosage, the age of administration and the price. Therefore, the choice is to rely on the individual characteristics of your baby and the recommendations of the attending physician.