Among over-the-counter drugs, there are a lot of those that, even under the supervision of a specialist, may require special care in use. And this even applies to external antiseptics - in particular, Belosalik ointment, designed to relieve itching, disinfect and reduce puffiness. The main question that most consumers visit is whether Belosalik ointment is hormonal or not? And if the answer is yes, how safe is it?

Ointment "Belosalik": instructions for use


The active ingredient of the drug is betamethasone dipropionate, which is a synthetic corticosteroid belonging to the group of anti-inflammatory drugs. A hormonal substance (obtained from the adrenal cortex) has an almost instant effect, as a result of which it is used to quickly solve problems, but the duration of the effect is short-lived. Pure betamethasone ointment "Belosalik" contains 500 mcg per 1 g of the drug.

  • In addition to the hormonal component among the active substances, salicylic acid is seen, which is in the category of antiseptics, which has a drying effect by blocking the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Her dosage per 1 g of the drug - 30 mg. Also observed in the composition of petroleum jelly and mineral oil.

Such a set of ingredients requires special attention to contraindications and side effects: Belosalik ointment is not allowed to be used in pregnant women, as well as during lactation and in children under six months. Special cases can be discussed with your doctor, during breastfeeding, if necessary, use the ointment of a newborn requires weaning for several days.

  • Adverse reactions from the drug are most often fixed in the form of skin manifestations: itching, rash, irritation, atrophy, or secondary infections. In addition, the possibility of inhibition of adrenal function is not excluded, but only with prolonged therapy, as well as overdose of the drug.


What could be indications for the use of ointment "Belosalik"? Most of them are dermatoses of various genesis: both acute and in chronic form; moreover, the tool can be used even for the treatment of seborrhea under the scalp, on any lichen and ichthyosis. There have been cases of using Belosalik to eliminate acne, acne and other inflammations caused by hormonal disruptions (adolescence), but care must be taken here to draw attention to contraindications.

  • The ointment is not allowed for chickenpox, cutaneous manifestations of tuberculosis or syphilis, the presence of trophic ulcers and other lesions with open wounds (the drug is not allowed to be used on the mucous membrane), as well as acne and rosacea.

The use of the ointment can only be external, it is not allowed to apply to the area around the eyes, as well as nipple halos and mucous. The layer of the drug applied to the skin should be thin, rubbing should be carefully. Apply a bandage, patch, etc. is not allowed. Frequency of use per day should not exceed 2 times for acute conditions and 1 for chronic forms. By decision of the doctor, the course can be up to 28 days.

What do doctors and consumers say about the ointment "Belosalik"?

Belosalik: testimony

Reviews of ointment "Belosalik" by ordinary consumers, for the most part, are positive, moreover, it is from them that one can learn about the unconventional use of the drug - for the treatment of inflammations on the face. Doctors with a similar position do not agree, drawing the attention of patients to the fact that long-term therapy on the skin of the face after a short-term positive effect can lead to more sad consequences: the development of secondary dermatitis, atrophic lesions.

Experts strongly recommend applying Belosalik ointment clearly according to the instructions, and also only as a one-time “assistant” in a critical situation, and it is necessary to discuss a possible course of treatment with a doctor. The hormonal nature of the drug makes it extremely safe for self-treatment.

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