Blood purification

First you need to choose exactly how you want to purify your blood and lymph - medication or by folk. The most suitable time for such procedures is spring time.

Medical procedurescleansing blood

Plasma exchange - modern medical procedure for cleansing the blood, contributing to the removal of toxins that disrupt the normal functioning of the body. The method is based on filtering blood through a biofilter. After the procedure, the blood is cleared of cholesterol, oxygen nourishes the tissues much faster, which leads to increased immunity. Plasmapheresis is used for all types of allergies, increased halosterin, rheumatism, cardiomyopathy, bronchial aste, chronic pneumonia and hepatitis, psoriasis, urticaria, and many other diseases. The effect of the procedure the patient receives immediately and persists for a year. By the time the procedure lasts about two hours.

The essence of the method: a person takes venous blood, injecting saline in return. Next, the patient's blood in the bag rotates in a centrifuge. From this, blood splits into cell mass and plasma. Next, the plasma is drained, and the cell mass is diluted with a solution. At the end of the procedure, the updated blood enters the body through the drip.

Main contraindications: plasmapheresis is unacceptable in case of poisoning, viral and non-viral hepatitis, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, allergies, pancreatitis, acne, immunodeficiency.

Autohemotherapy - another kind of blood purification. During the procedure, a small amount of venous blood is injected intramuscularly / subcutaneously into the patient. The goal of autohemotherapy is the hanging of immunity. Contraindications - jade.

Hemosorption - This is when human venous blood is passed through a filter that absorbs toxins, and then blood is returned to the person through an IV line. The goal is to clean the blood without ancillary drugs.

Folk remedies that cleanse the blood and lymph

Purify the blood of folk remedies also need to properly. Cleaning is better to start with a three-day fast. In these three days, drink juices and salads from red vegetables and fruits. Scientists have found that it is better to purify the blood products of red - cherry, cranberry, red grapes, cabbage, beets. So make this list in your diet, plus tinctures that are very easy to prepare.

Ingredients: two cups of honey, one glass of crushed dill seed, two tablespoons of ground valerian root, pour two cups of boiling water over them, leave for 24 hours. Strained infusion to drink a tablespoon half an hour before meals for a month.

For the second recipe, take a teaspoon of crushed nettle, pour a glass of boiling water, infuse for 45 minutes, strain. Infusion is ready to use, the dosage is the same as the previous one.

In order not only to clean the blood, but also to strengthen the bones, you will need five tablespoons of chopped pine needles, which you will need to fill with half a liter of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes, and then 20 insist. Attention! Infusion should acquire a raspberry color. Only then it must be taken 3 sips before and after meals throughout the week.

"English tea"also perfectly cleanses the blood. Only this tea will be more like chifir. Fill 1/5 cup with milk, fill the rest with brewing and take up to 4 times a day during the week. But there is an important condition - in the morning until 15 o'clock in the infusion add a little salt, and after three - two teaspoons of honey. Here it is still recommended to do enemas every day.

Vegetables are excellent helpers in blood purification matters. You will need a decoction: one potato, one carrot, one parsley root and one celery are about the same. Wash the potatoes, but do not read, and grate everything else on a coarse grater. Next, half a liter of water should be boiled and put grated ingredients in it, boil for 10 minutes. Then remove the plate and add one tablespoon of ground flax, and a tablespoon of bran. Let it sit for 10 minutes, strain, take only in the morning.

If you decide to update the blood and lymph, be sure to consult your doctor, you should not do this procedure for boredom. It is better to resort to cleansing the blood if necessary. And what method you choose at the same time is a personal matter for everyone.

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