Belly dance for woman's health

Exotic oriental belly dance is not only a beautiful and mysterious dance, but also an excellent way to strengthen a woman’s health.. All his graceful movements have a positive effect on the internal organs of women, making them stronger and healthier. With it, you will learn to understand your body, improvise, develop strength and flexibility, learn different breathing techniques.

Belly Dancing and Women's Health

During the performance of circular dance movements, shaking the abdomen, massage of the pelvis and internal organs takes place. Congestion in the tissues and organs are eliminated, adhesions stretch, improves the motor function of the intestines and blood circulation. All this makes belly dancing for women one of the most useful types of exercise. You can strengthen the muscles of the back, which is why it will be less tired and sick.

Thanks to belly dancing, you will train the abdominals and the pelvis. Your chest and shoulder muscles, ligaments and joints will become stronger. The gut will begin to function better. You can also get a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day and ensure a wonderful mood.

Who is recommended belly dance?

To all who are more than 16 and there are no contraindications for dancing. Who likes this dance, its rhythm and the music under which it is performed. Who wants to feel like a feminine, mysterious person. Anyone who wants to discover new things and just get acquainted with the mysterious oriental dance.

Contraindications for belly dancing

Even for belly dancing, there are contraindications, so you need to know about them before you start classes. You can not dance if there is a strong flat foot, hernia and problems with the spine. If there is a displacement of the vertebrae, it is necessary to consult a specialist. With tumors, inflammation and exacerbations - dancing is prohibited. During pregnancy, you should be especially careful and not to do it without the permission of the doctor.

What is important to know about dance classes?

Before you start classes, some recommendations will not be superfluous to make dancing for you only a source of pleasure.

  1. Tie a handkerchief or a ring belt on the hips. It will help you highlight your movements and lift your spirits.
  2. Do not dance barefoot, use socks or Czech.
  3. During menstruation classes, it is better not to attend or reduce the load.
  4. Watch your posture carefully.
  5. For the best effect in the process of losing weight, dance classes should not be missed. They must be systematic.
  6. You can do belly dancing at home, but for this you need training discs.
  7. To better feel the flavor of the dance, try to listen to music, under which you will dance in your free time.

Belly dance for future pregnancy

Being engaged in belly dancing before pregnancy, you are preparing for future motherhood and childbirth. Wave-like movements will help prepare for labor, reduce pain during childbirth and learn to relax. Belly dancing is an excellent preparation for getting pregnant.

Belly dance slimming

With this dance you can even lose weight. During the dance, you rock your hips and belly, make beautiful movements with your hands. At the same time, your heart begins to work harder, and calories disappear 2 times faster than usual. In 60 minutes of dancing you will lose about 500 kcal. Being engaged in a week 4 times and not abusing too much fried, flour and sweet, you will start to lose weight.

Belly dance and female figure

The movements you make during this dance: rocking your hips, belly strokes, pendulums and eights - force you to work on the rectus abdominis, the muscles of the lower back and necessarily the obliques. Hand movements strengthen the shoulder and triceps, helping to get rid of decrepitude. The steps that you do while dancing are performed on legs bent at the knees, which exerts a good load on the gluteal muscles and quadriceps. All this will help make your stomach, arms and legs more slender and elastic.

Belly dance and exercise

With the help of dance you will be able to get all the physical exercise you lack, even despite the lack of power movements, and intense load. Dance movements, flowing smoothly from one to another, will force all your muscle groups to work hard, starting from the neck muscles and ending with the muscles of the toes.

Dance will help develop the plasticity of the body, restore lost flexibility and even develop it, despite the number of years lived. To achieve an organic dance performance, you will need to show perseverance and desire, and this will require a lot of effort and effort, which will have a beneficial effect on the formation of willpower and character. With it, you will drop the accumulated tension, get rid of stress, regain composure, and your nervous system will become even stronger.

Belly dance to strengthen the back muscles

During the dance, all parts of your spine are involved. Due to this, the lumbar and back muscles are strengthened. Your gait will be just flying, and your posture - royal. Strong back muscles will also help reduce the burden on cartilage and ligaments. They will wear less and can even recover.

The movements in the belly dance due to the specific technique of execution have a minimal load on the ankle and knee joints. The internal organs are more enriched with oxygen, which improves gas exchange and positively affects the activity of the whole organism. Dance can improve the functioning of internal organs and strengthen the respiratory system.

Belly dance - a dance that came to us from Eastern women, gives not only a feeling of love for yourself, a feeling of being desired and beautiful, but also has a beneficial effect on your women's health.

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