Baking soda


Soda is an indispensable component of many recipes for making pies, biscuits and other desserts. Experienced cooks and ordinary housewives know about her culinary features. But in our article we will talk about something else. Baking soda: the benefits and harm to health - this is what interests many today and is actively discussed in scientific and philistine circles.

Soda - a useful tool, but not a panacea

drinking soda can bring not only benefit but also harm to a person

Baking soda or, as it is scientifically called, sodium bicarbonate is a very popular product today. Its demand is so high that you can buy an orange-white pack even at a roadside stall. And the scale of production affects the minds of ordinary citizens and reach millions of tons per year.

As for the use of sodium bicarbonate in cooking, then there is not much to say. But around the benefits and harm of soda for ingestion today a lot of controversy and controversial opinions. Let's start with the most enjoyable and describe soda as a simple and cheap medicine:

  • It is difficult to underestimate sodium bicarbonate, which is used as a treatment for the increased acidity of the stomach and arrhythmias.
  • A weak alkaline solution in a painless way will help excrete waste slags and toxins from the body.
  • Relevant soda rinse with angina and inhalation for colds of the upper respiratory tract.
  • As an external absorbent, soda is used to treat fungal infections of the skin and nails, using it to remove dead cells on the feet and elbows.
  • To get a dazzling Hollywood smile, many add a little soda to the toothpaste.
  • And women who want to get soft and silky skin, use it as a component when taking fragrant baths.
  • In folk medicine, one can find repeated confirmations of successful treatment with soda of pruritus and edema resulting from the bites of bees, wasps and other insects.

However, drinking soda can bring not only benefit, but also harm to a person who has risked to take it uncontrollably. For example, soda in most cases neutralizes the effect of other drugs. This can aggravate the course of the disease and bring down the planned treatment schedule. Soda baths can increase blood pressure and increase the development of cardiovascular diseases.

In recent years, popular with soda to lose weight. However, this method of parting with extra pounds is very controversial. The fact is that soda perfectly cleanses the body, but does not see the differences between good and bad. As a result, the microflora of the gastric mucosa deteriorates and women, instead of going to the store for a smaller dress, are sent to a gastroenterologist.

For these reasons, official medicine does not recommend giving soda to young children, women in anticipation of a child, and nursing moms. But folk healers and healers do not see any particular obstacles. Who more to believe, you decide.

Health encyclopedia with Professor Neumyvakin

What is the use of soda for the human body

Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin is a famous doctor of medical sciences in Russia and the author of many works. This amazing man, in his 80th birthday, not only looks great, but also goes skiing, rises to his own apartment without an elevator and gives a lot of advice to medical workers.

Not spared the attention and Neumyvakina about the benefits of soda for the human body. Moreover, he invented and invented his own method of ingestion. The recipe is very simple.


  • a glass of water or milk;
  • a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda.

Preparation and use:

  1. Exclusively in warm water or milk dissolve soda.
  2. In small gulps in one gulp we drink the resulting solution 15 minutes before meals three times a day.
  3. After several days, the amount of soda is increased to a tablespoon.

The solution for this recipe can be used not only for oral administration, but also for enemas and rinses. The only exception is that soda needs to be dissolved not in warm, but in cold water.

Beautiful body, healthy hair and nails

Baking soda: health benefits

Along with the recognized benefits of soda for the human body, in particular, for health, it is widely used for cosmetic purposes. Today, many beauty salons use this component, which is cheap and accessible to everyone, to perform procedures for rejuvenating the skin of the face, strengthening nails and hair.

You can use soda in organizing your home spa, for example:

  • As a soft face scrub. It helps to get rid of black spots, remove oily shine, reduce the appearance of inflammation and acne. The basis of the recipe includes only two components: laundry soap and baking soda.
  • With cellulite, hot soda-based baths will be very helpful. 200 liters of water made to add a whole pack of sodium bicarbonate. Women who have undergone a series of such procedures note that the skin has become soft and silky, and the orange peel has smoothed out.
  • Suffer from problems with oily hair, and you have to wash your hair almost every day? Then try adding a teaspoon of soda to regular shampoo.
  • If after washing the paint the result is darker than you expected, try washing your hair with soda solution.
  • Often add soda when performing wet manicure or pedicure. It perfectly softens the cuticle and removes the horny skin from the heels.
  • The same bath is recommended for the legs affected by varicose veins. Soda will relieve fatigue and heaviness in the legs, effectively relaxing the muscles of the lower extremities.

No matter how obvious the use of baking soda for the body, come to its use, guided by common sense. It is stupid to believe that by eating a quarter spoon of this product a day, you can completely get rid of cellulite that has accumulated under the skin for years, or cure gastritis. Soda can and should be used only as an additional means and in cases where it does not contradict the course of official medicine.