Blew neck - how to treat at home

Your day was planned out to the smallest detail: business meetings, picnic trips, perhaps even a romantic date, and then a nuisance blew through your neck. How to treat such a problem? Do you need the help of doctors or you can restore mobility of the neck yourself? Do you want to change your plans due to neck pain? Then start treatment right now!

Should I take myositis seriously?

blew neck how to treat myositis

Yesterday you rode a car with an open window, spent the evening in a cafe under the air conditioner or opened the window at work so that it was not stuffy in the room. And in the morning your neck does not turn, you feel a dull pain that gives to the back of the head, shoulders and interscapular space, aching body and headache. Then the pain becomes so strong that it severely limits movement. All these symptoms indicate that you have blown your neck. How to treat myositis (that's what this condition is called in the language of doctors)?

Before grabbing the first-aid kit, let's see how dangerous this disease is. Myositis is an inflammation of a specific muscle group associated with exposure to cold. The disease can affect one or more muscles (polymyositis). It leads to the appearance of nodules in the muscles and, in the absence of proper treatment, is able to acquire a chronic course. If the disease progresses, then muscle weakness increases, it is difficult for the patient to lift his head from the pillow in the morning. He is forced to hold it vertically, and turn the whole body. Cervical myositis can spread to the muscles of the larynx. Then it becomes hard for a person to swallow, he has coughing and shortness of breath. Muscles can atrophy for life. Therefore, do not dismiss such a problem, treat seriously!

What and how it hurts if your neck slips?

What will be the picture of the disease in cervical myositis? The main manifestations of this disease are known to many:

  • excruciating pain in the neck (it becomes stronger when the head is turned or tilted);
  • soreness is felt in the temporal part, ears, neck and forehead area, grips the shoulders;
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • breathe heavily;
  • fatigue

Pharmacy and medical rescue equipment

what to do if you blow your neck

If you go to a doctor for advice, what to do if you have blown through your neck, then he (taking into account complaints, examination and examination) can prescribe such drugs and procedures:

  • painkillers - Pentalgin, Nurofen, Nise, Nimulid, Solpadein;
  • rubbing the neck. Local anti-inflammatory drugs are the best suited for treatment if you have a blown neck. What to smear - Finalgon, Kapsikam, Menovazinom. They should be rubbed every 2-3 hours;
  • compress with bischofite;
  • acupuncture sessions;
  • physiotherapy;
  • electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves;
  • Pharmacopuncture - point injections with the use of drugs.

Home weapon against myositis

Folk methods are very effective if you blew your neck. How to treat at home inflammation of her muscles? Use this arsenal of folk remedies:

  • warming vodka applications. Take a gauze, fold in 3 layers, soak it in vodka. Gently attach to the neck, cover the top with oilcloth, put a piece of cotton and tie it all with a scarf (scarf);
  • massage. Walk your fingers along your neck to determine where the pain has settled. Massage this area. During such manipulations, pain may be felt - you will have to suffer. But the result is not long in coming;
  • healing rubbing. You will need camphoric alcohol (4 bottles of 40 g each), 250 ml of medical bile, 1 tbsp. l red pepper. Mix all these ingredients. Pour into an opaque glass container. Leave the composition in a dark place for a week. Saturate canvas with this infusion and apply a compress for 2 hours. It will take 2-3 procedures;
  • cabbage leaf compress. It should be washed, smeared with soda or laundry soap and applied to the sore spot overnight;
  • salt warming. Heat ordinary salt in a pan, pour it into a bag. Use as a heating pad;
  • warming up with boiled potatoes. Boil unpeeled vegetables, pound and put in a bag of gauze. Heat the affected area;
  • anti-inflammatory compress. Connect 1 tsp. butter with 4 tsp. dried grass horsetail. Put the composition on a piece of polyethylene. Use as a compress.

What should be the mode of the day and food?

How to be treated if the neck is blown

If you blew through your neck, then ideally you should rest for at least 2-3 days - this will ease the condition and speed up recovery. If the disease is acute, then doctors recommend sticking to a special diet. Remove from the menu fried, spicy, salty. To help the body get rid of toxins, eat foods that are rich in fiber (fruits, vegetables) and drink plenty of fluids.

If the pain is very intense, then it is better to give up exercise. When she calms down, begin to perform simple exercises: turning her head, tilting up and down, circular movements. Be sure to follow the posture.

Is prevention possible?

As for prevention, it is necessary for those who have weak immunity. People who regularly face temperature changes, wind, but have good health, hardened, rarely faced with myositis.

To avoid neck pain due to drafts, use climate control devices wisely. Never sit directly under a fan or air conditioner, especially when hot. Do not draft in the car while driving. If you ventilate the room, leave it at that time.

Myositis is able to seriously spoil the mood and bring a lot of suffering. But if you begin to be treated correctly, you will forget about such a trouble after 3-4 days. Under the pressure of ointments, compresses and rubbing, he will surely suffer defeat. But still try not to bring your neck to a painful state.

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