Bitter mouth

Each of us must listen to our body, because the symptoms, as such, are signals of a beginning or already developed disease, an exacerbation. Such a feeling as bitterness in the mouth, which often occurs after eating, in the morning, or by itself, without any reason, cannot go unnoticed.

Bitterness in the mouth: find out the reasons together with the doctors

There are many reasons, but it is considered the most frequent and most objective violations in the full operation of the gallbladder. The fact is that bile enters the esophagus, and begins to irritate its walls, hence heartburn and unpleasant bitter taste in the mouth.

With gallbladder dysfunction, congestion may form in the alimentary canal. Fermentation begins, which can also provoke an unpleasant taste in the mouth, and also halitosis (bad breath). Despite this, more serious pathologies cannot be ruled out, for example, gallstone disease, which requires immediate measures, sometimes even operative ones.

In addition to the gallbladder, various diseases of the digestive tract can cause such symptoms. Then, in addition to bitterness in the mouth, nausea, stomach pain, tongue lined (white and yellow plaque) and an unpleasant, burning and smelly belching.

Bitterness in the oral cavity can be a manifestation of local pathologies, that is, dental. For example, in inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, in this case, the accompanying symptom will be halitosis.

Sometimes, the cause of bitterness can be taking certain medications, such as some antibiotics, antihistamines. In a separate group it is necessary to allocate the means of chemotherapy in cancer patients, but in this case, bitter taste in the mouth, a change in taste perception is not the most disturbing manifestation.

Bitter mouth: what to do?

Why Mouthwash in the mouth in the morning?

  • In diagnosing the cause of bitterness in the mouth, substantial assistance can be provided by communication with food intake, time and frequency of occurrence of unpleasant sensations. For example, the appearance of bitterness in the morning, most often will indicate a malfunction of the gallbladder or liver. It can be said a classic symptom.
  • The appearance of bitterness in the mouth during or after exercise, especially if it is accompanied by heaviness in the right side, often indicates a liver disease.
  • The bitterness that occurs after eating, and the quality and characteristics of the food do not matter, indicate diseases of the stomach, duodenum, gall bladder and liver. If an unpleasant feeling arises after taking fatty, heavy food or overeating, then an urgent consultation of a specialist is necessary, as there is a high risk of bile duct blockage.
  • Constant bitterness in the mouth may indicate tumors of the digestive tract, cholelithiasis, and even endocrine or mental illness. The same symptom worries cancer patients during active treatment - radiation or chemotherapy.

What does such a symptom mean during pregnancy?

Bitter mouth: what to do?

During pregnancy, a woman can be bothered by many unpleasant symptoms. These are nausea, mood changes, change in taste preferences, bitterness in the oral cavity. The reasons for the manifestation of such symptoms can be both hormonal changes and physical changes in the body of the future mother.

During pregnancy, the body produces a hormone - progesterone, which is responsible for many functions. The main one is the relaxation of the uterus, but on a par with this, the sphincter relaxes, which separates the esophagus and the stomach, and does not allow the stomach contents to be thrown into the esophagus.

A relaxed valve cannot fully cope with its function, and some hydrochloric acid can enter the esophagus. Hence the bitterness in the mouth with symptoms of heartburn.

When the fetus is already large and the 3rd trimester of pregnancy is going on, the contents of the stomach can penetrate the esophagus due to an increase in the size of the fetus, which puts pressure on the internal organs. It turns out that during pregnancy, the bitterness in the mouth will continue throughout the period, which most often is not a pathology.

Diet and treatment

Bitter mouth: what to do?

First of all, you need to contact a specialist and find out the cause of bitterness in the mouth. Exclude all serious pathologies and start treating the main disease. To reduce the severity of discomfort there are rules that must be followed.

The first step is to revise your diet and stick to a strict diet. It prohibits consuming fatty, spicy foods, meat, and rich soups. Under the complete prohibition of sweets, fresh bread and bakery products. You should also exclude some vegetables and spices - horseradish, radish, garlic.

To reduce the manifestation of bitterness in the mouth will help drink plenty of fluids. And the usual tea and coffee is best replaced with broth hips, viburnum, mint, etc. The appointment of drugs, if necessary, should deal with the doctor!

Treatment will primarily depend on the cause of the onset of symptoms. And mainly, therapy is aimed at eliminating the root causes and alleviating the patient's condition. If the reason lies in the violation of the digestive tract or any disease, efforts should be focused on restoring the function of the gastrointestinal tract and stopping the process.

Most often it is the intake of drugs that will normalize the amount of bile produced by the body, its excretion. As an additional therapy, hepatoprotectors can be prescribed - drugs that will normalize, nourish and protect the liver.

Throughout the course of treatment, you will need to follow a certain diet, which will help get rid of the bitterness in the mouth and maintain the normal functioning of the digestive tract.

Lifestyle, which are accustomed to lead patients, directly affects the state of health. So smoking and alcohol abuse can also provoke bitterness in the mouth, and exactly as well as constant stress. Compliance with the daily regimen, proper and balanced diet, rejection of bad habits will help to maintain good health for many years.

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