As a husband to wean from alcohol

Life in the same family with an alcoholic becomes unbearable for both adults and children. And if some women are ready to forgive their beloved alcohol addiction, then children should never suffer. That is why it is so important to think about how to wean the husband from alcohol, and in time to ask for qualified help.

How to disaccustom the husband from alcohol?

As a husband to wean from alcohol

No good persuasion, requests and prayers in the fight against alcoholism, most likely, will not help. Addiction to alcohol - a serious problem, the root of which lies in human psychology. First of all, it is necessary to understand that it is hardly possible to manage without outside help. First of all, visit a narcologist and discuss the problem with him. The doctor will be able to soberly assess the situation and offer the best treatment options.

Medical treatment of alcoholism includes a complex of medical and psychological effects on the human body. Any measures begin with the forced or voluntary rejection of alcohol, which should result in complete deoxidation of the body. At the next stage, the doctor will select the correct medications and designate the dose and course of pills.

In some cases, alcohol dependence treatment occurs at home, and in difficult situations the patient will have to be hospitalized. The final stage of treatment will be a rehabilitation course, where experienced psychotherapists and psychologists will work with a man.

Another popular method of dealing with alcohol addiction is coding. There are many encoding options today, as well as specialists in this field. Here are the most popular destinations:

  • In advanced medical centers you will be offered such a service as laser coding. The essence of this technique is that under the action of laser beams in a person suffering from alcoholism, the “pleasure centers” responsible for addiction to strong drinks are suppressed. This method is very effective in the early stages of the disease.
  • To suppress the brain "pleasure centers" can be and by means of exposure to a magnetic field. However, this method is most often used during the rehabilitation period.
  • The principle of treatment of alcoholism by electric current is the same as in laser therapy. Incidentally, this method allows you to get rid not only of alcohol dependence, but also from smoking, addiction and gambling.

One more medical method of treating alcohol dependence can be considered the prohibiting method. The essence of this therapy is that the patient is prescribed drugs that are completely incompatible with alcohol. Having decided on this method, you need to clearly understand the possible risks and consequences for the body if a breakdown occurs.

Folk remedies for alcoholism

Many wives, in desperation to convince her husband to abandon alcohol abuse, have resorted to popular methods of struggle. Recipes of various decoctions, infusions and lotions that will miraculously cure the binge, now you can find a lot. However, all of them, although having tangible results, are often not long-term.

In addition to various miraculous gatherings of herbs, it is worth mentioning folk healers and magicians. These people promise to completely cure from alcoholism with the help of conspiracies, prayers and magical rites. Needless to say that the result of such experiments is almost zero? But in fairness it is necessary to recognize the fact that people who are easily suggestible can have some positive effect on such methods.

Most often, popular treatment helps only in the early stages of alcoholism, when physical and psychological dependence is not fully formed.

Advice to wives

How to wean a husband to drink alcohol: advice to wives

How to disaccustom the husband to drink alcohol? You can find a lot of recipes from drunkenness, try coding and even conspiracy plots. But all this will not be beneficial if you yourself will not encourage your husband to recover from alcohol addiction:

  • First of all, make sure your husband wants to stop drinking. Otherwise, he needs to be helped to realize the futility of his existence, but only as gently as possible. Refer to his past, when he did not drink, help to remember the pleasant moments of life and achievements. Let the husband weigh the pros and cons, and you help him make the right and informed decision.
  • Try to understand what causes her husband to embark on the path of alcohol abuse. Frequent reasons for drinking are problems that need to be solved.
  • The moment your husband gets drunk, take a few photos or video him. If the stage of alcoholism has not yet turned into a chronic one, most likely, the spouse will be ashamed of their immoral behavior.
  • Husband brought home another batch of alcohol? Or did he himself return in a drunken state? Arrange scandals with the smashing of dishes is not necessary. In general, try to always restrain your emotions, because the scandal may be another reason to seek solace in alcohol.
  • Try to get your husband out of bad company. It is necessary to carefully select the expression, because it is his friends. In any case, your spouse thinks so. Try to take all the free time of her husband, even if he is engaged in minor repairs or nursing children and grandchildren.
  • When a husband suffers from a hangover, this is not the best time to make a tantrum. Most likely, he will try to leave the house as soon as possible. And on the street what? That's right, there are sympathetic people who will "cure" and pour the cherished 100 grams.
  • Husband drinking - what to do? Try to find a decent replacement for alcohol. Get a dog, and let the spouse engaged in its training. Or, go to the gym together.

Never give up and fight for your family happiness to the end. There are many reasons to motivate an alcoholic husband to stop drinking, but do not forget about specialized medical care. Try to combine your efforts with other people, and you will certainly achieve success!

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