Black lentils

Lentils belong to the legume family, it also includes beans, and peas, which are undoubtedly very useful, but lentils are more useful than them. It contains a huge amount of nutrients that can help your body get all the necessary beneficial trace elements and substances.

The composition of lentils

Lentil contains in its composition easily digestible vegetable protein, essential amino acids, minerals: iron and zinc, magnesium and potassium, phosphorus and calcium; vitamins A and C, group B, fiber and more than 87% of folic acid we need per day. Due to the presence of isoflavones, lentils help in the prevention of cancer diseases, especially breast cancer, during menopause and osteoporosis. A high content of dietary fiber and fiber will help in combating constipation, will be a good prevention of bowel disease.

Black lentils do not accumulate toxins, radionuclides and nitrates. This is very useful for diet food. That is why it can be used in diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system. Isoflavans that help in the fight against cancer are not destroyed in lentils during cooking. According to its nutritional composition, black lentil is most genetically suitable for our digestive system and our body.

Medicinal properties of black lentils

Black lentil has excellent taste and many useful properties.. It exhibits antioxidant properties. Eating black lentils every day will be an excellent prevention of premature aging, cardiovascular and malignant diseases. When avitaminosis and liver disease, hypertension and biliary tract use sprouted grains of black lentils. It helps with reduced immunity, metabolic disorders, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, and digestive disorders.

Black lentils in cooking

Black lentils can be used as a component of vegetable stews, salads and sauces. It is made from a side dish, and used, even for the preparation of sweet dishes. Black lentils make good burgers. Also, it is perfect for making sandwiches. Black lentils are combined with all cereals and spices. Mixing it with rice and spices, you get a delicious vegetable snack. To decorate ready meals, you can cook boiled black lentils in tomato sauce. Black lentil has a delicate and pleasant flavor of spices, so it will give your dishes a unique taste.

Black lentil sprouting

For the most beneficial effect, germinate black lentils. First, fill the grains with warm water and then change it once a day. On day 6, the seeds will germinate. Germinated seeds can be added to salads with sweet peppers, pumpkin, seasoning them with olive oil, lemon juice and various spices.

Who is recommended and is not recommended for black lentils?

Black lentils are particularly popular with people leading a healthy lifestyle, and vegetarians. It is useful for those who want to lose weight and suffer from diabetes. Should be careful to those who suffer from dysbiosis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in order to avoid excessive gas formation, add fresh cilantro, parsley and dill to the prepared lentils. When gout or biliary tract dyskinesia, kidney stones or in the gall bladder, frequent use of lentils is undesirable.

The benefits of dishes from black lentils

Salads from lentils, lentil porridge and soups will help normalize blood sugar levels. They will enhance the blood formation processes in the body, and help the heart to work. Lentil puree is beneficial in ulcers and colitis.

Cooking rules for black lentils

Black lentils are very easy to prepare. Lentils must be taken before cooking and rinsed. Then pour it into boiling water. Lentils boil for 25 minutes. When cooking for 1 cup of lentils taken 3 cups of water. Black lentils, when cooked, retains the shape of grains, so it is perfect for cooking soups and sauces. It has an unusual and original taste.

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Lentil is a product to which our digestive system is adapted at the genetic level. It is most suitable for our body. In terms of nutritional value and healing qualities, the ratio of nutrients lentils is the undisputed leader. Another product with such a health effect you simply can not find.

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