Back pain in women


Back pain in women can occur for a variety of reasons, of which the most serious are various diseases. With a long or sharp back pain, you should seek medical advice., which will establish their true cause. Early treatment will help to cope with pain and prevent possible complications.

Causes of lower back pain in women

The causes of back pain can include such pathologies as malignant and benign neoplasms, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, adnexitis, menstruation, and infectious diseases of the genital organs.

Back pain in women

  • When menstruation, lower back pain is accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, especially on the first day.
  • Gynecological nature of lumbar pain must be distinguished from an attack of acute appendicitis.
  • If appendicitis is the cause, then the loin is sore on the right, which is caused by the location of the appendix.
  • Also, back pain may occur with pancreatitis (it has a shingles character), intestinal colic (there is discomfort below and above the navel), with pinching of the nerve (pulsating pain occurs), a very large breast, which causes macromastia.
  • Low back pain is very often caused by high heels.. Wearing such shoes changes the natural curve of the spine, increases the load and raises the pelvis. To look beautiful and stay healthy, choose shoes with a heel height not higher than 5 cm and try not to stand in them for a very long time.
  • pay attention to the weight of your handbag, very often it can weigh more than 5 kg, which directly affects the back muscles. Therefore, distribute the load correctly, and invite men to the grocery store.
  • Small children also force their mother to carry them in their arms, teach them to walk, help, collect toys, therefore, increases the load on the back muscles, which leads to back pain. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your husband, because it is pleasant to not only moms but also dads to take care of children.
  • Osteoporosis can also cause lower back pain.. If women in the family suffered from this disease, the risk of the disease increases, so you should pay special attention to exercise and medications, especially after menopause, to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Low back pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, almost every woman has back pain. The reason for this is the increase in load on the spine due to the growth of body weight of the expectant mother. There is also a change in the location of the center of gravity, weakening of the ligaments and muscles in the abdomen, hormonal changes. But the appearance of back pain in a woman during pregnancy can also be a consequence of the occurrence of pyelonephritis, due to a violation of urine outflow, which is associated with an increase in uterus pressure on the internal organs.

Lower back pain in women during pregnancy

If the pain occurs periodically in the late stages of pregnancy, then there is nothing terrible in them, so the body prepares for future childbirth. To reduce the risk of back pain and their possible intensity, it is necessary to exercise before pregnancy. Good physical condition helps a woman to cope with such an unpleasant symptom during pregnancy. It is also very important for the future mother to monitor the weight during this period so that it does not become excessive. During pregnancy, a woman should gain no more than 12 kg.

Exercises for back pain in women

For lower back pain, it is recommended to rest for several days., spend more time in bed and not lift weights. Avoid stressful situations and try once again not to be nervous. If, after examination, the doctor has not established a serious reason for the appearance of pain, then, as soon as the pain subsides, you should take up exercises to help strengthen the back muscles and prevent a new bout of back pain.

  • Any exercise should begin with warming up exercises.
  • Make your hips rotational movements in different directions.
  • In front of the chest, bend your elbows and swing your arms to the sides at shoulder level.
  • Bend slowly forward, sliding your hands to the knees, then slowly straighten up, slightly arched.
  • Walk in place, run a little, take a deep breath and exhale.

Exercises for back pain in women

Now proceed to the basic exercises.

  • Get on all fours. Place your hands at right angles to your body. Head down on his knees, bend and straighten your back. Then curve your back in an arc, like cats do.
  • Then bend your back so that the head and buttocks are at the top.
  • Keep your back straight, stretch your left arm and right leg forward. Repeat the exercise, changing legs.
  • Stand straight and swing your arms in the direction opposite to your thighs.
  • Then move your arms and shoulders back, with your palms out.
  • After round the shoulders and bulge the buttocks. When the brushes turn back and inward, squeeze the buttocks.
  • Sit on your heels, kneeling. Hold your balance with your hands. Move the pelvis to the right, the hands should be on the left, and the right thigh on the floor. Repeat the exercise, changing the side. Make in each direction for 3 p.
  • Find a straight crossbar and hang on it. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat the workout.

Women every month undergo menstruation, for nine months they bear a child and give birth, so the pain in the back can be special.If back pain hurts you long enough, do not delay visiting the doctor, only a specialist can determine their exact cause.. So you can avoid serious health problems and quickly deal with back pain.