Bitten midge in the eye - than to remove swelling

With the advent of heat, various harmful insects wake up. Mosquitoes, midges, bees can bite over any exposed area of ​​the body. Often the object of their attack are eyes. Such a nuisance can happen not only in nature or in the country, but also in the city. Therefore, it is so important to know what to do if the midge bit in the eye. What to remove the swelling and when not to do without the help of a doctor?

How to remove swelling of the eye after the bite of the midge: drugs and traditional methods

How to remove the swelling of the eye after the bite of a midge: drugs and traditional methods

If a mosquito warns of its intentions with an annoying squeak, the midge is a more insidious insect. To notice when she bites is almost impossible. You can learn about this only by the characteristic symptoms.

First, a dark red dot appears at the site of the bite. Then the eyelid swells and becomes red. In this case, there is a strong pain of a pulsating nature. Squirrels may turn red. Intolerable itching and tearing of the eye. Edema is so severe that it is impossible to open the eye.

Such symptoms eloquently suggest that the midge bit in the eye. How to remove swelling and alleviate the condition? If there is a working pharmacy nearby, then you are very lucky. What pharmaceuticals will remove puffiness?

  • hydrocortisone ointment (0.5%). It will not only remove inflammation, but also prevent the development of an allergy to midge poison;
  • Fenistil ointment;
  • Golden Star Balsam (of course, it is not the eye that is smeared on it, but the area around the bite);
  • eye drops Sulfacil. They will eliminate swelling and reduce pain;
  • An antihistamine tablet (Suprastin) should be taken orally.

How to remove the swelling of the eye after a bite, if the trouble happened far from the "civilization", and in the medicine chest there are no necessary funds? You can use folk methods. First, the inflamed area is washed with clean water (not from the river!). In this case, you can not rub the eye. Then you should apply a cold compress for 1 minute (ice is best). This procedure is repeated 5 times a day.

Universal remedy against edema - raw potatoes. You can simply cut it into circles and attach to the site of the bite or rub on a grater and put gruel on the eyelid. Such manipulations should be performed at least 5-6 times a day.

Another popular medicine works well - soda compress. In ½ st. water dissolve 1 tsp. soda In the resulting composition is lowered cotton disc and, without squeezing, applied to the bite for 15-20 minutes. For the compress to work, it should be done every 2 hours.

If there is no potato or soda on hand, you can use bird-cherry or mint leaves to relieve swelling. They should be crushed, and then put on a swollen place for 30 minutes.

Swelling from a mosquito bite - what will help relieve swelling and itching?

Swelling from a mosquito bite - what will help relieve swelling and itching?

No less unpleasant, if an adult, and especially a child, has bitten a mosquito in the eye. How to remove swelling and reduce the painful itching?

If there is severe swelling, then you should take an antihistamine drug - Diphenhydramine, Hydroxysin, Benadryl. The bite can be smeared with hydrocortisone ointment. This will reduce inflammation. Well remove inflammation gel with aloe vera.

To get rid of the swelling, you can use these popular recipes:

  • dilute 1 tsp. vinegar in 1 tbsp. l very cold water. Dip a piece of soft clean cloth or a cotton swab into this composition, apply it to the skin surrounding the eye;
  • pour in a plate 1 tsp. soda, add a little water to make the composition creamy consistency. Paste to cover the swollen area;
  • Coat the area around the edema with toothpaste with menthol. Attach an ice cube on top.

What if a bee sticks in the eye?

A cold compress is applied for 2 hours to relieve pain.

The first thing to do is remove the sting. To relieve pain, a cold compress is applied for 2 hours. The bite should be carefully treated with ammonia or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

How to remove swelling after a bite of a bee, if it is still formed?

  • Onions will help. It is cut in half and applied to the bitten place.
  • You can wipe the swollen place with lemon juice, table vinegar.
  • Perfectly copes with a slice of fresh cucumber (or cucumber juice).
  • Psilo-balm ointment is suitable for medications, and Suprastin is used to prevent allergies.

What not to do with bites in the eye?

So that after an insect bite, do not harm yourself even more, despite the strong itching, you should not scratch or rub the bite site. So you can put the infection in the wound or contribute to the fact that the poison enters the nearby tissues and blood.

It is forbidden to apply ointments containing hormones directly on the wound: this will cause a strong burning sensation, and it will heal for a very long time.

Do not self-prescribe antibiotics for yourself (and even more so for children)!

An insect bite in the eye - a threat to health or an unpleasant incident?

An insect bite in the eye - a threat to health or an unpleasant incident?

If an insect (especially a midge) has targeted your eye, then you should take it very seriously. The worst consequence of such a bite is Quincke edema. A person's condition is rapidly deteriorating, and after 20-30 minutes it will be difficult to save him, even for an ambulance brigade.

Bites are especially dangerous for children, women and allergies. If a human has been bitten by an insect for the first time in his life (bee, midge), then it is not possible to know in advance how the body will react to the ingress of poison. Therefore, you should carefully monitor the condition of the victim and be sure to give an antihistamine drug.

Small predators of midges can “reward” those bitten by dangerous diseases - oncocerciasis, leprosy, and even anthrax.

When should I rush to the doctor?

If after 3 days of self-control with the effects of a bite of a midge, mosquito or bee, the condition does not improve, and the swelling does not go away or the child is injured, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Urgent contact with the hospital should be when the following symptoms:

  • spreading edema to face and neck;
  • nausea;
  • heart palpitations;
  • dizziness;
  • frequent or difficult breathing;
  • cough;
  • heart pain and heart rhythm disorder;
  • blanching of the skin;
  • loss of consciousness.

In order not to become a victim of dangerous midges or other winged "predators", it is necessary to use protective sprays or ointments in nature. In the first-aid kit it is necessary to keep antiseptic and antihistamines, ointments for insect bites. But the main thing - you should not carelessly treat the bites of any insects, even the usual mosquitoes.

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