Black currant

Surely each of us has sweet memories from childhood, where the grandmother brings a bowl full of black currants, saying: "Get some vitamins." And indeed, black berries are considered useful from time immemorial. But is it really? Does black currant have beneficial properties and contraindications? Let's find out.

The healing properties of black berries

The healing properties of black berries

No wonder ordinary people who know nothing about the composition of black currant, call it just a storehouse of useful trace elements and vitamins: only one carotene is in it about 3 milligrams, and vitamin C is the daily norm. In addition, in the currant you can find essential oils, and even pectin and tannins, phosphorus and a lot of iron. To fill the gaps of the body in the lack of nutrients, doctors recommend to use only 20 berries a day.

The healing properties of currants are based on the ability to reduce inflammation and increase diuresis due to the content of flavonoids and anthocyanins. In the course of many scientific studies, it was found that not only berries, but also young shoots, as well as leaves of black currant have useful properties similar to cortisone, but without contraindications, as in this preparation.

Among the main diseases, the treatment of which contributes currant, distinguish the following:

  • Arthritis: the use of currant leaves and buds in home treatment relieves inflammation of the joints and reduces fluid retention in them.
  • Black berries based preparations relieve gout pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Suffering from swelling? It is necessary to increase the frequency of urination due to the consumption of fresh currants.

Including from the fruits of black currant bushes receive a liquid or dried extract, syrups and tinctures, which are used in the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies:

  • poor circulation is improved in people suffering from atherosclerosis;
  • currant syrup improves the condition of veins with varicose veins, reduces pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • black berries have the ability to restore damaged areas of the brain, which is extremely useful for people who have suffered a stroke.

Surprisingly, currant helps with almost every disease. Shrub leaves and buds do well with colds and sore throat. Black currant is also an excellent remedy for type 2 diabetes, as it can regulate sugar levels. And in traditional medicine diarrhea is treated with this broth. There is even the opinion that the berries can protect the body from malignant tumors.

Application in cosmetology

Application in cosmetology

People have long adapted many of the gifts of nature in their favor, not bypassed by the black currants. In addition, from it you can make the most delicious and healthy compotes with jam, berries are commonly used in home cosmetology:

  • Currant juice copes with pigment spots and even freckles. To do this, wipe them with the most problematic areas of the skin every day.
  • Need to whiten the skin on the face? Also not a problem - do a massage with currant berries.
  • Moisturize and fortify the skin of the face can homemade currant mask with oatmeal and wheat flour.
  • Teen acne is recommended to wipe with tincture of leaves and shrubs.

Currant extract is used in professional cosmetology. You can find it in most health products for the skin, such as creams, soaps, lotions and tonics.

Black currant improves eyesight

Black currant improves eyesight

Many problems and diseases of the eye arise from the fact that blood flows to these organs in insufficient quantities. In addition, the free radicals constantly affect the retina, which sooner or later leads to the degeneration of the rods, which are responsible for capturing light. Flavonoids, contained in large quantities in currants, have antioxidant properties and are able to prevent these problems.

The use of black berries is useful in the treatment and prevention of such eye diseases:

  • Night blindness is the result of low vision in dim light. Preparations with currant fruit help to correct the deficiencies of night vision.
  • Many studies have confirmed the ability of flavonoids to improve the distant vision loss of myopic people.
  • It is advisable to use this plant and with macular degeneration. Antioxidants in the composition of currants are able to protect the capillaries of the retina.

It is useful to eat fresh berries and as a prophylaxis of sight for people who, due to their work, are forced to spend a lot of time at the computer, read or work with documents.

Toxicity, contraindications and side effects

Despite all the healing properties, black currants are forbidden to use some groups of people. Since vitamin K is in the berry, as well as phenolic compounds, consuming it in large quantities can lead to excessive blood clotting. That is why all who have similar problems, and patients diagnosed with thrombophlebitis cannot enjoy the taste of currants in one form or another.

This ban applies to other categories of people:

  • The tart taste of berries should be unfamiliar to those who have recently suffered a stroke or heart attack.
  • It is better not to abuse currant jam to people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, because this berry can lead to gastritis and even an ulcer.
  • Despite the fact that thanks to blackcurrant juice many liver pathologies are treated, it is still not recommended to use it in hepatitis.
  • Small children are diluted with half warm water, otherwise an allergic reaction cannot be avoided. But small doses, for example, a teaspoon of currant, can level the hemoglobin in the blood, so you do not need to completely refuse to give it to kids.
  • Contrary to the opinion of many, black currant increases, rather than lowers the pressure, so for people with hypertension it is better not to try.

In any case, in order to avoid unpleasant adverse reactions, you should remember that the dosage is observed. Any berry will become poison, if you eat it immensely.

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