Bartholinitis in women

Some women face such an unpleasant problem as a lump on the genitals. It creates discomfort when walking and causes itching and pain. The culprit of suffering is most often Bartholinitis in women. Symptoms and treatment - this is what those who are faced with this disease want to know. How to recover yourself?

Why does bartholinite appear and what can it lead to?

Why bartholinite appears

In the female external genital organs there are different glands. The largest of them is a Bartholin pair. They are located at the entrance to the vagina. Their purpose is to produce a specific secret that is necessary to maintain optimum moisture in the vagina. This is required not only for a full intimate life, but also for the conception of the infant and childbirth.

If the inflammatory process begins in the Bartholin glands, then the excretory duct becomes blocked, the secret accumulates. When a lot of mucus is collected, a condensation forms. It gropes well inside the labia. This is a false abscess, or a Bartholin gland cyst. It leads to infection and inflammation - Bartholinitis appears.

Causes of the disease - weak immunity, STDs, illiterate care of the genitals, very rarely the infection penetrates through the blood. The prognosis (if the treatment is started in time) is definitely favorable. If you try to squeeze a lump, the infection may be in the blood and cause sepsis. If not treated, the disease will acquire a chronic course or a cyst will burst inward, not outward, which will cause blood poisoning.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

So, bartholinitis in women. Symptoms and treatment depend on its form (acute or chronic). The first is manifested as:

  • on the labia minora (in the location of the Bartholin gland) redness is formed;
  • excretory duct closes, edema occurs;
  • general condition worsens: woman feels overwhelmed, weakness appears;
  • temperature rises to 38 degrees;
  • the patient is worried about severe pain on the side where the focus of inflammation is located.

When the abscess is opened, the pain goes away, the temperature returns to normal.

Chronic flows in a different scenario. His symptoms are:

  • periodic appearance of bumps on the genital lips (with hypothermia, after illness, during menstruation);
  • during remission, persistent, mild pain in the affected gland;
  • pain during sexual intercourse.

The outcome of such a Bartholinitis is often a cyst of the large gland of the vestibule of the vagina. It hurts a woman when walking and degrades the quality of intimate life.

How is a disease diagnosed?

Bartholin cyst, treatment without surgery

Since the ailment has pronounced symptoms, in order to diagnose it, a regular gynecological examination and complaints of the patient are sufficient. Additionally carry out bacteriological examination of secretions.

Medication Treatment

If a Bartholin gland cyst is detected, treatment without surgery is carried out with the help of such medications:

  • painkillers (Spazmolgon, Analgin) and cold on the inflamed gland (for 40 minutes);
  • antibiotics (ceftriaxone, Doccef, Azithromycin, Amoxiclav - the doctor selects them) or sulfa drugs. The course is from 7 to 10 days;
  • local procedures - Vishnevsky ointment, Levomikol;
  • treatment with antiseptic solutions - Chlorhexidine, Miramistin;
  • antihistamines that reduce swelling and itching - Tavegil, Suprastin, Claritin, Eden;
  • when the acute stage has passed (3-4 days after the start of treatment) - UHF-therapy, magnetic therapy, laser, inductothermia;
  • treatment of sources of re-infection - urethritis, colpitis;
  • immunomodulators (for the prevention of relapses) - Laferobion, Timalin, Viferon.

Bartholinitis: home treatment - 5 most effective ways

If at the first symptoms (when the seal is still the size of a small pea), home treatment is immediately started, then in 2-3 days you can put your health in order.

Traditional healers advise using such methods for treatment:

  • before going to bed, sit in a warm bath prepared with a 2% solution of potassium permanganate - 1 tbsp. l potassium permanganate per liter of water (bath temperature 39˚). The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes. If there is no manganese, then you can take Miramistin or Chlorhexidine instead;
  • applications with Vishnevsky ointment or ichthyol ointment. Make a gauze pad of sterile bandage, folded in several layers. Apply a thick layer of ointment, attach overnight to the seal;
  • after opening the abscess, use Levomikol ointment for wound healing;
  • treatment with hypertonic salt solution (in 200 ml of hot boiled water dissolve 2 tsp. of coarse salt without top). Soak cotton with this compound, squeeze and apply on the affected place several times a day. Use a clean cloth each time;
  • so that Bartholinite does not remind of itself again, you can prepare a mixture that strengthens the immune system. It will need 200 g of aloe leaves (they should be minced) and 400 g of honey and wine. These ingredients are mixed, put on 1 hour in a steam bath. Then strain. Drink 1 tbsp. l three times a day 30 minutes before meals.

Treat or cut - what do patients say?

bartholinitis, home treatment

As you know, the best operation is the one that was avoided. Following this adage, women recommend using home treatment for a problem such as Bartholinitis. The reviews also contain specific advice: drink Summamed, rinse with Miramistin, apply Levomikol and make chamomile baths. But with one caveat - if the seal has not yet reached large sizes.

If the size of the cones is the size of a nut and it causes severe pain, then everyone will insist on an operation. Unfortunately, after home, and after professional treatment, and even after surgery, an unpleasant "sore" can jump out again.

Bartholinitis is one of the diseases with which it is very unpleasant to go to the doctor. Fortunately, if you immediately identify the enemy and begin to fight with him at home, you can do without such a extreme measure as an operation. But it is better to engage in prevention: wear comfortable underwear, monitor the hygiene of the genitals and do not change your sex partners.

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