Bite correction in adults and children

To smile is probably the easiest and win-win way to look great. A smile makes a person attractive, sociable and confident. A smiling person always inspires confidence and has to himself. But it so happened that it is rare to meet a person with teeth that are naturally perfect. More common problems encountered malocclusion.

Incorrect bite: causes

The main causes of abnormal biteare genetic predisposition, injuries, early loss of milk teeth and chronic diseases. Many people hesitate to go to the dentist and experience discomfort all their lives. After all, crooked teeth are unaesthetic and ugly.

Incorrect bite: causes

The owner of the wrong bite all the time feels awkward and more difficult to get along with people. Even if you do not take into account the aesthetic aspect of the issue, wrong bite is also a hygiene problem. Due to the fact that the teeth have grown together incorrectly, there is a difficulty in brushing the teeth, and as a result of improper and inadequate care, the teeth become unsuitable, diseases of the teeth and oral cavity occur.

The most effective way to correct the bite for many decades is to install braces.

Bite correction in children

Causes of improper bite in childrenthumb sucking, laying the tongue between teeth, mouth breathing and improper swallowing can serve. In these cases, the wrong bite in children can be prevented if bad habits are eliminated. Also the bite can be inherited.

Orthodontists are engaged in the correction of dental anomalies. Medicine has advanced far in this direction, and correcting the bite will hardly cause any inconvenience to the little patient. The sooner you take your child to a doctor, the more painless and faster the treatment will be. You may not even have to install children's braces, and the doctor will prescribe only muscle gymnastics and a special massage. But if the need for cardinal measures nevertheless arose, then the little patient to correct the bite, trainers, braces or plates are prescribed.

Bite correction in children

The advantages of the trainer are that it involves treatment even at a very early age. It is prescribed to children from 5 years. Trainers eliminate the very cause of violations, not their consequences. Because of this, the treatment is quick, painless and effective. Trainers are made from silicone. They need to be worn very briefly, all night and during the day for 1 hour.

Wearing braces in children now even comes into fashion. A huge selection of designs and colors allows the child to choose what suits him. Braces are divided into 2 types: vestibular braces (are the most common type of braces and are installed on the outer surface of the teeth) and lingual braces (this bracket-system has appeared recently and is installed on the inner surface of the teeth. So-called "invisible braces").

The material from which children's braces are made is also different.

The cheapest and unaesthetic option are metal braces. The most suitable option for babies are plastic braces, they can be made to the child's favorite shape and color. There are also sapphire braces, they are made from artificially grown sapphires. This type of braces is more suitable for adults and teenagers, as it is less noticeable on the teeth and is quite fragile in design.


Lingual braces are suitable for both adults and children. They are not visible on the teeth, and their wearing does not cause discomfort. The disadvantage of these braces is only that it is not cheap enough pleasure.

Bite correction in adults

Bite correction in adults

The appearance of abnormal bite in adults is possible for a number of different reasons. This may be a serious illness, transferred in adulthood, and incorrect prosthetics, and the loss of one or more teeth. All of these causes can cause misalignment. In addition to the aesthetic side of the issue, often violation of bite in adults can cause a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as loosening and tooth loss. Therefore, dental treatment should be done in a timely manner. Do not forget that bite correction in adulthood is much harder and longer than in childhood and adolescence, since the formation of bone tissue is already completed and correction is more difficult. Before starting treatment to correct the bite, you should get rid of other problems with your teeth, i.e. put new fillings, cure caries, eliminate gum diseases. In no case should the treatment be started if there are foci of infection in the oral cavity: rotten roots of the teeth, periodontal canals.

Bite correction in adults today is carried out in several ways. The most effective is the fix using the bracket system. By types, adult braces are no different from children’s (about which it was written above), but most often adults choose sapphire braces and lingual braces, as they are more aesthetic.

Braces need to wear from several months to one and a half years. At the same time wearing braces is only the first part of the treatment. To prevent teeth from returning to their original position, orthodontists place patients special retention apparatus. And they need to wear from 3 to 5 years.

Bite correction in adults

Bite correction without braces

  • To correct the bite without braces, there are several techniques: trainers, plastic mouthguards, artistic restoration and surgical correction. All these methods are effective and do not cause undue interest from others, as is the case with braces.
  • Trainer is a fairly effective method of bite correction with minor deviations.. It also changes the position of the tongue in relation to the teeth, and it must be worn only a few hours a day. This method is only suitable for children.
  • Microprosthetics, or artistic restoration, is currently the best way to repair defects without braces.. For example, to eliminate the gap between the teeth and improve their appearance.

Bite correction without braces

  • Kappa treatmentalso very effective. They are made of transparent material, individually for each patient. It is practically impossible to notice them on the teeth, besides, they do not violate the diction. In the form of a mouthguard, micro-pressure on the teeth is programmed, with the help of which the treatment is carried out.
  • TO surgical correction of bite doctors resort only in extreme cases when other devices do not correct the situation. The indications for such an operation are serious bite disorders and improper structure of the jaw bones. With the operation, you can expand the sky, move one or more teeth, and even eliminate twisting.

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Indeed, a smile is a “universal currency”. With the help of it, you can attract your interlocutor, get a promotion or other privileges and make a declaration of love. But a great smile is often the result of the hard work of doctors. Most of the time this is not a cheap pleasure, but worth it. After all, our smile is the main business card, which is always with us. Smile more often, and the world will answer you the same!

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