Beaver meat


When the husband in the family is the main getter, passionately loving the hunt, various game always appears in the house. But what if he brought beaver meat from a regular "walk"? Benefit or harm from this product? Let's figure it out together.

Edible or inedible?

beaver meat - edible or not

The first thing that interests the hostess, to get such a gift as beaver meat, is edible or not. In fact, such game is not just edible, but also incredibly tasty. These connoisseurs claim that this meat is almost as good as pork or beef, and, moreover, is an incredibly tender and juicy delicacy.

The peculiarity of the life of beavers is such that fat does not accumulate under the skin, but is distributed evenly over all muscles. In the process of cooking it plays an important role. When you roast, simmer or bake beaver meat, it is already languishing in its own juice.

Very appreciated in the beaver carcass and liver. By its value, it is equivalent to goose liver. And the tails of animals in Catholic countries are equated with fish delicacies, and they are allowed to eat even in fasting.

Real fresh beaver meat should be dark red, almost burgundy. In cooking, carcasses of young animals, which have already reached the age of three, are especially valued. In addition, the weight of the animal is important. Ideally, a beaver is suitable for cooking, whose body weight will not exceed 15 kilograms.

Popular delicacy

you can find a lot of beaver meat dishes

If you open a cookbook written several centuries ago, you can find a lot of beaver meat dishes. It was served as a delicacy to the imperial table, for dinner parties and at balls. Almost everything was cooked from beaver meat: roast, soups, pudding, aspic, and sometimes even desserts.

Today, in the countries of the former Soviet Union, the popularity of the product has subsided slightly, and it is extremely difficult to find a decent carcass on the market. But in Western European countries, beaver meat to this day is worth fabulous money and is considered the most valuable delicacy.

What is especially valuable in this product, and is it possible to eat beaver meat? Nutritionists say that not only possible, but very necessary. And it is valued for its generous biochemical composition and low calorie content. So, 100 grams of the product contains:

  • proteins - 24 g;
  • fat - 5 g;
  • carbohydrates - 0 g.

The total value of the product is only 140 kilocalories.

And this is how the combination of useful substances works:

  • Vitamin B, which in composition of beaver meat is more than enough, strengthens the structure of muscle tissue, helps maintain immunity at the proper level, especially during the exacerbation of chronic and seasonal diseases.
  • Athletes and people on a diet can replenish the required protein intake by eating a little stewed or baked beaver meat. By the way, such nutrition does not harm the figure, since all the useful substances will be absorbed by muscle tissue.
  • Polyunsaturated fats and omega 3 acids have a positive effect on the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, which becomes an advantage for diabetics and cores.
  • Amino acids are responsible for cell regeneration and internal rejuvenation of the body, which are also part of beaver meat. By the way, according to some data, it is thanks to them that it is valued as an effective tool in the fight against cancer.

It has already been mentioned that fresh meat should be saturated red. Such a shade of meat is obtained for a reason. It's all about the many blood cells that are intended to saturate the body of an animal with oxygen when beavers dive under water. You can even benefit from this. Fresh beaver meat is not just saturated with red blood cells, but also rich in iron.

How to become a chef of an exotic restaurant?

beaver meat is a valuable and very healthy delicacy

If a piece of this delicacy suddenly appeared in your kitchen, believe me, you were incredibly lucky. Even if you have never cooked beaver meat before, it will be extremely difficult to spoil a dish with the right technique of cooking and cutting.

Of course, first of all it is worth turning your eyes to the proper dressing of the carcass. This process is almost the main. Of particular difficulty in inexperienced housewives cause subcutaneous sacs - beaver jet. This is an extremely useful product in traditional medicine. It is commonly used to treat gout, acute respiratory and viral infections, for post-operative recovery and much more. But now it's not about that.

Beaver jet - what is it and why is it so important to remove it correctly? The beaver musk or jet is an endocrine gland, thanks to which the animal produces a strong, specific odor and marks the territory. In cooking, this component of the carcass is unsuitable, and if it is not removed, then the meat itself will get a sugary and nasty sweet taste. Therefore, first of all, carefully cut off all subcutaneous visible sacs and discard or leave it to prepare therapeutic tinctures.

Then we take out the remaining internal guts and cut the carcass into pieces. Here it will be convenient for you. After that, soak the pulp for several hours in vinegar marinade and only now proceed to cooking. With what to fry, boil or soar beaver meat, also does not matter much. Any seasoning and supplements that you use to make pork, beef, or rabbit meat will do. Such dishes as mashed potatoes, boiled rice or baked vegetables are ideal as a side dish.

Thus, we found out that beaver meat is a valuable and very useful delicacy. And if your husband brought the carcass of this particular animal from the hunt, he deserves special praise and thanks. Treat your faithful and cook him a delicious and healthy dinner.