Beet juice


Beet- very useful root vegetable! Both adults and children know this. Usually, beets are used to make stews and soups, but few know that you can make excellent, and most importantly, useful juice from beets.

You can cook beet juice all year round., because its roots can be stored for a long time. Useful properties of beets are preserved until the new harvest. They say that it is better to use red and ripe beet varieties for making juice.

One glass of beetroot juice contains a large amount of trace elements, vitamins and fiber, and the latter in turn prevents the appearance of cancer cells.

Beet Juice: Composition

The benefits of beet juice

  • Due to the large amount of vitamins in beet juice, it is recommended to drink it with beriberi;
  • Beet Juiceimproves memory and prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
  • Beet juice cleanses the blood, so it is recommended for people with blood diseases and anemia;
  • If your skin has ulcers or boils, make lotion from beetroot juice. This method will help heal wounds faster;
  • Beet Juiceperfectly restores strength and energizes;
  • Betaine contained in beet juice, cleans the blood from cholesterol and strengthens blood vessels;
  • Beet Juiceuseful for people who have digestive problems;
  • Beet juice perfectly cleanses the intestines and has a laxative effect, therefore it helps with constipation;
  • Beet Juicecleanses the liver and removes toxins and toxins from the body;
  • Beet juice increases metabolism, therefore, it is recommended to drink to people with slow metabolism and obesity;
  • Hypertensives prescribed beet juice to bring down high blood pressure;
  • Beet Juiceable to dissolve small stones in the gallbladder;

Beet juice: benefits

  • One a glass of beet juice is able to relieve nervous tension, insomnia and overwork;
  • Beet juice improves blood circulation and lowers blood sugar levels;
  • Beet Juiceprevents the development of cancer cells in the body;
  • Due to the large amount of vitamins and minerals, beet juice has a tonic effect on the body as a whole, besides it boosts immunity;
  • Beet juice has antiseptic properties, therefore cleans the oral cavity from germs and prevents the development of caries.
  • Thanks to a lot of iodine, beet juice contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • Girls who feel severe pain during menstruation are advised to drink. beet juice, to relieve pain.

Harm of beet juice

Beet juice does not only benefit the body, but can also harm it. When does it happen?

  • Beet juice is not recommended for people with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.. If you ignore this rule, you may experience unpleasant symptoms - dizziness, nausea and indigestion. The same symptoms may appear when eating a large amount of beet juice;

Beet Juice: Harm

  • Beetroot juice is contraindicated for diarrhea, gout and heartburn;
  • Beet juice is not recommended to take more than two weeks, so as not to provoke addiction.

As you have noticed, the beetroot juice has more "+" than "-", but still, beet juice is recommended to drink with caution and abide by the necessary rules.

How to drink beet juice?

  • Beet Juiceit is not recommended to drink immediately after pressing. It is better if you give him 3-4 hours to stand in the refrigerator. During this time, beet juice will have time to infuse and get rid of harmful essential substances.
  • Beet juice is recommended to take 1 tablespoon per day, each day increasing the dose to 250 ml.
  • Besides,beet juice is recommended to be diluted with other juices (cucumber, cranberry, pineapple, orange, carrot, radish or celery juice) to make it less concentrated and even more useful.

Beet juice: the benefits and harm. How to drink beet juice?

If you do not follow these simple rules, you not only do not improve your health, but, conversely, worsen the condition of the body. By the way, this rule works not only with beet juice, but also with all natural juices and products. To learn how to drink beet juice for various diseases, read the article How to drink beet juice ?.

Drink beet juice and improve your health!