Banana calories


Did you know that a banana is very often eaten for lunch ... by a ballerina?Yes, these slender children replenish their strength due to their caloric content.. So, if for any reason you were afraid to absorb this fruit, think about it, because with proper use you will only get it. And to your joy, these will not be extra grams, but trace elements that are very necessary for the body.

Banana has a whole army of beneficial vitamins, is an excellent natural antioxidant, and plus perfectly satisfies hunger. In your menu, it can appear quite often as a snack. Dietitians around the world recommend bananas as an ideal product, because they have absolutely no fats. But abuse or overeating entails extra calories that you absolutely do not need.

Information that a banana is a high-calorie product - not a myth. It really is not easy if you translate its energy in kilocalories. 100 grams of product contains approximately 90 kcal.. Therefore, if you decide on a diet, where counting calories is simply necessary, be careful in weighing the fruit. Be careful, because only a banana peel weighs about 70 grams!

Ideal banana energy is suitable for sports people engaged in high physical activity. But even if you are not going to “live in the gym,” bananas can be used to the full, only with the mind, taking into account your parameters, metabolism and the amount of food needed to saturate.

The benefits of bananas

A balanced bouquet of healthy vitamins and minerals is the main advantage of a banana.. Having eaten 100 grams of this fruit, your body will receive: starch, fiber, vitamins A, C, E; potassium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, pectin, and energize for an hour. Also bananas are useful for people engaged in mental activity, they, like chocolate, stimulate the work of brain cells. And if you are on a mental load with a diet, a banana is the best solution. He, unlike the "heavy" chocolate - even more powerful battery: and do not get better, and enjoy, and make your brain work harder.

A few more healing properties of a banana - he helps stop smoking, relieves hangovers and heals warts. From the hangover fit milk mix with the addition of honey and banana; You can remove the wart by attaching a banana skin so that the yellow surface is on the outside and fix it on your finger. Well, smoking bananas are enriched with vitamins C, B6, B12, A1, necessary to overcome the craving for smoking.

Who are bananas harmful and contraindicated?

Of course, there is a downside. It is not recommended to give bananas to children under 3 years old. Also, this fruit is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes, overweight, varicose veins, increased blood clotting, patients with dyspepsia and flatulence. To refuse bananas is necessary for people who have survived a heart attack and stroke.

And a couple of useful tips. The first: do not eat bananas at night, they will be digested for a long time and can cause stomach heaviness or even disrupt the bowels. Second: do not mix bananas with milk or sauerkraut - do not try to connect incompatible.

How to choose the right banana?

It will be most useful to eat ripe bananas. They can be identified by the bright yellow color of the skin, and small dark spots on the surface are quite normal state of the product. And rely on personal experience - if the fruit of trust does not inspire, do not be lazy, look again, because it is you, dear women, who are responsible for your own health and the health of your family.

Women's best friends are ... bananas

Of course, they will look strange in the ears or on the female handle, and no one forces you to say goodbye to true female friends - diamonds, but it is also not recommended to forget about these funny yellow fruits. Experts found out that bananas benefit ladies rather than sex. And all this is due to the fact thatwhen eating bananas in a woman's body, tryptophan protein is transformed into the happiness hormone - serotonin. And serotonin relieves you of depressions and PMS. In other words, Want to get a dose of peace, happiness, peace and a slaughter batch of vitamins? Eat a banana!