Best running shoes for running. how to choose running shoes


If you decide to go jogging to maintain a good physical shape, then you just can not do without sneakers. But if it seems to you that any are suitable for running, then you are mistaken. Here, as in any other business, you need to be very careful and responsible in choosing the right footwear. Quality of trainings, and even your health depends on correctly picked up sneakers. When a foot is running, it is under heavy loads when it comes into contact with the ground, and running shoes should provide the safest cushioning of the legs.

How to start the choice of sneakers?

Before you start buying sneakers, you should examine the future place of your jogging, what is the road, what kind of coverage and obstacles. The selection of the thickness of the sole of the sneakers and their coating will depend on this. You should also pay attention to the quality of the soil, to think whether you will run in any weather or only in the dry. If you decide to run after the rain, when the ground or asphalt is still wet, sneakers should have a studded sole for better grip, the same goes for if you want to run on the ground or grass.

What should the best running shoes look like?

The laces on these sneakers are both elastic and regular, but the main thing is that they hold tight. If the laces are too slippery, they will be constantly untied, on the run, it is quite dangerous. Better choose flat laces. Try to tie them during the fitting and pull. The insole can be of 2 types: removable and main. It must be securely fastened so as not to slide and be ventilated.

Choose the top running shoes for running

The top of the sneakers also differs a great variety in the models offered. Synthetic leather for sneakers is most preferable because it is durable and has good elasticity. Genuine leather in this aspect is inferior to it, but it will also be a good option, which cannot be said about leatherette, which does not allow the legs to breathe and deteriorate quickly. The only advantage of leatherette is only good protection of the feet from the rain. Also, various combinations of fabrics are often used now, but the main thing is that the smell from materials is not strong and sharp.

How to choose a famous brand of running shoes for running?

Pay attention to the spelling of a well-known brand.You also need to see in which country were made famous brand sneakers that you liked. Check with the seller that you buy shoes, these are sneakers for running, and not shoes made for sneakers. On the expensive professional shoes should not be seen any seams, all stitches are flat and strong. No drops of glue, clumps of names or seams, gaps between them. Well-known manufacturers of sports shoes value their reputation and are responsible for the quality of their products.

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How to choose sneakers for running along the fold?

One of the important points in the selection of such sneakers is the correct selection of the fold. To do this, stand in your sneakers on tiptoes and determine where the foot fold is in relation to the entire length of the foot. The correct ratio is 1/3. After that, you need to bend the sneakers with your hands and see where the sneakers are bent. If the fold turned out in the middle or farther than 1/3, such sneakers should be discarded. Incorrectly matched ratio will make your legs constantly be tense and even deform the foot over time.

If you have a sufficiently low arch of the feet, you'd better pick up sneakers that have good foot fixation and be sure to cushion. No less important will be the strips reflecting the light. They should be located on the sides.

How to measure sneakers?

When fitting, whether it is in an expensive store or on the market, be sure to wear the same socks that you will be engaged in.Then try on both shoes at once. Thick sock will add you half the size, and thin only только. Keep this in mind so that the sneakers are not too tight if you don’t put on socks of the same thickness as you purchased. Also, do not hesitate to inspect the sneakers carefully, touch them inside to study the quality of the insole and its fixation. This will help avoid future problems with emerging calluses. Wearing a sneaker, more firmly push the toe and heel on the sole. The leg should not fall, otherwise, after a few workouts you will not be able to run normally. Also, there should not be any extra inserts inside that can squeeze the legs quite tightly.

Lacing sneakers for running

When choosing sneakers should pay attention to the lacing. It is she who is responsible for the proper blood circulation of the feet and their dryness in rainy weather. To keep your feet dry, avoid lacing in the form of holes. Choose your hooks or metal letter. Avoid lacing in the form of any wire elements or velcro. Holes made with plastic will help you more flexibly regulate the girth of your foot.

The best sneakers for running will be sneakers with a raised toe and shock absorbers, which are responsible for easing the load on the legs when in contact with the ground.They should fix the foot with high quality, bend well and be light enough. Also, the best option would be the presence of a thickened sole and the material of the sneakers themselves - made of leather and cotton, so that the legs could breathe.

When you start jogging, first of all you will need to buy sneakers and choose them just for running. When buying them, try to choose the right sneakers for the price, quality and those elements that are responsible for the safety of the legs while running. If you have such an opportunity, then do not spare money for the purchase of special sneakers in a sports store.Be careful when choosing sneakers, and this will help protect you from troubles and injuries during future jogging sessions.

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