Balanoposthitis is a collective term that describes inflammation of the head and foreskin of the penis. Separately, medicine distinguishes balanitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the penis head) and post (inflammation of the extreme flesh). And only when it comes to inflammation and that, and another, doctors can talk about balanopostitis.

Delicate problem: what are we dealing with?

Balanoposthitis: how to treat ailment in children and adults?

Post and balanitis in almost 100% of cases accompany each other, respectively, are almost synonymous with the medical term - balanoposthitis. For the formation of inflammation, it is necessary to influence several factors at once, as a rule, for some reason, the disease does not form.

Provocative factors balanoposthitis set. This may be a congenital predisposition, when a narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis) occurs. As a result, it is difficult to open the head and clean the prepucial space, where the accumulation of smegma and urine occurs. These physiological fluids are an excellent medium for the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

We can not ignore the diseases that develop in the urinary organs, such as inflammation of the urethra, accompanied by the release of pus. In some metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, balanoposthitis is not uncommon. After all, urine contains sugar, which is an excellent nutrient medium for the development of pyogenic microorganisms.

Particular attention in the prevention of the disease is given to personal hygiene, so that uncleanliness is also the cause of the disease. According to statistics, balanoposthitis is quite common in men of retirement age, when not enough attention is paid to personal hygiene.

Experiments in sex also play a role. So with anal contact without the use of contraceptives, there is a chance that intestinal microflora will attach, which is fraught with the development of inflammation. In addition, we must not forget about injuries, irritation of chemical nature.

The typical symptoms of balanoposthitis are redness and the appearance of edema. As the disease progresses, cracks may appear on the mucous membrane of the head of the foreskin.

Also characterized by the formation of pus, which caused the formation of an unpleasant odor. A man experiences constant itching, burning, pain in the area of ​​the penis can be formed. An erection is not only painful, it can also be accompanied by the release of ichor.

Balanoposthitis: home treatment

Balanoposthitis: home treatment

No matter how unpleasant the disease is balanoposthitis, its treatment presents no particular difficulties, but only if the cause has been identified and eliminated. Since this disease is infectious, the main one is microbial inflammation, treatment cannot be imagined without the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory are most often prescribed in the form of baths and gargles of the penis and foreskin, in the form of ointments, in other words, locally. Often, on the background of microbial inflammation, a fungal - thrush joins, respectively, treatment is prescribed against thrush in men.

In addition to the main treatment, special attention must be paid to personal hygiene, and it is precisely precisely satisfactory hygiene that is sometimes sufficient to treat pathology, if it is not complicated.

Only in rare cases, with the formation of adhesions, with the narrowing of the foreskin or with the often recurring disease, do they undergo surgery - dissection of the narrowed foreskin or its circular excision (circumcision).

Balanoposthitis: treatment at home. Levomicol

  1. Particular attention is paid to the treatment of direct drugs - ointments, sprays, gels and solutions. From the general and necessary arsenal of treatment, special attention is paid to antiseptics that are used topically. These include "Miramistin", "Chlorhexidine", an antiseptic with a broad spectrum of action and the testimony of "Epigen-intim." Antiseptic ointments, such as Levomikol, Triderm, etc., should not be ignored. In the case of the addition of a fungal infection, such ointments as Clotrimazole and Lamisil may be prescribed.
  2. Among the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs, "Levomycetin", "Biseptol", "Erythromycin", etc. are most often prescribed. Exceptionally with fungal balastitis, no antibiotics are prescribed!

If balanoposthitis appears in a child, the doctor should prescribe treatment only after an examination. Quite often, the illness is a consequence of phimosis, and in some cases it is impossible to do without surgical intervention.

It is always easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. First of all, balanoposthitis is an infectious disease that has risk factors and predispositions. If you exclude all aggressive external components, regularly attend the shower, then you can forget about such a delicate problem.

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