Badger fat for kids

Children are the most valuable wealth in the life of each parent. We want to protect them from various life adversities and always see healthy. Badger fat for children is not only a common preventive tool, but also widely used in the treatment of various diseases, and its healing properties have been known since ancient times.

Can children give badger fat?

Can children give badger fat?

Before considering the indications and contraindications for treating children with badger oil, let us examine what is included in its composition and what substances make this remedy curative. First, it is organic acids and trace elements. Among them it is possible to distinguish the Omega fatty acids contained in large quantities.

Their presence allows you to strengthen the immune system, protect cells from destruction. They promote metabolism, inhibit inflammatory processes, improve the functioning of many systems. This is especially true of digestion, reproductive function, the system of the endocrine glands. With regular replenishment of the body with omega-fatty acids, you can forget about chronic diseases.

Secondly, these are vitamins A, B, E, K. They promote healing of the skin, strengthen hair and nails, improve eyesight. In general, badger fat contains everything necessary for the full development, growth and preservation of health of both adults and children.

Application features

Before you begin to use badger fat for treatment, be sure of its quality. Fat obtained in late autumn, when badgers are preparing for a long winter, is considered more useful. By this time, they accumulate a large amount of fat with a maximum content of nutrients. A quality product is always white or slightly cream in color with a specific smell. If the color of the fat is yellowish, and the taste indicates it is stale, then it is unsuitable.

If a child refuses to take fat because of an unpleasant smell and taste, try mixing it with warm milk and adding a small amount of honey. Also, the discomfort of taking the remedy will help eliminate jam or mixing fat with liquid chocolate.

Please note: in order for the fat to retain its qualities and not grow old as long as possible, it is best to store it in a refrigerator at a temperature of 4-6 ° above zero. Fat is used both for internal use and for compresses or rubbing.

Most often badger fat is given to children with diseases such as:

  • bronchitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • tuberculosis;
  • rickets;
  • dystrophy;
  • dermatitis.

Badger fat is also widely used for the treatment of burns and depriving.


The main contraindication for fat intake is the age of the child. Badger fat for children under one year is not recommended at all. Children from one to three years are not shown internal use, but only in the form of compresses and rubbing. Like any medicine, badger fat can have side effects. It can be accompanied by nausea, diarrhea, and even vomiting, which causes disgust in children and contributes to the intolerance of this product.

Attention should be paid to the fact that fat intake can adversely affect the liver and biliary tract in children. This is due to the lack of enzymes in the pancreas for the breakdown and absorption of fat. Frequently contraindicated in this case is allergy. On the skin in children appear rash and redness. Even a minor allergic response of the child’s body to the use of this natural remedy requires the immediate abandonment of it.

How to give badger fat cough oil kiddies?

How to give badger fat from cough to children?

For the treatment of cough in children use warm fat. It is taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals three times a day. The dosage of a single internal dose depends on the age category:

  • from 3 to 6 years - not more than ⅓ h. l .;
  • from 6 to 12 years old - ½ tsp;
  • from 12 to 16 years old - a full teaspoon.

For a more effective treatment of cough in children, the badger in combination with the internal method of rubbing the back, the region of the sternum and the feet. Treatment continues for a week, but the first improvements can be seen after 3 days.

As we mentioned above, if the child refuses to eat fat in its pure form, then it is mixed with warm milk. Fat can be melted and combined with liquid honey in a ratio of 3: 1, while you must be sure that your child is not allergic to bee products. In this case, instead of honey, you can use jam or jam.

Parent reviews

How effective badger fat in the treatment of cough in children, can be judged by the reviews of parents:

  • Olga: "Every cold disease in my son (he is 6 years old) is accompanied by a strong cough. My friends advised me to try badger fat, but the child flatly refused to take it in pure form. I had to buy it in capsules. The capsules were taken strictly according to the instructions, and the pure fat along with camphor (50:50) I used to rub my son's throat and chest. After a week, the cough disappeared. "
  • Tamara: "My baby was a year and two months old when she fell ill with ARVI. The disease was coughing like an old man. My acquaintances recommended badger fat. Knowing that the age of my daughter was not suitable for taking the fat inside, I rubbed her chest and back, then put a bag and wrapped a towel. Also rubbed heels. Ten days later, the cough stopped. "

Burn ointment with badger fat

Burn ointment with badger fat

Due to the antiseptic properties badger fat is used to heal burns. To this end, prepare an ointment based on it.


  • 100 g fat melted on the steam bath;
  • 10 drops of rosemary oil;
  • 10 drops of lavender oil;
  • 5 drops of peppermint oil;
  • 40 drops of jojoba oil.

Preparation and use:

  1. All components are mixed to a homogeneous mass.
  2. The resulting mixture is applied overnight on damaged skin, and then they need to bandage.

When using badger fat for treating children, always follow the dosage of the intake. And do not forget to consult a doctor!

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