Bee primor on vodka


Bees collected honey long before the appearance of man. For sixty million years, these insects have buzzed over the spring meadows. And only some 200 thousand years ago, man learned to use them. Since then, many healing qualities of bee products have been discovered. And even dead bees can be helpful. Consider what helps beeswax on vodka.

Where does bee primor come from?

Bee caviar on vodka: from what take

The zealous owner does not lose anything, and even such a trifle as a dead insect. Everyone knows that a bee is a useful insect. But what is the use of a dead bee? Let's do everything in order.

First, find out where the dead bees come from. Let's hope that they are not killed on purpose, even if with good intentions. And in order to understand all this, let's go to the apiary.

Bees are insects "social", living in huge families - swarms headed by queen bees. In the apiary, each such family has a separate living space - a hive. Unfortunately, like all life on this planet, the bees are mortal. The life of a working bee is less than one year. Bee queens live up to five years. Especially short life span, no more than two months, in the summer, at the time of active honey collection, when the bees are working, as they say, for wear.

With the onset of cold weather, the activity of the bee swarm decreases, and the insects are clustered around their queen mother. The hives are sent for wintering. And although in winter the bee does not need to fly out anywhere, nevertheless, this is the most difficult time of the year for a bee family. Despite the fact that the duration of bee life during this period increases to 5-7 months, very few people from the autumn brood live to spring. Dead bees are showered at the bottom of the hive and form a so-called natural subsor.

With the arrival of spring, the surviving bees, and there are not so few of them, begin to clean the bee cemetery formed during the winter. The task of the beekeeper is to help the bees with this work, since a poorly cleaned bottom with the onset of hot weather can rot and become a source of toxins.

The woolen beekeepers who remove the hive from the hives are not thrown away, but dried and prepared from it medicinal tincture. Separately, you need to dwell on the quality of this tincture. How effective it will be depends on the timeliness of bee picking and drying. Properly dried subside has a smell reminiscent of roasted sunflower seeds. If the rotten smell is felt, then from such a podmor a poison would be obtained rather than a medicine.

Far from the last role in the quality of the sub-animal is played by top dressing, which the bees ate during life. It is important to know how often they were fed with sugar syrup, whether it contained antibiotics or other substances for the treatment of insects. That is why it is necessary to use tinctures or dried primer for self-manufacturing of medicine only from trusted sources.

What are dead bees treated for?

What are dead bees treated for?

Podmore is used to prepare infusions, decoctions, mixtures or ointments. The most common medicinal product is bee submountain tincture on vodka, which is used for such illnesses as:

  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • pathological changes in the liver and kidneys;
  • pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis;
  • problems with potency in men;
  • inflammation of the urinary system;
  • infertility and frigidity in women;
  • diabetes;
  • cancer;
  • skin problems;
  • hair loss;
  • arthritis;
  • high or low blood pressure;
  • allergy.

Also, the infusion can be used to improve metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins, to improve visual acuity, slow down cell aging, if there is inflammation in the oral cavity or nasopharynx, to fight obesity.


Despite the impressive list of indications for the use of tincture of bee submarine, it has many contraindications. These include:

  • acute infectious diseases accompanied by high body temperature;
  • blood disorders;
  • heart failure;
  • open tuberculosis;
  • thrombosis;
  • various arrhythmias;
  • acute myocardial infarction;
  • aneurysm;
  • mental disorders;
  • pregnancy;
  • 3-4 degree of angina pectoris;
  • bee products allergy;
  • disorders of cerebral circulation.

How to prepare the tincture?

quick recipe - Bee Podmor tincture on vodka

The easiest and fastest recipe is a bee submouth tincture of vodka. Consider the method of its preparation.


  • bee primor - 300 g;
  • Vodka 40% - 100 g;
  • dishes, preferably of dark glass.


  1. Grind dried dead bees to the state of powder. To do this, you can use a coffee grinder.
  2. We load the biomaterial into a glass container and pour it with vodka.
  3. Dish tightly close and place in a cool dark place.
  4. The tincture will be ready in three weeks.
  5. Before use, it must be filtered.

Application and storage

Tincture of bees podmor on vodka is accepted both for treatment and for prophylactic purposes. At the initial stage of therapy, it is taken in drops, the number of which corresponds to the patient's age. The dosage can be fractional, for example, it is allowed to divide the total number of drops into three doses during the day. Thus, a 45-year-old patient can take 15 drops in the morning, at lunch and in the evening 30 minutes before a meal. The treatment is carried out for a year with a gradual doubling of the dosage. In the treatment process it is necessary to take periodic breaks from 10 to 14 days.

For prophylactic purposes, the dosage of the tincture corresponds to the therapeutic doses at the first stage and remains so for the entire course. Its duration is 60 days during the year. Allowed to take a tincture of bee primor for 30 days during periods of exacerbation - in spring and autumn. Keep it in a cool and dark place, for example, in the refrigerator.

Scientists say that humanity will die as soon as there are no bees on the planet. These little insects do a great job, which we, unfortunately, have forgotten how to notice and appreciate.