Bedsore ointment for bed patients


A pressure ulcer for bedridden patients can be a real panacea, especially in the early stages of muscle atrophy. The good thing is that today there is a huge selection of such tools, and everyone can choose the drug for the desired composition, price and effectiveness.

Advantages and disadvantages of using ointment

Bedsore ointment for bed-patients effective

Pressure ulcers are redness or ulcers on the skin that develop as a result of a person’s prolonged immobility. If an absolutely healthy and physically active person about the need to change his posture during sleep or prolonged sitting resembles signals to the brain from nerve endings, then for heavy bedridden patients there are no such beacons. As a result, on the areas where the greatest pressure of body weight falls, reddening is formed, which can later turn into tears, necrosis of tissues and bones.

In order to prevent the development of such complications, doctors recommend starting treatment when the first symptoms are detected. One of their effective and affordable means for the care of bedsores are special pharmacy ointments. They affect the body as follows:

  • weaken the smell of trophic ulcers;
  • inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria;
  • gently and quickly cleanses wounds;
  • improve tissue regeneration;
  • provide an analgesic effect;
  • Moisturize the skin.

In addition, creamy drugs can be bought at any pharmacy at a reasonable price. However, in the most advanced forms of ointments and creams are absolutely not effective. Usually in the later stages of the development of bedsores, preference is given to stronger drugs and surgery.

When purchasing a particular effective ointment for bedsores, you should consult with your doctor. Often there are cases when some components of the cream are completely incompatible with other medications or can cause an allergic reaction and only aggravate the problem.

Drug review

How to choose an ulcer from bedsores for bedridden patients

The choice of various medicines in pharmacies today is simply limitless. It is not surprising that it is difficult for the average man to understand the composition of the preparations, to remember all the names and to make a choice. However, do not completely rely on the advice of pharmacists, acquaintances and girlfriends. Only the doctor can select the best and effective remedy based on the diagnosis and the individual characteristics of the sick person. Consider which drugs are prescribed most often.


The drug is available in the form of an ointment, cream or spray and is very effective for skin wounds. The agent is based on the active substance - pantothenic acid, which takes part in metabolic processes inside the tissues. Under the influence of panthenol ointment, wound healing and active cell regeneration occur. Doctors recommend alternating the use of ointment with the treatment of wounds with soap-alcohol solutions.


The basis of the cream is an anti-inflammatory antibiotic sulfathiazole, which inhibits the growth of pathogenic microbes and the proliferation of bacteria. Silver ions act as an additional aid. They, in turn, enhance the therapeutic effect and at the same time reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.

This decubitus with silver has also analogues:

  • "Sulfargin";
  • "Dermazin";
  • "Argosulfan cream".


The action of the drug occurs due to antibiotics and active collagenase enzymes, as a result of which the following effects can be observed:

  • destruction of dead tissue and cells without adversely affecting healthy skin areas;
  • cleansing a pressure wound from bacteria and mucus;
  • disintegration of necrotic tissue;
  • inhibition of bacterial growth.

The ointment is applied to the skin previously cleaned with an alcoholic solution twice a day until the wound is completely healed.


how to treat bedsores in bedridden patients

The main component of the ointment is an extract from the blood of calves, previously deprived of protein. The drug contributes to the saturation of tissues and cells with oxygen, improves blood flow, prevents the formation of rough scars and new blood vessels. The tool is intended for external use with insufficient supply of oxygen to soft tissues.

Hydrogel "Intrasite"

The clear and sterile gel consists mainly of water, propylene glycol and cellulose glycolic acid. Hydrogel moisturizes the skin around the wound, cleanses tissues from necrotic lesions and fibrin, stimulates active cell regeneration and healing. The ointment itself is very viscous, which allows it to easily stay on the surface of the skin.

Doctor's recommendations

Those who have experience in caring for seriously ill people know that ointment alone will not be enough to stop the development of the pathogenic process. At home, the bedridden patient needs to ensure proper skin care, organize a varied vitamin diet and help ensure that less pressure is applied to vulnerable areas.

It is better to prevent the appearance of wounds than to treat pressure sores in bedridden patients. So say doctors and recommend to adhere to the following standards for care:

  • Try as often as possible to change the position of the patient's body: at least every 3 hours.
  • Several times a day, especially before applying the ointment, wipe the skin with a 10% solution of camphor alcohol, soap-alcohol water or vinegar.
  • If the bedsores are already formed, the injured areas must be further treated with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • To prevent bedsores, under the pelvis in the region of the sacrum enclose a rubber circle covered with a sheet, and under the back of the head, elbows and heels - cotton-gauze circles.
  • If during the treatment of bedsores ointment applied in the form of dressings, then make sure that they are not too tight or loose, otherwise the resulting folds can exacerbate the problem.

Also, the appearance of bedsores can prevent special beds, mattresses and bedding for bedridden patients.

Summing up, it is worth noting that pressure sores are an unpleasant process, but quite reversible. All the tools described in this article have been tested over the years by more than one hundred people and deserve attention. However, before making a final decision when choosing an ointment, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.