Black cumin seeds and oil


Cumin - one of the oldest spices used in cooking. But not many people know that the seeds of this plant are an excellent choleretic and antispasmodic, enhance lactation and improve memory, activate the body's defenses. They are effectively used in traditional and official medicine.

For several millennia, the peoples of the East used only black cumin to heal most of the then existing ailments. However, not only useful properties and, but also contraindications for this medicinal culture. Therefore, before using it for medical purposes, you should carefully read and with its healing effects, and with side effects.

In other states, the plant was brought from the East by traders who had heard about its miraculous properties. Black cumin - quite unpretentious culture, grown today in the southern regions. This is Asia Minor, the Caucasus, the Balkan Peninsula. Its seeds are used in cooking, soap making, perfumery, medicine.

Valuable properties of black cumin

Valuable properties of black cumin

Black cumin oil is the most valuable and widely used in medicine product with unique properties and practically no contraindications. It has a light, pleasant aroma, reminiscent of the smell of raspberry, and a slightly bitter taste. The composition of the oil includes over 100 components. For the human body are of great importance:

  • polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9 groups) are responsible for the condition of the skin, nervous system, and the ability of tissues to regenerate. Scientists believe that omega-3 acids are able to slow down the development of cancer cells.
  • flavonoids - plant substances that improve the work of blood vessels, their elasticity and permeability, preventing sclerotic lesions.
  • phytosterols - normalize the level of cholesterol in the human body, reduce its concentration.

Black cumin seeds have the same valuable properties as butter (it is only more concentrated), and practically no contraindications. The only difference is in ease of use. The taste of the seeds is quite specific and far from appetizing. They are eaten or added as seasoning in a ground form, in very small quantities. Oil is much easier to mix with juice or yogurt, it does not have such a pronounced bitter taste, like seeds.

10 reasons for a close acquaintance

As therapeutic and prophylactic agents, the oil and seeds of the plant are indicated in the following cases:

  1. Daily intake of cumin for several months perfectly improves vitality, strengthens the immune system and increases efficiency.
  2. Ground seeds mixed with honey, remove small stones and sand from the kidneys.
  3. To relieve symptoms of rheumatism and cold it is recommended to make compresses from whole, infused with water seeds.
  4. Powder from seeds is taken orally to strengthen the hair follicles and treat early baldness.
  5. Cumin seeds reduce lymph nodes.
  6. The oil is effective for growing moles and for cleansing the skin.
  7. Cumin stimulates blood formation and helps with anemia.
  8. The aroma of ground seeds has a calming effect when inhaled.
  9. Taking cumin has a positive effect on liver function.
  10. Cumin oil along with toffee oil helps restore visual acuity.

Therapeutic use and contraindications

Therapeutic use and contraindications

There are two main ways to use oil and seeds:

  • The first option is ingestion. This is the most common method involved in the treatment of many diseases.
  • The second method is external use. This option can be used to treat colds, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, rheumatism, premature baldness, skin diseases (leprosy, warts, eczema, psoriasis, etc.) can be treated externally.

It should be borne in mind that in each case there is its own method of treatment, therefore there is no single recipe for all diseases at once.

For example, for the treatment of colds and viral infections with cumin oil, lubricate the nasal passages and make inhalations using a solution of 1 tbsp. l oil diluted in 0.5 Art. boiled water. The same product is used to treat diseases of the skin and joints. They rub the sore area and leave for some time, so that the oil is absorbed into the skin.

But for preventive purposes, to enhance the protective functions of the body and increase vitality, there is a universal scheme. How to take black cumin for prevention with benefit to the body and without any harm? Need to eat 1 tsp. butter, mixed with the same amount of honey, before meals, in the morning and in the evening, for 4 months.

About restrictions

Black cumin oil and seeds are strictly forbidden to be eaten by people who are donors and recipients (recipients) of organs, as well as pregnant women. This can cause rejection of the fetus and transplanted organs.

It is not recommended to exceed the prescribed dosage of consumption: it can provoke gastric irritation.

What do those who have already experienced the effect of black cumin say?

Consumer reviews of black cumin oil indicate that its active use as an immunostimulant brings exceptional benefits to the body and no harm. With long-term use, many people see an improvement in the overall condition of the body and skin, and analyzes show a decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood.

It is worth adding that the effect of the use of the plant is observed only after 3-5 months with daily use. Medical indicators confirm that the minimum required period of use of the plant is not less than 4 months.

Now you know more about black cumin, its beneficial properties and contraindications. But with health jokes are bad, and especially serious illnesses. Therefore, you should not rely solely on the possibility of this plant - before starting to use oil or seeds, consult with a specialist. In addition, it is better to purchase the product only in pharmacies.