Autism in children


Unfortunately, many parents whose children suffer from psychosomatic disorders abandon their offspring. At the same time, they do not even try to solve the problem and help their baby. Recently, autism has become one of the most common psycho-emotional ailments. Signs in children of this disease we will discuss today.

Autism is not a sentence

Autism in children: signs and first symptoms

The first signs of autism in children appear at the age of three. In order for parents to recognize this ailment in a timely manner, it is necessary to have a clear idea not only about the symptoms of autism, but also about the causes of its occurrence.

Autism is a disorder of general development, in which there is a man’s isolation and lack of contact with society. The kid as if becomes isolated and exists in the isolated world. In this case, all energy, emotions and feelings are concentrated only on themselves. The child does not make contact and reluctantly communicates with parents and their peers.

Today, autism can be diagnosed at an early stage. This ailment is successfully treatable. For the first time talked about it in the 19th century. Later, scientists have identified a number of factors that may lead to the development of such a pathology. Children under three years of age are at risk. In medical practice, it is extremely rare to find cases when autism first manifests itself at an older age.

Statistics says that the prevailing majority of autists are no different from their peer children, who develop fully. The crumbs may lack any physiological defects, that is, the appearance does not tell the parents anything.

Why does such a disease still appear? Profile doctors identify the following reasons:

  • the transfer of rubella by a woman during the gestation period;
  • obesity during pregnancy;
  • chromosomal pathology;
  • genetic predisposition.

Despite the fact that autism has recently become more common in medical practice, the reasons for its development are not fully understood. As already mentioned, autism is not a sentence. If the parents give the baby the necessary help and the child takes a course of therapeutic treatment, then the symptoms of the disease can be managed without any problems and normalize the development of the little man.

Look at the track record of merit and awards of famous people - Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Mozart, Bill Gates. By the way, they suffered from autism. But as you can see, they all reached unprecedented heights and became famous figures of science, culture, art, and some even billionaires.

How to recognize autism in a newborn?

How to recognize autism in a newborn

As already mentioned, the early signs of autism in children will help parents promptly seek medical help from the doctor and correct the development of their baby. Most often, this deviation is observed in children up to three years. And if in older children the symptoms of autism are characterized by vivid severity, how can one recognize the pathology in a newborn baby, who cannot even speak yet?

Signs of autism in children under one year have their own specifics. Profile doctors believe that the main symptom that characterizes this ailment is the unwillingness of the baby to contact his parents. In addition, the crumbs up to a year can show the following symptoms:

  • the child does not respond and does not respond to the name;
  • the crumb does not make any sounds, even a simple "agu", and does not want to develop a speech apparatus;
  • the baby does not accept maternal affection, is naughty when stroking, hugging, kissing, etc .;
  • the little hustler never makes eye contact with dad and mom, he always looks away;
  • children do not respond to positive emotions, do not smile in response to their parents or other people who flirt with the crumb.

Only a specialized doctor will be able to diagnose a child’s illness, but any attentive parent will certainly notice developmental disabilities. At manifestation of any of these signs the toddler needs to be shown to the pediatrician.

Symptoms of autism: the specifics of social disorder

Symptoms of autism in children become pronounced at the age of over one year. At the same time, the signs of autism in children 2, 3 and even 5 years old are almost identical. Profile doctors identify four main symptoms of this disorder:

  • deviations in the development of social interaction;
  • violation of communication skills;
  • behavior that meets a particular stereotype;
  • early signs of illness.

Signs of autism in a 3-year-old child already have a clear character and their own specifics. Any parent will be able to notice a deviation in the social development of their crumbs. Most often this is determined by the behavior of the baby. So, he has no eye contact. It will seem to parents that, when communicating, the crumb looks through them, remaining at the same time “on its own wave”.

The child does not perceive emotions and often does not respond to the attempts of older people to cheer him up or engage him in the game. Games for these children are also not of particular interest. A peer autistic child is often considered as non-living objects. He does not understand the social roles in children's games.

Signs of autism in a 3 year old child

Often, signs of autism in children 5 years old are also manifested in facial expressions. The child can constantly "put on some kind of mask" and make grimaces. Moreover, his emotions do not coincide with the surrounding reality. For example, a peasant may respond to laughter or fun with crying and vice versa.

Gestures an autistic kid uses exclusively to satisfy his needs. He is not interested in the surrounding objects, and he does not know this world on a par with peers. Such a kid can spend hours in the same business.

Toys, as a rule, for him are not presented as a holistic object. The autist sees only separate parts and concentrates attention to them. Such a kid can spend hours looking at a dress of a doll or a wheel of a toy car.

As they grow older, the signs and symptoms of autism in children acquire a slightly different color, especially when the pussy starts talking. As a rule, children suffering from this disorder, with a delay begin to pronounce the first words, the speech may be incoherent. A characteristic sign of autism is the repetition of the phrase as a whole or its individual parts. For example, an ordinary question of a father or mother will be reproduced crumbs in full or in separate words.

Another characteristic feature of the development of such a disorder is a long repetition of individual episodes. A child may causelessly smile for a long time, shake his head or perform monotonous movements with his hands or feet. Looking from the side at such a toddler, it seems that he does not exist in reality, but lives in his own world. And at the same time, it is almost impossible to figure out what is happening in his head, what thought processes and emotions he is experiencing. This can only be done by the attending specialist.

The most attentive parents will notice signs of autism in the first three months of the baby's life.

Will the treatment help?

Autism Treatment

An autistic kid needs to create a favorable development environment. Only parents and close people can help him in this. The profile doctor, in turn, will take care of the implementation of a comprehensive therapeutic treatment. There is an opinion that a gluten-free diet allows to completely get rid of autism, but such information has not yet been scientifically substantiated and confirmed.

The treatment of autism includes the following aspects:

  • speech therapy classes;
  • life skills formation;
  • deliverance from unconstructive behavioral forms;
  • learning social games, roles and communication;
  • drug therapy.

Treatment of this disorder with the use of drugs is carried out only in exceptional cases, when the psycho-emotional state of the child interferes with its development and adaptation in the society.

As already mentioned, many famous people suffered from autism. But this did not prevent them from discovering new horizons for themselves, receiving awards and international recognition. The upbringing and treatment of such a child depends largely on the father and mother. Parents need to support the baby and take all measures to treat autism. Do not forget that autism is not a sentence. Such a disorder is treatable, and people can live with it until old age, experiencing all the joys and pleasures of life. Be healthy!