Basic rules for switching to a different way of eating


Have you decided to change your lifestyle and start by changing what you eat? Congratulations! You tried it, but you didn’t work out and old habits pull you back or you were just not ready? There are several basic rules that will help you to switch to a different type of food, not only without pitiable consequences, but also with pleasure!

Your decision must be conscious

You must clearly understand why you need it. If you are driven by fashion, just a desire to experiment, then it is better not even to start, because apart from disappointments and poor health, this will not bring you anything. This is the most important point, because it depends on all further motivation and dedication in your desire to make the transition to another stage of nutrition. And how long will you last. If the decision coincides with the call of your soul, then, as a rule, having changed one type of food to another, the person does not come back again. More precisely, he can eat everything and receive value and benefits from any products, but he does not do this every day, but sticks to the chosen path, because he and his body feel better on a new type of food.


Before you jump in stages, you need to prepare information. Those. find out new food recipes, for example, learn what foods to use, how they are prepared, and so on. Find which stores sell the products you need (this is in case you have never bought them before, for example, dried fruits, spices, nuts, oils). Also for the future, you can find out which cafes you can go to, where they serve, for example, vegetarian food. Raw food fruit slices are sold in almost any cafe, as well as vegetable slices, too. Knowledge is necessary so that at a certain moment you do not have a panic: what is, where to go?

Make a menu for the week-month

If this is not the case, then you will be lost or you will consider that you are starving, no matter how much food you may eat. And if there is a menu, your soul is calm and enjoys not having to think about food (what to cook, what to buy for a new recipe).

You can not jump over the stages

With the exception of separate power. It can go simultaneously with vegetarianism and raw food. But to be honest, if you jump over and immediately want to eat the sun and start practicing, then most likely you will die of hunger.

Create an environment that will support you

If there are no such friends or a family against the transition, then find on the Internet or in the life of a company who have already switched to the type of food you want, chat with them, consult. They will be happy to support you. But at the same time, be able to distinguish those who changed the type of food from the needs of the soul from fanatics. The latter will negatively influence you and you will quickly regret that you decided to change the diet.

Don't tell anyone what you are going to do.

Tell us better when you have already done and spent at least 2 months on a new type of food consumption. Society will naturally resist your new way of eating, living and thinking. Therefore, it is better not to expose yourself to the blow. The transition should be with pleasure, and not as a protest and struggle against all!

Watch for a month and allow yourself everything

Another month before the transition! At this moment you will understand and realize your the strongest and most harmful eating habits which you have not noticed before and could not even imagine that they are. And perhaps, first you should give up these habits. For example, from sweet (sweets, baking), from overeating, from late meals. And then you will take care of the composition of this food. By experience, I will say that chocolate turns out to be much more difficult to give up than meat and cooked food!

Do not impose your new lifestyle on anyone

And do not judge those who eat differently and are not going to change their diet. After all, all the time! And if there are those around you who are not ready to change the stage of feeding, then this is their right and their way of life. You can not force them to convince them, because they will not lead to anything good. Over time, they may be aware of and joining you, but themselves, having come for advice.

If you did everything right, then a new lifestyle will bring you Lightness of Being and Joy. And you absolutely do not need willpower to change the diet. It's like you changed your daily hairstyle, because you like another. You do not need to persuade or force yourself to do this. Just over time, you get used to a new image.

If you do not feel this, then I advise you to go back to the previous type of food and wait some more time. And maybe in general, "well, this idea?" Only you can decide. Live the way your heart feels!

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