Balanced diet

Balanced nutrition in the past few years has become one of the most popular topics for discussion. It invariably causes an increased interest in all who want to take care of their health. A balanced diet can help in the treatment of many diseases and solve the problem of excess weight. The main thing - to make the right diet.

Balanced Nutrition Rules

Before you create your menu for the week, you should pay attention to the nutritional and energy value of products. Also consider the quantity and quality of drinking. And, of course, the time when you will eat.

In order to create a balanced menu on your own, you should not carefully count calories, but you need to remember the norms. Also note that for different physical exertion a different number of calories is required. The main thing is to comply with the rules for the greater expenditure of calories than their receipt.

In the preparation of a balanced diet menu should be aware of the caloric content of coffee, sweet tea, sweet soda and juice from the package. Maybe something to exclude from this? But clean drinking water must necessarily be included in your menu for the week. It helps to ensure the perfect condition of the skin, elimination of toxins and reducing the risk of developing heart disease.

One of the main conditions for the compilation of the menu is the observance of meal times. You must learn to have breakfast at the same time, have dinner as it should be, and not have too much dinner. Dinner should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime. Such a time schedule will help ensure proper digestion of food.

Menu by day of the week


  • For breakfast, you can drink green tea and eat cottage cheese with raisins.
  • For lunch, black bread, rice, low-fat boiled meat and tomato are suitable.
  • And for dinner - pasta from durum wheat with tomato sauce.


  • For breakfast, cook baked mushrooms and fish. Drink it all down with fresh juice.
  • For lunch, suitable infusion of herbs, boiled meat and pasta as a side dish.
  • For dinner, a great solution would be cheese with boiled rice.


  • For breakfast, beat 2 eggs and fry them. Take black bread and black or green tea without sugar.
  • For dinner, cook grilled meats, only lean, mushrooms or buckwheat, sprinkled with fresh basil, parsley or dill.
  • For dinner, the option is Monday.


Monday menu repetition


Tuesday menu repetition


Repetition of the environment menu


  • For breakfast on Sunday, boiled oatmeal with fresh, dried or fresh fruit is suitable.
  • Lunch on Sunday repeat as lunch on Wednesday.
  • For Sunday dinner, the menu option is Tuesday with the addition of mushrooms.

Options for balanced meals

1 day

  • For a balanced breakfast, fish salad is good. For its preparation, take canned fish in its own juice, 100 g of fresh cucumbers and bell peppers, greens to taste and 2 tbsp. l bran Crush the fish, add there bran, celery and parsley. Season the salad and mix. Wash down 150 ml of coffee with milk or tea.
  • Lunch - soup with the addition of beans or mushrooms.
  • Vegetable Salad. Prepare 100 g of fresh beets, carrots and 1 tsp. lemon juice and syrup. Vegetables rub on a grater, filling them with a mixture of juice and syrup, mixing.

2 day

  • Sandwiches of 50 g of boiled heart, 100 g of tomatoes and zucchini, and 2 tbsp. l bran, seasonings and leaf lettuce. Wash down them with 150 ml of coffee with milk or tea.
  • Soup with sorrel and poultry meatballs. For soup, take 2 tbsp. l bran, 0.5 boiled eggs and onions.
  • Dinner - a salad made from 200 g of fruit, 0.5 bottles of low-fat yogurt, 1 tsp. sour cream and 2 tbsp. l bran

3 day

  • For breakfast, make a curd casserole of fruit from 100 g of cottage cheese, sweetener and 250 g of pears. Wash them down with tea or coffee with milk.
  • Omelet of fish, milk, 2 tbsp. l bran and eggs suitable for lunch.
  • Stewed beans with gravy - for dinner.

4 day

  • For breakfast, prepare a dietary salad "Caesar", drinking his coffee with milk or tea.
  • Fish roll with cheese and mushrooms is perfect for lunch.
  • Pumpkin with sea buckthorn juice or zucchini will be a suitable dinner.

5 day

  • Breakfast is a curd-fruit dessert made from 100 g low-fat cottage cheese and kefir, 200 g fruit and 2 tbsp. l bran
  • For lunch you can cook lobio from 120 g of beans, 180 g of lean fish, 120 g of onions, 2 tbsp. l bran and 80 grams of tomatoes.
  • For dinner there will be enough radish salad.

6 day

  • For breakfast, prepare for yourself a salad of 80 g cucumbers, 100 g tomatoes, 40 g paprika and 50 g peeled shrimps.
  • Casserole meat and beans suitable for lunch.
  • Dinner - a dessert of 120 g cherries and strawberries with 2 tbsp. l bran and sugar substitute.

7 day

  • Breakfast - diet cookies.
  • Lunch - mushroom soup in chicken broth, salad with tomatoes and seafood.
  • For dinner there will be enough orange.

To create a weight loss plan, a balanced diet will be necessary. When you are trying to lose weight or regain your health, you should not forget about food. It is food that determines the ability of our body to recover. Properly balanced menu for a week can have an unsurpassed effect on the body, cleaning it, curing and restoring metabolism.

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