Back pain ointment


According to statistics, every fifth person on Earth suffers from back pain. Almost every one of us has come across this phenomenon at least once in a lifetime. If earlier such pains were typical for older people, then today young patients come to specialists with similar complaints.

Back pain can be triggered by various pathologies, for example: osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, muscle spasms or myalgia. For the relief of pain, treatment of its causes, as well as prevention, various drugs and methods can be used.

The most common are physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, special therapeutic exercises and various medications. As therapeutic agents, preparations for external use - gels, creams, balms and ointment for back pain.

Back pain ointment: how to choose?

In case the backache hurts, people ask "what to do?" most often turn to the pharmacist in the pharmacy. Based on the advice of the seller in most patients, it is felt that the more expensive the ointment is, the more effective it is. Far from it!

It is important to choose a remedy that is necessary in a particular case, and for its correct selection it is necessary to know the cause of the pain. Accordingly, only a doctor can advise an ointment that really helps. A suitable drug will not only relieve pain quickly, but will affect its cause. It is also important that doctors do not need to recommend expensive drugs without the need, therefore, treatment will cost you less.

Ointment for back pain: types

It is worth remembering that the pain ointment can be used as an independent therapy or in combination with other techniques. Among the wide variety, the following drugs for lower back pain are most popular and effective:

  • Ointments for external use., which contain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or analgesics. This group includes "Fastum-gel", which contains ketoprofen and a number of auxiliary components that enhance the effect of the 1st. According to the research "Fastum-gel" is one of the most popular and effective drugs to eliminate back pain, which are associated with hypothermia, menstrual pain. This tool can be administered in the postoperative period and in the treatment of sciatica or lumbago.
  • This ointment has other analogues, for example, “Fast-gel” (domestic preparations), “Ketonal”, “Finalgel”, “Febbride”. They contain ketoprofen. Also common are ointments containing nimesulide - Nise-gel, Diclofenac, Nurofed, the latter containing ibuprofen.

Back pain ointment: how to choose?

  • Combined drugs. This group includes ointments that not only anesthetize, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect, improve tissue regeneration and can have a resolving and thrombolytic effect. The most prominent representative of this type of funds can be called "Dolobene-gel". It contains 3 active ingredients, which makes the range of use of this ointment unusually wide. The gel can be used for back pain associated with injuries, in the presence of edema and hematomas.
  • Anesthetic-irritating drugs. As part of such ointments, there are several active ingredients that increase blood flow to the site of inflammation, due to the expansion of blood vessels (irritant effect), as a result of which anesthesia occurs. An example of such means is "Finalgon", which can be used after long and heavy loads, injuries with myalgias, which are associated with hypothermia. This group of ointments for back pain refers "Kapsik".
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs or so-called chondroprotectors. The composition of such ointments include substances that contribute to the restoration of cartilage tissue, therefore, such drugs can reduce the destructive processes in osteochandrosis. The main indication for the use of such ointments is osteochondrosis.
  • Homeopathic remedies. Such drugs stimulate metabolism, restore cartilage tissue, and are able to protect it from destruction. In addition, they have an analgesic effect.
  • Massage balsams, herbal remedies and medical cosmetics. Probably the largest group of drugs. The most famous can be considered "Dikul Balsam", which contains a number of herbal and animal preparations that have an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Stimulate blood circulation and restoration of cartilage tissue.

Instructions for use of any drugs against lower back pain is for informational purposes only. Only a doctor can assess all the consequences and the need for prescribing an agent in a given case. Before you start using any, you must first consult with a specialist. Remember that self-medication can seriously harm.

Many ointments, especially improperly chosen, can aggravate the picture of the disease and cause undesirable side effects, including allergic reactions.

Back pain is a symptom of many diseases. It is possible to cope with them thanks to special preparations, for example, ointments. It is important to consult a specialist in a timely manner for consultation and prescription of treatment. Remember that in this case, self-treatment is extremely dangerous!