Baby milk formula on goat milk


Choosing the best for feeding a baby is one of the main desires of caring parents. The modern market is replete with a variety of products for the little ones. Among them - a mixture of goat milk, which is of interest to many moms and dads. What are its features?

Delicate basis

Blends on goat milk: what companies offer?

The product attracts with the fact that it is based on milk, which in its composition is considered to be much closer to the female than cow's. The composition of the main component of the mixture impresses with the richness of important vitamins and trace elements. Parents are especially attracted by the significant content of calcium and phosphorus, which are important for the proper development of bones and teeth.

The process of digestion of goat milk proteins also has its advantages: it is easier. Gastric juice converts such food into soft porous gruel - unlike cow's milk protein, which becomes curd-dense. It is believed that the fats of “goat drink” are better absorbed by a delicate children's body. Therefore, it is often prescribed for difficulties with the work of the baby's intestines.

Infant formula on goat's milk becomes the best choice if the baby has an allergy. Cases of allergic reactions to a cow product are much more frequent than goat. And if the first sensitizes the baby's organism, then the second can be perceived more favorably.

Blends on goat milk: what companies offer?

This type of baby food produces not so many manufacturers. There are several offers to choose from. Here are some mixtures of goat milk you can buy:

  • "Nanny" - products from New Zealand (produced by the company "Bibikol"). The manufacturer supplies 4 types of mixtures for children of different ages. From birth, they propose using "Nanny Classics" or "Nanny-1 with prebiotics." For babies from 6 months, suitable "Nanny-2 with prebiotics." After the child is 1 year old, you can feed the mixture "Nanny-3".

The basis of nutrition of this brand is whole milk powder. Serum in the composition of the products is missing. According to the manufacturer, the milk of goats of New Zealand breeds is as close as possible to the female. Its protein does not provoke allergies, so there is simply no need to supplement the base with whey. Because of this, the process of making mixtures consists of a smaller number of stages, which allows you to save most of the useful substances. Enrichment of products with prebiotics contributes to the proper development of the microflora of the children's intestines. An attractive nutritional feature of Nanny is the presence of marine fish in its fat composition. These mixtures are produced on goat milk without palm oil.

  • "Mamako" is the offer of the Spanish manufacturer ILAS S.A. Based on the age of the child, you can choose one of the types of mixtures. Mamako-1 will be suitable for a newborn. Especially for children from 6 months produce "Mamako-2", and for kids older than 1 year - "Mamako-3". Milk and whey are selected as the basis of the product in equal parts. For the nutrition of children under 1 year old prebiotics are included. And in Mamako-3, the manufacturer added bifidobacteria - live microorganisms (probiotics).

  • "MD Mil SP Kozochka" - two companies in Spain and Switzerland produce goat milk mixture under this brand. The choice of product depends on the age of the baby. From birth, you need to feed "MD Mil SP Goat-1." For children from 6 months developed "MD Mil SP Kozochka-2", and after 1 year - "MD Mil SP Kozochka-3".

MD Mil SP Goat

In these mixtures, whey is more than milk (60:40 ratio). The manufacturer claims that this proportion allows the product to be as close as possible to the composition of the woman’s milk. Mixes "MD Mil SP Goat" more delicately than others affect the kidneys and intestines of the baby - due to the optimal content of proteins and salts. Another advantage is the balanced complex of omega-6 and omega-3 acids, which contribute to the proper development of the nervous system.

  • "Cabrita Gold" - mixes from the Dutch company Hyproka. Nutrition for infants is selected by age - as well as among the offers of other manufacturers. Types of mixtures: "Cabrita Gold-1", "Cabrita Gold-2", "Cabrita Gold-3".

The basis of whey products more than whole milk. Because of this, nutrition is approaching breastfeeding. The uniqueness of the Dutch mixes is in the patented Digest X fat complex to facilitate the work of the baby's digestive organs, better absorption of calcium by the body. The composition of the products is enriched with pre- and probiotics.

Parental and expert assessment

Evaluating the mixture on goat milk, parents leave feedback, most of which are positive. Popularity among consumers enjoy products "Nanny", especially pleasant to the taste. According to reviews of moms, kids eat mixtures with an appetite, while there are no problems with the chair, colic. Decent quality products are produced by other manufacturers. All of them are sweetish, kids eat them with pleasure. In the statements noted the good work of the intestine, the normalization of the chair.

Milk formulas on goat milk, many parents choose for the fact that they very rarely cause allergies. And yet, cases of individual intolerance in the reviews are also mentioned. Product price is not the lowest. Therefore, caring, but thrifty moms advise to give her preference only in case of allergy to cow's milk protein.

At the same time, both parents and pediatricians are unanimous in the opinion that with the help of mixtures in milk, goats will not be able to insure against all problems with children's health.

Goat milk as the basis of the infant formula is a component that brings the product closer to the female “product”. The digestive system of children is easier to cope with such a meal. Mixes from different manufacturers differ in the ratio of the main components of the composition, additional features. But the main advantage of the mixtures in goat milk "as a class" is the low probability of allergic reactions.