Blew ear

Ear and tooth pain are considered the most intense. The appearance of ear pain does not depend on the time of year. Contrary to the opinion spread, it can blow through in the summer, and, more often than not, it happens. The heat makes the windows of the car and public transport open, this is precisely because of the drafts, and otitis is formed. Ear pain has an unpleasant tendency to appear at night when a person is preparing to sleep.

Blew ear: symptoms

  • Few people pay attention to the first symptoms, although if you take action in advance, you can avoid the painful pains and sleepless nights. These signs include laying the ear and temporary hearing loss. Especially after driving at high speed or spending time in a draft.
  • The appearance of earache speaks of inflammation, i.e. otitis. The pain increases or appears only at night, during the day it is either tolerable, and gradually forgotten, or does not appear at all.
  • According to its characteristics, the pain can be different - oppressive, aching, pulsating, or there is a backache in the ear. By the way, the last symptom is most unpleasant. The pain may be constant, with periods of extinction. When swallowing, the ear can lay, which indicates that discharge appears in the middle ear, perhaps even of a purulent character.
  • Otitis can also affect the general condition of the patient. Most often marked weakness, may increase the temperature of the body.

Blown ear: how to treat it?

What to do if you blow your ear?

In the event that your ear aches at night, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Only after inspection and research is it possible to establish the exact cause of the pain.

The ear can hurt for many reasons. This symptom does not necessarily have any connection with otitis. Do not forget, for example, about caries, or its complications - periodontitis. Dentistry and otolaryngology - border sciences, have much in common. Of course, the most common cause of ear pain are inflammatory processes, both acute and chronic.

Incorrect diagnosis and, accordingly, improper treatment can cause increased pain, especially when moving, with the appearance of loud sounds. How to be, if you have blown your ear, and there is no opportunity to see a doctor?

First of all, you need to warm up your ear, using a blue lamp or salt heated in a frying pan (use on the principle of a compress). It is worth remembering that in the presence of purulent discharge from the ear, it cannot be heated. The presence of secretions indicates an active inflammatory process, heat can significantly worsen the condition.

If there is no discharge, and the ear just blew, you can proceed to the next stage of treatment. It is necessary to bury drops. Boron or chloramphenicol alcohol can be used as drops. Before instillation, the liquid must be preheated to 37 degrees. You can use ready-made dosage forms, the indication for the use of which is the treatment of otitis. The most popular means is Otipaks, but before using it it is necessary to consult with a doctor and strictly follow the annotations.

After carrying out all the procedures, you cannot go outside; you need to be in a warm room without drafts for several hours. If you just need to go outside, you should have a headdress on your head that will completely protect your ears - a headscarf or a hat, regardless of weather conditions.

Sore ear: treatment of folk remedies

Blown ear: how to treat it?

  1. In addition to traditional medicine, you can use the tools of the people. Relieve the pain and warm up the ear will help the composition, prepared from honey and flour. For it, you need 1 tbsp. l flour and 0.5st. l honey Ingredients must be mixed until a homogeneous mass, wrapped in gauze and applied to the ear overnight, fixing the compress with a warm scarf.
  2. An excellent tool can be considered a paraffin-turret. In the pharmacy, you can purchase a finished copy or make them yourself, using a bandage and melted wax. Such turundochki allow warm ear and remove the accumulated ear wax, which can be an additional factor in inflammation.
  3. As folk remedies, you can use propolis, bay leaf. To do this, apply propolis tincture on vodka. The resulting solution is necessary to wipe the ear, leaving a cotton wool soaked in this tool. Do not allow the tincture to get into the ear, the treatment will take place only in pairs.
  4. For the preparation of drops from bay leaf, it is necessary to brew 2-3 pieces of the product, previously crushed. Such a solution should be infused for several hours, only after that it will be ready. Bay leaf should be buried in the ears with a few drops. And after instillation close the ears with a cotton turunda.
  5. Do not forget about compresses. The simplest and most affordable ingredient for making a compress is vodka, boric alcohol. But such measures will be effective only in the case of an early stage of the disease. To make a compress, it is necessary to heat the vodka, moisten a large piece of cotton wool in it and cover the area around the ear with cotton moistened with cotton. In order not to wet the bedding, and leave the solution inside, cotton must be closed with a plastic bag and fixed with a scarf. This compress should be done at night. Propolis can also be used, which, according to some doctors, is more effective.
  6. A decoction of chamomile can also treat ear pain. Pre-need to prepare an infusion of 1 tsp. chamomile herbs and 1 tbsp. hot water. The tool should be infused and filtered. The resulting infusion is necessary to wash the ears.

The pain in the ears is unpleasant and its consequences can be quite severe. Do not tolerate pain, it is best to contact a qualified specialist at the first symptoms. Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure, for these reasons it is necessary to observe the elementary safety rules and protect your health.

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