Bee sting


A bee sting is fatal only to the insect itself. It leaves a sting at the site of the bite, and then dies. For a person, the consequences are not critical, but can have unpleasant consequences.

What to do when a bee sting?

The first thing to do is sanitize the wound. It is washed with soap, wash off dirt and particles of poison. Next, you need to prepare tweezers, antiseptics, cold compress, anti-allergic drugs. Well neutralizes the effects of a bee sting copious warm drink. It can be sweet teas and fruit drinks. Drinks help remove swelling.

Bee sting: consequences

Bees rarely bite a person for no particular reason. There are some features of their behavior. So insects can not smell sweat. It causes aggression on their part. It is also best to stay away from hives. The insect will protect its territory. During a bite, a bee not only leaves the sting in the wound, but also releases a special substance that seems to mark a person. As a result, the remaining insects perceive it as a target and begin to attack.

Bee sting tumor: treatment

Bee venom is located at the end of the abdomen, in the same place as the sting. The sting is not smooth, has notches. It remains in the wound and continues to release a toxic substance. Under the influence of poison and a tumor forms a field of a bee sting. It is a tumor that can show a bite allergy. In allergy sufferers, it is large and may increase over time. Under normal tolerance, it drops after a few days.

Allergic reaction to bee stingcan be strong enough. Allergy sufferers must take an antihistamine immediately after a bite. Suprastin, Tavegil, Dimedrol can help. Next you need to look at the condition of the patient. If it continues to deteriorate, it is necessary to call a doctor. For some people, bee venom can be deadly. Almost the only remedy during anaphylactic shock and loss of consciousness from a bee sting is an adrenaline injection.

Allergic reaction stop in the following way:

  1. Sanitized wound, take out the sting. Its location can be determined by the white point.
  2. Put the patient on a flat surface.
  3. Give an antihistamine and warm sweet drink

What to do after a bee sting?

After a bee sting you need to wash the sore spot. Next, wash your hands, disinfect tweezers. Find the sting and gently pull it out. It can not be extruded! The poison can spread more and the bite will swell more. The wound is sanitized again. You can use hydrogen peroxide or diluted in the ratio of 1 to 5 ammonia. A cold compress should be applied to the sore spot. This may be a piece of ice or a towel soaked in ice water. Then the person needs to drink an antihistamine.

Bee sting: consequences

Bee sting in the head, as well as in the oral cavity and chest, it is considered quite dangerous. Therefore, we must especially closely monitor the condition of the person who was bitten there. Usually, complications begin to occur within a few minutes (in rare cases, after a few hours). The sequence of actions for a bite in the head is the same as for a bite at any other place. With a large swelling and deterioration it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance.

The effects of a bee sting can be different. On the sore spot may be abscesses. The patient may have fever, fever, pain.

The risk group, which may have impaired health after an insect bite, includes children under 12 years old and the elderly. Bites can be avoided, knowing what attracts the bees. Usually they fly on cloying smells, sweet and bright clothes. When they appear, you should not swing your arms in order not to provoke an insect. Try to behave calmly, step aside or, in extreme cases, knock down the bee with improvised means.

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Bee stings are less painful than wasp stings. But they should be carefully processed. The sore spot is washed with soap, the left sting is pulled out with tweezers. You should act carefully, because there is a bag of poison under the sting. Next, you should drink antihistamine drug and treat the wound. In case of deterioration, immediately consult a doctor!