Bicycle rides

Bicycle is one of those things that we know from early childhood. He was a dream. We could spend hours driving it around the yard and nearby neighborhoods. Some of us then went in for bicycle sports on a professional basis, some use a bicycle and now as a vehicle with which you can move around the city, others have forgotten about it. But neither for those who rode it only in childhood, nor for those who ride it now, cycling is not perceived as A great way to improve your health, prevent the emergence of various diseases and improve your condition.

It is time to change this situation and talk about the benefits of cycling and their accessibility for each of you. And we begin our story with the most important thing, its impact on human health.

The impact of cycling on health

Thanks to cycling, almost all of our body works, muscles get the necessary load, there is an improvement in the general condition of the body. Cycling directly affects the physical and morale of your body, improve human well-being.

  • During pedaling, respiration increases, our organs and tissues are saturated with oxygen, the airways harden, the immunity becomes stronger and more resistant to hypothermia and colds.
  • During walks, the cardiovascular system is strengthened. The respiratory system starts to work better, muscle strength increases.
  • For those who want to lose weight, cycling helps to burn calories in the most problematic places.
  • When traveling more than 35 kilometers a week, a person has halved the risk of developing various pathologies of the heart. Cycling has the same benefits on the heart as swimming. They contribute to the training of the heart muscle, so that it becomes resistant to various pathologies.
  • Regular cycling makes your legs move harder, thanks to which the blood moves more intensively in the veins, and this is an excellent prevention against the onset of varicose vein disease and even its treatment.
  • Cycling will have a positive effect and help your eyes cope with fatigue caused by constant tension from sitting at a computer monitor and TV for a long time, from small objects at close range. Due to the movement is training the muscles of the eyes. While driving, you then focus your gaze on distant objects, then on nearby ones, thereby straining and then relaxing your eye muscles.

Cycling helps to reduce mortality by 30% percent, prolonging your life. This happens due to a decrease in the level of lipids, blood pressure, a reduction in the risk of diabetes, and this has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels.

Who is recommended to ride a bike?

There are no special contraindications for cycling and are suitable for absolutely any age. They have no age restrictions and will suit both children and even elderly people.

  • Women who have to give birth, cycling will help strengthen the abdominal muscles, which will further contribute to easier childbirth.

  • Men for the prevention of the occurrence of prostate adenoma and even her treatment classes cycling just needed. Systematic cycling, even for a short time, contributes to a more complete supply of the pelvic genitals with blood. This prevents the occurrence of stagnation, improves blood circulation, which directly improves sexual function. So do not forget to say this to your strong half.
  • Those who are at work, constantly sitting, it is necessary not only to engage in cycling, but to do it as often as possible at any opportunity. It is advisable to make cycling trips at least once a week, at least 45 minutes.
  • For those who just quit smoking, cycling will help improve ventilation of the lungs, blood will be enriched with oxygen, and will more intensively nourish the cells of the body.

How to choose a suitable bike?

To take advantage of all the benefits of cycling, you need to to choose the right bike on which you will perform them. We start by understanding where you want to go, what obstacles to overcome. If you do not want to ride in the mountains and do not intend to make tourist walks over long distances, then, of course, you do not need a mountain bike, otherwise you just can’t do without it. For walking on the city’s roads and the park, it will be enough to buy an ordinary bicycle.

Prefer models designed specifically for women with a convenient frame.

Also pay attention to the presence of several speeds in order to be able to choose the most suitable speed, adjust the load and, if necessary, turn on the first speed. Choose hand brakes, also the presence of the trunk does not hurt you, and the presence of the fender liner on two wheels will save you from splashing. If possible, try to ride on the selected bike so that it will suit you. You will not interfere with special gloves, if the skin of your hands is too tender. It will save them from corns.

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If you take into account all the recommendations, then cycling will be for you a source not only of health, but also of pleasure, enjoyment and benefit. Making a bike ride, you train your heart, lungs, you can lose weight, it is easier to overcome the period when you quit smoking. Cycling will allow you not only to improve your health, but also to see beautiful places and get a lot of pleasant impressions.. So go!

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